Fragrances worn by Kevin Guyer

Just bought my bottle, I think this will get a lot of use in the next year.
Love this one, proly my favorite of the series. Too bad the bottle looks like a deodorant stick.
How this one always flies under the radar is beyond me. Glorious!
A flawless creation
Wow, I smell just like a cedar plank!
Mark Buxton's brilliant essay on citrus, pepper, vetiver, cedar and incense.
Absolute coumarin comfort.
Vintage formulation, drenched in animalics. Fantastic!
Quite possibly my favorite release of 2011.
I love this creation from 1968 - potpourri-heaven
Vintage formulation, civet/patchouli insanity!
I need a bottle of this one. Heavenly spices, layered over some sharp woods.
I needed a little lemon today to lift me out of the dreariness that's settled outside. This one is great, it brings back memories of the summer.
Loving this, may have to buy a full bottle.
My favorite patchouli scent, long-lasting and not too much adornment.
Great stuff, the cedar tempers the floral components nicely. The base of soft benzoin is comforting.
This is my favorite Patchouli scent, perfect for this cool and dry, autumn-like day.
Always perfect on a hectic day.

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