1. B

    A scotch/whiskey scent using essential oils?

    Hello! Does anyone have tips/advice for mimicking the quintessential scent of a nice bottle of scotch using essential oils? I suppose I'm looking for a woodsy scent with hints of vanilla/caramel. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! EDIT: found a few threads addressing this very...
  2. johngreenink

    ylang ylang and... banana?

    Hi DIY folks - I was eagerly awaiting my first bottle of ylang ylang essential oil, and really enjoyed my first sniffs. I've been experimenting with it in some combinations, but I've noticed that every time I combine it with something, I detect a distinct 'banana' smell. I can't attribute...
  3. johngreenink

    Advantages of mixing Essential Oils and Synthetics

    Hello Group - I'm curious about the benefits of mixing natural Essential oils with synthetic scents in perfumery. Do the synthetics keep their chemical structure intact longer? Do they help to boost or stabilize essential oils? Are there some combinations of the two that are particularly...
  4. R

    Oils that improve with age - how, which, when?

    So they say certain essential oils improve with age; sandalwood, patchouli, frankincense, vetiver, myrrh... Could anyone elaborate on this? What actually happens? And how old is too old? In what way would the scent change for each of these different oils? I've heard things like sandalwood and...
  5. A

    first time scent creation using essentail oils - need some advise

    Hi all, Can someone please advise me on what base oils to use. I cannot use alcohol so it would have to be oils. I am under the understanding that one can use jojobo oil, Sandalwood oil and fractionation coconut oil. My question is; What are the pros and cons of using the above mentioned...
  6. L

    Single Note Perfume - Can you help, please?

    I’d like to make some one-note perfumes, let’s say 30% essential oil in 70% perfumer’s alcohol. If I use one of the citrus family (or any other top note), should I add an anchor anyway? Thank you very much for your help, Lorena
  7. D

    SoTD - Saturday 9th October 2010

    Today, I'm whipping out my precious concentrated essential oil of : P/S This is NOT my thread so digress away, ppl! Visiting this forum less often now ,as I suddenly have a larger workload, so I can focus on my earnings.
  8. K

    Need a fresh fragrance for the day

    i have lacoste style in play and lacoste essential and polo blue as my day frags. tired of all 3. poor projection and longevity with all 3. i got them when i was a newbie to frags and i made a mistake. was looking into getting dior sport or chanel allure sport but mixed reviews here on...
  9. bonni

    Pink Pepper vs Green Pepper

    I've read that pink pepper EO is basically the same thing as green pepper EO, in that both are made from the unripe peppercorn fruit. There are pink peppercorns, but they're something other than the peppercorn that gets turned into black pepper. Except I find that all quite confusing, and I...
  10. H

    Trog oil/Patchouli oil smell confusion?

    Heres a thread to test your fragrance knowledge.In the late 1970s i remember smelling trog oil on somebody in school and it was a smell that once you smelt you never forgot it-heres my point-i found out recently that trog oil was also known as patchouli oil.I recently purchased a bottle of...
  11. Bigsly

    Have any of you tried really simple all-natural compositions?

    I was wondering about combining nutmeg and opoponax essential oils (diluting to preference, of course), since I don't care about top notes. I'd like to create a simple spice frag with a slightly sweet, slightly balsamic base. Thanks.
  12. F

    Dark notes

    I have been wanting to create a very dark and smoky fragrance using essential oils, so if you guys can write a list of as many dark notes as you can, would be great. I may not use all, but I like to see my options. Thanks.
  13. manicboy

    Cool Water - No Oakmoss but jojobo ester oil?

    Was looking at the box on Cool Water today at a store today and noticed that Oakmoss is not listed in the ingredients. Nor was Treemoss listed. However, it does list jojobo esters in the mix. It does certainly smell different than the bottle I received 5 years ago. I didn't buy it and am not...
  14. Killer_Vavoom

    Speak to me of Bois 1920

    Speak and don't hold back. Never approached them. They beckon me everytime I enter Saks but I've been so burned out on niche houses whose creations chant hymns of essential oils in so naive blends. Have I been mistaken? Which of theirs would you reckon as one that transcends the boudaries of...
  15. Primrose

    Launch ad for D&G The One Gentleman

    I am interested in this because of the lavender and want to try it. Here is the launch ad with the essential man in the black tie: (I actually prefer the white tie, personally.)
  16. Doc Elly

    DIY Suppliers list edited 1/2022

    Suppliers of Perfumery Raw Materials (updated January 29, 2022): Checked links were working and removed closed businesses Jan. 2022 Foxbins If looking for a specific ingredient not stocked by these sources, a Google search may be helpful if members here are unable to suggest any. Aftelier...
  17. C


    Id like to make some massage oils or essential oils in a cream base for some of my residents on a dementia unit at a hospital. Does anybody have any suggestions/recipes etc? I have very little experience in this subject, was hoping people here might be able to help me out a bit. Thanks a million.
  18. W

    DIY Perfume Bar - ?

    Hi, I've done some online research, but I'm a complete newbie - would love to get your opinion on the best approach for setting up a DIY Perfume Bar for a bridal shower - which looks like a fun activity for guests to customize their own scents and do some on the spot blending... :smiley...
  19. voodoodanny

    Any 'recipes' using these ingredients?

    Hi, I'm just starting to get into DIY fragrance blending and have ordered some essential oils which I am expecting any day now. I am particularly fond of woodsy, spicy, masculine chypre frags and orientals and wondered if any of the more experienced noses amongst you would have any suggestions...
  20. voodoodanny

    Green around the gills

    Hi all, I am more or less a complete newbie to the world of fragrance, although I have always enjoyed a good scent and have invested in some premium juices in my time. Recently however, my passion has blossomed and now I want to know all there is to know, and train my nose to distinguish...

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