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  1. The_Cologneist

    Best Cheapies ($50 or so) You're Enjoying Right Now.

    Gilette Cool Wave Aftershave. Doesn't get any cheaper.
  2. The_Cologneist

    Fragrancenet updated 37% off code

    Oh I see.. wow I guess I forgot about inflation on everything, even frags.
  3. The_Cologneist

    Fragrancenet updated 37% off code

    Code is not working, did they change it?
  4. The_Cologneist

    Macy's Black Fri deals on frags

    I was browsing the Macy's website and they have some really good deals on some frags. Not many to choose from honestly, but some of them are sleepers. If you haven't smelled Bvlgari BLV, it's about as good of a deal online as you'll find, it's coming from Macy's, not some 3rd party store from...
  5. The_Cologneist

    Best almond scent

    Ideal, or maybe Ideal Cologne. In the Cologne, it's more citrus though, buy personally I get the almond lasting longer in the Cologne, than the original Ideal, the original Ideal just makes the almond note more bold, but doesn't last as long. I also think that Ideal Sport although mostly...
  6. The_Cologneist

    Latest Etat Libre D'Orange - The Ghost In The Shell!

    Looks too feminine. Bottle is cool, but it doesn't match the name. I don't think anything could dethrone Fat Electrician from their house. Tried most of their frags, and they're pretty bad, with the exception of a few hits, and maybe 2 or 3 that are bottle worthy,
  7. The_Cologneist

    Bought a bottle of M7 oud absolu

    It's definitely a phenomenal fragrance, forget I have it. Might have to wear it tomorrow now. I associate this one with Silentrich, as it was one of his favorites - in fact, I sent him a nice 10 ml decant of it in a trade before he passed, I'm glad to know he got to enjoy it. As for the...
  8. The_Cologneist

    Anyone Tried Kyse Perfumes??

    I just ordered 6 samples after doing some research. Not really too thrilled with the selection. Hopefully I can find at least 1 that will be worth it. There's one that people say smells like Nutella, which sounds delightful.
  9. The_Cologneist

    Anyone Tried Kyse Perfumes??

    Been a while now since the mention of this house. Thinking about trying some of their stuff, but don't really know where to begin. Any updates? Anybody try anything from the brand? Anything that stands out? Seems like they focus on foody gourmands.
  10. The_Cologneist

    Your thoughts on CH Virgin Mint

    I don't think it's that special. I have owned it now for a few months ($110 during a Fragnet sale a few months back!), and don't see anything great about it. The mint is very tame, but so is the citrus, it's a pretty mellow fragrance. There's a lot more geranium than mint, imo. The overall...
  11. The_Cologneist

    Sexy, romantic mens Fall/Winter fragrances?

    Wore Rochas Moustache edp the other day, seems to fit the bill nicely.
  12. The_Cologneist

    Spring Mint Suggestions?

    I recently bought Herrera Virgin Mint (btw may still be in stock for $97 on Fragnet along with the rest of the collection). I am extremely underwhelmed by it. It's more about geranium in this one, which is disappointing when the name suggests mint. It's also very light, but the bottle is...
  13. The_Cologneist

    oakmoss sightings? List them here, please!

    I've never read oak moss in BdC, and never even noticed a morsel of it.
  14. The_Cologneist

    Ferrari Bright Neroli discontinued?

    Yup. Noticed this a few weeks ago when I was making a decant to give to a friend. Saw my bottle about 3/4 full, still enough, but i went to check prices, and saw a huge rise, not stocked on popular sites like Fragnet either, just proved it's discontinued, as is the whole line from what it looks...
  15. The_Cologneist

    Is there a John Varvatos Cologne that is NOT overly sweet ?

    Yes, it's called Varvatos Platinum. Fair warning though, it's a very, very acquired taste. It should be niche, and judging by its horrible sales, it pretty much is. It reminds me of Fahrenheit 32, which is a medicinal type of vanilla, basically an unsweetened vanilla, with a type of unsweetened...
  16. The_Cologneist

    Fruity BUT non sticky nor overly sweet fragrances

    Some good balanced fruity frags: RSVP by Kenneth Cole Sean John I am King Versace Eau Fraiche Diesel Fuel for Life Nautica Voyage Boss Bottled Unlimited Banderas Blue Seduction - like Seduction in Black, a big time sleeper scent, especially for the price. Izod - hard to find now and...
  17. The_Cologneist

    oakmoss sightings? List them here, please!

    Huh.. oakmoss? I think you're on the wrong topic, lol.
  18. The_Cologneist

    Problem selling a fragrance on eBay

    Like woodnote stated, Ebay always favors the buyers, because the majority of Ebay sellers now a days are big businesses or at least people who make and sell enough that they can afford to lose on a sale. The benefits of Ebay for a seller long and far outweigh trying to sell elsewhere, despite...
  19. The_Cologneist

    A fragrance for a 20 yo guy

    Can't go wrong with Mont Blanc Explorer.
  20. The_Cologneist

    My next Vetiver fragrance...Terre D'Hermes Eau Intense Vetiver or Elie Saab Essence No.6 Vetiver

    Saab is probably one of my least worn vetivers.. it's nice but it's more of a formal frag imo.