Louve by Serge Lutens

The opening on this was marvelous--I love almond scents, and I am still in search of a sweet and lasting one that is true to life but not too cloying. However, the almond notes vanished relatively quickly, leaving behind a kind of generic floral powdery scent--almost like baby powder. Disappointing.

Mon Jasmin Noir L'Eau Exquise by Bulgari

Another masterpiece from Bulgari (I have yet to encounter another house which makes so many perfumes I love). This scent accomplishes what I had not thought possible: making sweet smell supremely sophisticated. It's true there's not much jasmine here; rather, the tea is delicately jasmine-infused. This is fancy dinner on a summer night; dancing outside on the grass; precious stones and bare feet; so many beautiful things.

Bianca by Tocca

I love green tea scents, and this one manages to preserve the distinctive tea note while mixing it flawlessly with all the surrounding notes. It is a truly graceful, feminine, and fresh perfume. It is neck and neck with Bulgari's Eau de The Vert, in my opinion. It is also very close to Bulgari's Mon Jasmin Noir L'Eau Exquise--another jasmine green tea scent which I love. However, L'Eau Exquise is sweeter than Bianca, which is more tea-centered. The two perfectly complement each other.

Ofrésia by Diptyque

This fragrance is a testimony to the power of masterful simplicity. Freesia and pepper. That's it. And it is one of the most beautiful, delicate floral fragrances I've ever smelled. Like the summary on LuckyScent said--this perfume carries Diptyque's uncanny ability to capture not just the petals but the whole body, stem and roots and earth, of the flower at its heart. I normally can't wear florals because they are too much for me. But this is the floral for people who dislike florals. Light, fresh, and airy, perfect for a summer day (or any day).

Boss Woman by Hugo Boss

I bought this because I was looking for a very clean, fresh eau type fragrance. It is certainly not unique in that regard, but it worked better for me than others in the "eau" genre. I have other perfumes that are much better than this one (in that genre as well), but I find it to be quite nice. It's certainly inoffensive, and works great for summer. Not every scent has to be the most memorable.

Un Bois Vanille by Serge Lutens

Vanilla on a forest night This really is a divine, deep, intoxicating, woodsy, spicy vanilla. I smell danger here. Very seductive, but not for every day. I feel that this creature belongs to the night.

Vanilla by Jalaine

Perfect "plain" vanilla For fans of unadulterated vanilla, this is the one. Right here. Not too sweet, not too cake-y or cookie, nothing added. Pure vanilla sensuality. A keeper, if your wallet agrees!

Salt Air by Demeter Fragrance Library

Simple, fresh, expansive Wearing this perfume really is like taking a deep breath of fresh salty air. Perhaps if that air were also a tad sweet. :) This is a simple, no-fuss scent, perfect for clearing the mind and refreshing at any time of day or night.

7 Billion Hearts by CB I Hate Perfume

Amazing smoked vanilla, but not for everyone This perfume features several different kinds of vanilla which smell deep, rich, and like they've been aged in rustic wooden barrels (in a good way). The smoky notes are very prominent here - the overall scent almost reminds me of rum. It's a truly beautiful perfume, very Old World, or maybe even a pirate ship! There is nothing synthetic about this perfume. However, it is heavy. I wouldn't call this a "fun summer vanilla." It's magical, though.

Beyond Love, prohibited by By Kilian

The perfect coconut floral The milkiness of the coconut and the freshness of the tuberose and jasmine make this perfume feel like a peaceful tropical garden just after a bit of rainfall. The notes are all true-to-life, nothing cloying or artificial here. The dry-down holds its integrity and warmth. A really perfect coconut floral.

Bahiana by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

Woodsy coconut - something new! This scent says "tropical" to me, right from the get-go. It is a fruity, woodsy coconut and is incredibly well-executed. This is not your typical summer fragrance–light, refreshing, and warm at the same time. During the dry-down the woods and musk take over, which to me feels confusing in a tropical scent, but I would definitely wear this every once in a while. It's so creative and fun in a grown-up way--a truly original summer scent.

Narcotic V / Narcotic Venus by Nasomatto

Powerful tuberose floral, feminine and exciting I'm new to reviewing perfumes, so I'll give a novice's impression: This is a beautiful, not-too-sweet yet POWERFUL take on tuberose florals. To my nose, it seems pretty universally flattering, sophisticated, and doesn't smell significantly different from first application to dry down. Four hours later it's still barely there. I was told at the store by the sales clerk that, according to the perfumist, this is "what every woman should smell like." I'm always suspcious of that kind of gender essentialism, but this is a very well-made perfume, definitely my favorite in the Nasomatto line. I gave it four stars because I prefer something other than flower power in a perfume. That said, it could easily be a five for someone else.Pros: Wonderful composition, not too sweetCons: You have to want nothing else but lots of strong florals

Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert by Bulgari

Happy, light green tea citrus scent As a green tea scent aficionado I fell in love with this one right off the bat. It really smells like green tea, and the additional notes of citrus and ginger only enhance the tea scent. It is a light fragrance, perfect for any time of year but especially spring and summer. It seems like it would be nearly universally flattering, and a truly unisex fragrance. In short: it makes me happy. That is what a perfect perfume should do.

Omnia Green Jade by Bulgari

Lovely, friendly, fresh - and very subtle I love the subtleness of this green tea floral fragrance. It is sweet without being cloying, a lovely balance of floral, fresh, and green (I had a hard time picking out the notes because they blend so seamlessly together). This perfume won't make you stand out from the crowd, but it has a warmth that many "fresh" fragrances lack, which is why I say it is "friendly." It could go with just about any outfit and mood. I tend to prefer the tea notes to be stronger, but I just love this scent.

Aromatics Elixir by Clinique

The perfume called me When you can't stay away from a scent, there is often a good reason. The first time I smelled this in a store it stayed in my memory, and I knew I had to come back to it. The second time I knew that we had a connection. I showed it off to my friends, I was so excited about it. I ordered it online a few weeks later. I don't usually buy full bottles of perfume (samples or trial sizes are usually enough to satisfy me), but this was probably my first "full bottle" purchase for myself. It has a richness, depth, and personality that I haven't encountered since. Initially it always smells a little synthetic to me, which is the only thing that makes me hesitate about it, but that soon dissipates and I am left with a warmth and mystery that keeps on giving (and this scent has a LOT of staying power). Anomie et ivoire wrote in her masterful review (below), "This wondrously notorious elixir is the seductive, independent woman with brains and heart in spades who got burned at the stake by the angry villagers. Witch hunt ... my search is over, though. This one chooses you." I couldn't agree more.

Vanille Coco by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

The perfect vanilla coconut tropical fragrance Sweet without being too sweet, warm, and perfect for the beach or any summer's day. If you're looking for the perfect vanilla coconut scent, this is it.

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