A list of perfumes named after street numbers

(and we check on Google Street View to see what's there)

Not sure what to call your latest fragrance? How about naming it after the door number of where you live?

If you can think of a perfume named after a door number we don't have listed, let us know in the comments!


Bond St. No. 33
Yardley (2016)

Though not the first Yardley fragrance named after the address of the companies previous flagship store, it is the most recent one.

Yardley House opened at 33 Old Bond Street in 1931, featuring retail store and beauty salon.

Now Yardley House is occupied by Saint Laurent (street view)

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No.33 Eau de Cologne
Penhaligon's (2015)

Created to celebrate the 145th Anniversary of the company and named after their first store at 33 St. James Street.

Which is now Cafe Murano (streetview)

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6902, Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles
Zara (2014)

A location of a Zara store in Los Angeles (streetview)

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24 Old Bond Street
Atkinsons (2013)

The address has been a Salvatore Ferragamo store for ages, but you can still see all the fancy Atkinsons signage from when they did have a store there (streetview)

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29, High Street
Gorilla Perfume [Lush] (2013)

Named after Lush's first store in Poole, and the fragrance smells like a Lush Store too.

Still Lush (streetview)

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47 Vyatskaya St.
Rallet (2013)

Rallet was founded 1843 in Moscow, and it is probably most famous outside of Russia for where Chanel No. 5 perfumer, Ernest Beaux was technical director.

In 2013 the brand was relaunched by Empire of Scents, with one of the fragrances being 47 Vyatskaya St, where Alphonse Rallet began his company.

Not entirely sure we have the right address for the location, but it probably isn't still there anyway now (streetview)

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58 Avenue Montaigne pour Femme
S.T. Dupont (2012)

Named after the then address of S.T. Dupont's flagship store. Though it looks like Loewe live there now (streetview)

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Collection 34 : 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Eau de Toilette
Diptyque (2011)

Location of the first Diptique store in Paris.

Still there (streetview)

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Bond No.9 Perfume Oud
Bond No. 9 (2009)

Bond No.9 itself is named after an address (9 Bond St, Manhattan), so we could have picked any of their fragrances.

Still Bond No. 9 (streetview)

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31 rue Cambon Eau de Toilette
Chanel (2007)

According to Chanel, "In 1918, Gabrielle Chanel set up her couture house at 31 rue Cambon, uniting the Haute Couture ateliers, Gabrielle Chanel's apartment and the creation studio all in one location."

Still Chanel (streetview)

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99 Regent Street
Hugh Parsons (2006)

There's an office building called Victory House at 99 Regent Street, which once was the address for the Hugh Parsons trademark.

There's a tasty Indian Restaurant (the oldest in the UK apparently) there as well as Victory House, but no sign of Hugh anywhere (streetview)

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10 Corso Como
10 Corso Como (1999)

10 Corso Como is an Italian restaurant / department store in Milan, situated funnily enough at 10 Corso Como.

10 Corso Como is still at 10 Corso Como, though I presume that will always be the case. (streetview)

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24, Faubourg Eau de Parfum
Hermès (1995)

Named after the address of Hermès flagship store in Paris. It began as their workshop in 1880 before also becoming a boutique in 1889.

Still Hermès (streetview)

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No. 88
Czech & Speake (1981)

Frank Sawkins, founder of C&S says, "I decided on 88 which fitted perfectly as well as being our studio address No.88 Jermyn Street, London; where the design was born. There is a history of perfumes being numerically named across the centuries."

Address currently occupied by John Lobb (street view)

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No. 89
Floris (1951)

Floris say "No. 89 takes its name from the number of the Floris shop and perfumery in Jermyn Street, which was originally the family home and remains very much the beating heart of our perfume house today"

Still Floris (streetview)

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4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser
4711 (1792)

In 1794, all the houses in Cologne were given numbers. 4711 was the number of the Muelhen's household.


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