500 Greatest Modern Perfumes

Basenotes celebrates its 15th Birthday in September 2015. Over those years we’ve seen lots of perfumes come, and (sadly) lots of perfumes go.

We’ve compiled a list of the 500 greatest fragrance launched in the time we’ve been around – modern classics if you like.

Some of the perfumes are made by international corporations, and some by an indie perfumer in their back-room. Some sell by the bucketload, and some are no longer available. Some would cost you hundreds of dollars, others you could pick up for less then $10.

They are ranked from 500 to 1, but please don’t get hung up on the order. All of these perfumes deserve a sniff if you have the chance. They tell the story of the perfume industry over the last fifteen years, and each are important in their own way — which is why we're revealing the list one fragrance at a time, in roughly hourly intervals. The full list will be revealed in full on 25th September 2015.

So who compiled this list? You did!

How the list was compiled

Firstly we took all of the fragrances in our database that were launched between 2000 and the present. (Although Basenotes didn’t launch until September, we counted all fragrances launched that year).

We then took into account:

  • star ratings (from wardrobes)
  • number of members who own the fragrance (from wardrobes)
  • number of people that want the fragrance (from wish lists)
  • number of people that wear the fragrance (from the Scent of the Day feature)
  • ratio of positive vs negative reviews (from reviews)
  • page views (over the last 6 months)

Let us know your comments

Let us know what you think of the list so far, and what you think might (or *should*) be included, in the comments thread here