1. IthinkIcancancan

    Trying to make a grapefruit note

    I will try to be as concise and clear as possible, sorry for the length of this post. I am going to create a grapefruit note for a grapefruit-centered perfume. However, there are SO MANY chemical constituents that can go into a grapefruit note, it is difficult to know how many ingredients...
  2. L

    How to use Grapefruit in a formula?

    I have three grapefruits - white, pink and methyl pampelmousse. I am trying my hand at building a Hesperdic facet. Are there any tips around using grapefruit oils as a supporter for other citruses? What's it blend well with? Are there any golden ratios? Is it essential in any accords?
  3. S

    Introduction to Saffron94

    Among the first fragrances I ever owned was... Avon Moonwind The first fragrance I bought with my own money was... Clarins Eau Dynamisante My favorite fragrances are .... Cachet, Chanel no 5, First, Clinique's AE, Paco Rabanne, Knowing, O de Lancome, Aqua Velva ... Tell us a bit about where...
  4. Hazel_

    Nootkatone Skin Test

    I'm working on a fragrance with a grapefruit accord component that I'd like to last at least a couple hours, so I've started skin tests with a few grapefruit-y aromachemicals that have reputations for longevity. Today I put Nootkatone 10% (TEC) on my wrist at 4pm, it is now 1am. (I am a...
  5. MarquisdeSod

    Adidas Ice Dive: A Grapefruit fougere released before it was cool

    So Bleu de Chanel has slowly gained popularity after its initial panning by critics as a generic blue scent. Well I blind bought an absolute gem of a blue fragrance that did the grapefruit fougere years before Bleu de Chanel and considering we're talking Adidas, it was quite the shock, I'm...
  6. K

    The grapefruit note in Terre d'Hermes

    I know there is grapefruit in the top notes of Terre d'Hermes, but I can't smell it at all. All I smell is a mineral note and cedar. I was surprised to learn recently that it had grapefruit in it. In the edp version I can detect the sweet orange at the beginning most distinctly. I'm wondering if...
  7. El Fantástico

    Looking forward to the summer!

    I am in the minority of people who actually prefer summer fragrances to winter. I mainly attribute this to the fact that summer has always been my favorite time of year, so anything having to do with it is already awesome by way of association. This indescribable love of summer goes all the way...
  8. jujy54

    Grapefruit...(I think you know where this is leading...)

    OK, so, fine, I got new furniture—NEW furniture!—as in made to order, stuffed with down, fabrics I picked out, and roll arms on the chair—for the cat. I knew that once I got settled with my Sunday Times and coffee, she'd be at my side. Things have been heavenly. Then, one morning I walk in...
  9. Wit_Siamese

    Already bought-- Not a fan of grapefruit. Which Terre D'Hermes shoud I buy : EDT or Parfume ?

    Terre D'Hermes seems like a great fragrance for hot weather. I am going to visite Hermès Boutique at Siam Paragon to try it. By the way, I read that it has really sharp grapefruit top note, but I am not a fan of grapefruit. Which Terre D'Hermes shoud I buy : EDT or Perfume ? I will use it as...
  10. K

    Must de Cartier? What do you think?

    Whats up. So i decided to buy few new winter frags. I ended up going for Must de Cartier Rochas Man M7 Today MDC arrived and its a lot different from what i expected. From the description and reviews i expected something a whole lot different. I cant find what people smell as "dirty" in it. To...
  11. O

    Hello, I'm new here and I like Armani Acqua di Gio

    This is my first cologne purchase in over 10 years. After testing a few colognes, I purchased a 6.7 ounce bottle of Armani Acqua and am very happy. Nordstrom had a sale, they gave me a $50 bottle of Armani bodywash for $15 for buying the 6.7 ounce bottle, so I feel like I got a good deal. I like...
  12. scentimus

    Sexual Sugar Daddy - by Michel Germain (NEW)

    I have to say this sounds interesting Praline against Black Leather - could be interesting - Eau de Toilette Spray Hugs and kisses guaranteed with sexual sugar daddy. A splash of crystalized grapefruit zest mixes with deliciously tempting cinnamon bark to irresistibly charm. Highly...
  13. goldiloks

    Mint + Grapefruit

    Ok, I know winter is approaching.... what better time to reach for a summery scent! lol I'm after a frag that smells of grapefruit and mint! Fruit-green and uplifting. Even with a hint of tomato plant? Any suggestions?
  14. F

    Gucci by Gucci Sport

    I just tried Gucci Sport today. Up until now, I have never liked anything with the word sport in it! But I think I like this stuff. Have any of you tried it. I can't find it in the directory, so I think it's new. According to an article I read its top notes are: grapefruit, mandarin and cypress...
  15. B

    Can spoilage improve a fragrance?

    Hey guys: I recently sprayed some Paul Smith Story on my arm. I was trying to see how it compared to my new mini of Encre Noire. However, it smelled completely different this evening. I know that usually, when a frag goes bad, it can smell like paint thinner. But with Story, it was like the...
  16. BayKAT

    My meeting with Yosh :-)

    Today at Barney's i stumbled upon a special event hosted by Yosh Han of Yosh perfumes: 'Scent aura readings'. Intrigued, i signed up. here is my experience: I sat in a chair opposite Yosh, and she closed her eyes and found her happy space, and then asked me to state my full name twice. She...
  17. mumsy

    I'm at another questioning stage, about top, middle and base notes....

    A nearly relevent side track to the number of ingredients question thread. I nearly posted this there but it would have sidetracked too much... I've never really got to grips with this top, middle and base idea, even though I am a rank amateur and even though it is the worldwide and widely...
  18. J

    Still on the hunt for a citrus niche fragrance

    Yep, im still looking, I've come to the conclusion that i do not want another Orange scent, already have one. I need either a lemon scent, a grapefruit scent, a mango scent, something tropical, something refreshing. Help!
  19. bonni

    Taking suggestions for a new blend

    Okay. I've got a blend that I like, and while it's very pleasant (has a nice roselike accord in the heart and very nice woody-sweet base), it's lacking something. I thought I'd ask for input on what I might try. Top: Blood Orange, Pink Grapefruit Middle: Rose Geranium, Palmarosa, Rosewood...
  20. D

    SOTD - Wednesday September 8th

    Help! I smell like an overripe grapefruit!( with numerous indeterminate flowers thrown in)

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