Fumidus by Profumum

The US Airforce should issue a vial of Fumidus to all of their pilots. If a pilot gets shot down over enemy territory a spray of this would allow sniffer dogs to track him down from orbit. No GPS needed.

I was in a small shop in Basel and sprayed some Fumidus on one arm, as a test. A pity as all the other delights in that shop smelled the same afterwards. This stuff has serious, serious sillage.

That said, after the shock has worn off I really like Fumidus. It has a very smoky smell and I get the vetiver in the background. I am not a big vetiver fan, but here I can deal with it as the rawness of the vetiver is subdued by the smokiness.

Fumidus is a special scent, not something you would wear all day and definitely not a safe blind buy. BUt I do recommend it, after trying it out. The only problem is the price tag and he fact that it only comes in 100 ml, which will last me forever. If anyone in Germany or Sitzerland wants to share a bottle, please let me know.

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