Fragrances worn by Kevin Guyer

Wow, one of the dry-est green fragrances ever, I love it!
Lemony sandalwood, nice!
Why was this one discontinued? Was it the oakmoss? Sad.
This is my cheap thrill. Its juxtaposition of citrus, florals and powder bring to mind Amouage Gold Man.
Jean-Claude Ellena's minimalist masterpiece. Woody cardamon with a dash of cumin.
An amazing modern re-orchestration of a 1930s gem. Plummy and mossy.
Not for everyone, for sure. But it is quite addictive. I'm loving it!
Sadly this beauty was discontinued.
Quintessential Lutens here: pine drenched oriental. Refreshing and at the same time lush.
Incense, pepper and rose. Cabaret is completely unisex and completely under the radar. In an extrait concentration this could easily be mistaken for an Amouage.
One of the great sleepers of recent years, incense and rose, hints at the middle east, but stays light and fresh. The bottle is truly ugly.
A big, honeyed and juicy rose by Francis Kurkdjian.
My April Fool's scent has fooled me into smelling crème brûlée everywhere. A wonderful non-gourmand, gourmand.
They've taken all the soft notes of the fleeting original and made them last forever.
It's twue, it's twue.
Normally I get nervous when they mess with a classic, but Ellena and Duchaufour somehow did an improvement. Now it lasts and has an evolution, brilliant stuff!
A bone dry, "take no prisoners" violet and pine accord. Nice work, all this needs is some pretentious packing and they could charge $150 for 50ml!
I needed to wear something that references green today in honor of St. Patrick - laurel (bay) leaves dominate this beauty.
Great stuff, the initial blast is thrilling. Yes, after a half hour or so, all you're left with is a musk, skin scent with slight traces of lavender. But then one just needs to reapply.
I wear this today as a reminder to send out positive thoughts to the people of Japan.
I'm heading to my accountant tonight to do my 2010 tax return, always stressful. I'm letting the monks of Caldey Island lighten my load.
It still smells nice, but something changed. I suspect the oak moss has been diminished.

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