1. flathorn

    Vintage Fragrance Ads / Adverts

    I ran across these old perfume ads on ebay while trying to get information on Crown Perfumery. I thought someone else might enjoy the nostalgia of visiting this old era of perfumery: After...
  2. Y

    I need help!!!!!!

    It is my brother-in-laws birthday in a couple of weeks and I have no idea what to get him, he has everthing he needs and so much more. Has anyone got any ideas of what I can get?
  3. Roc_Xel

    Fragrances bought from stores

    Just wanted to know when you guys shop directly in stores for fragrances, do you take the fragrances (obviously sealed) that you find on the shelfs or do you prefer having them taken by the SA in the drawers because of the light in the store ? Eventhough the frags are sealed and in their box...
  4. iMaverick

    Habit Rouge L'extrait

    The search for a bottle of the L'extrait I suppose is next to impossible now. On my last email to Guerlain, they do not have any plans to reissue this concentration. Does anyone know where I can pick up decants of the stuff, or does anyone know if there is a bottle lying around somewhere to be...
  5. B

    Homemade Vetiver Tonka

    Hey Guys: I recently tested out a sample of The One by Dolce and Gabbana. I thought that the sweetness of The One was quite similar to that of Vetiver Tonka. So I tried layering some Encre Noire with The One, and sure enough, it seems to be a pretty good copy of Vetiver Tonka. I wanted to share...
  6. etoile

    Laguna Maravilla

    Hello guys! Does anybody already tryed the new Laguna Maravilla? Is i good? That anybody know a site on-line (in Europe) that sells it? Thank you!
  7. nickyplat

    Amouage Reflection Man & Creed Green Irish Tweed

    First off, I'm more than likely going to purchase both of these in the coming weeks. My question is this, when comparing the samples of both of these, they share a similar freshness to my nose. RM gets sweeter as it dries down than GIT, but in the openings they have a very similar vibe (at least...
  8. DavidBond007

    muscs kublai khan or musc ravageur?

    These guys are rivals and tend to fight head to head. Which one do you prefer and why?
  9. bfree

    Looking for a GIT with a twist

    Guys/Gals, I have asked this question once before, a while ago. I wanted to ask again to see if I got some different answers. I am looking for something in the neighborhood of GIT, but with a woody twist to it. I know I may sound confusing, but something like the old Caswell Massey Greenbriar or...
  10. innerspark

    Can someone match the scent of this Shaving Cream with a cologne?

    Hi guys, I have started using a new shave cream. I love the smell of this stuff, and would like to find a cologne that smells like it. The shave cream is a Mary Kay product. It is named "mk men". I have the after shave gel that came with it, but it doesn't have the same scent as the shave cream...
  11. O

    Mont Blanc homme Exceptionnel.

    What do you guys think of it? I have seen someone compares it with both Rochas Lui and A*Men..
  12. JonnyLeMale

    Its amazing how much your taste can change...

    Burberry Brit. I used to adore this stuff. It was my go to scent. it was always one of my top 1-5 favorite fragrance ever and then poof. I cant stand it at the moment. i get sick when i smell it. i have no idea wat has happened. maybe its just a phase? has this happened to u guys with...
  13. Roc_Xel

    Has this (amazing) board changed over the last 12 month ?

    So I am on basenotes since 2-3 years, probably reading since 3 years and a half and writing since 2 years and a half or something. Basenotes introduced me first to designers fragrances then to niche. I love this board and have learned a lot thanks to various very interesting contributors, who...
  14. J

    ***Which do you prefer or like best?** DIOR SPORT OR ALLURE ED BLANCHE?

    Hey guys, I need some quick input here or opinions on these 2 fragrances. I like them and tested them both, but to be honest I can't decided which one I want to buy for myself. I may end up getting both, but from your own experience and thoughts, which fragrance would you prefer if you had a...
  15. Superted

    Your recommendations for £10-15 GREAT fragrances

    Hey Guys, just thought i would ask what your recommendations would be for a fairly cheap fragrance but one that doesnt smell cheap. for example quorum. Great fragrance and i can easily pick up for under £10. thats $15-25. there must be a few hidden gems out there? thanks in advance
  16. T

    shaving problem

    hey guys, So let me explain my situation a little bit. I have somewhat thick facial hair, i usually let it grow out for a week or two before trimming it very closesly (to the point where it's basically long stubble). When I DO shave though (not too often) my face gets very dry, and i get some...
  17. T

    aluminum-free antiperspirant?

    Hey guys, A little while ago I started a thread about how safe antiperspirants are and got some good answers which led me to do a bit of reading. So now I'm looking for antiperspirants that are: 1) effective (normal deodorant do as well of a job for me) 2) aluminum-free 3) cheap and easy to...
  18. PerfumeGoddess


    hey Guys! how do you like Dakar for men? Would you recommend it to someone else?
  19. C Rose

    "Slap on Some Sexy" WSJ article

    Wondered if you guys had seen the article on aftershaves in the Wall Street Journal today -- (hope this hasn't already been posted!):
  20. JonnyLeMale

    Yo guys. Help me out here. 212 Men or Acqua Di Gio?

    Well. I was going to get another backup bottle of Le Male, but my current bottle is pretty much still full and i have a back up waiting, so here goes this: My friend says if i give him my Acqua Di Gio(which i got for a gift that i barely use becaues i simply reach for Allure Homme Sport and...

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