Arso by Profumum

This is gorgeous stuff. I got a sample, so it's not my conscience trying to justify $240 bottle of perfume. The myrhh is high quality and not overly "incensey" or spicy. THere's a touch of a warm woody note and maybe some amber like labdanum or Peru Balsam. Very well done and long lasting. Sillage is not very far projecting but perfume should be for you, not for everyone in the room. Considering purchasing a full bottle. I don't really get "leather" with this, but it's well blended and complex so there may be a very subtle leather note for all I know.

M2 Black March by CB I Hate Perfume

Got a nice "absolute" sample. 2ml for about ten bucks. Like the other CB scents, it's nice and sort of a soliflor. I get the mission statement or what have you, but really all this seems to translate as is that there aren't traditional top, middle, base notes in the scents.

Anyway! This one is a nice smell of dirty leaves on the wet forest floor. Smells like dirt and leavs. Just like dirt and leaves. How? I don't know. Oakmoss, vetiver, violet leaf... I'm not sure what else. It's so interesting and dead on that you want to smell it over and over.

Here's the thing: Do I want to smell like dirty leaves? Not really. The scent is nice but I don't really want to smell like that.

Fun but sort of useless. Nice scent, anyway.

Cedarwood Tea by CB I Hate Perfume

Tons of Cedar, lots of rose, maybe some lemon verbena. Nice but not sure I wanna smell like this. Probably great as a room spray.

Russian Caravan Tea by CB I Hate Perfume

Smells a lot like Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

Nice scent, does smell like tea (roses, lemon, something metallic). I detect NO smokiness, which is a staple of Russian Caravan tea (blended with Lapsang Souchong). Disappointed it has no smoky note. Otherwise it's a nice rose scent with some sort of vetiver-verbena lemon grass note that makes it smell sorta like tea.

Tom Ford for Men by Tom Ford

This is a citrus-topped woody aromatic with some leather hints and a bit of a powdery dry-down. It's pleasant and somewhat masculine. Let's face it, no one is going to invent some new fragrance no one has ever experienced before unless some new scent is discovered in the world. There are well-crafted scents and thrown-together scents. Some are overly synthetic and some smell nearly natural.

This is a well made scent. Maybe it's not the most original but... I think some reviews are colored by the feeling that for price or brand there should be something more to the scent than what they experienced. This can be fixed by remembering to get samples before buying a bottle.

Tom Ford for Men is something a classy, well- dressed man can wear and it becomes an impressive ambient aroma. It's the wearer that makes the scent.

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Toilette by Chanel

A lady in a Bon Ton department store accosted me with a bottle. I said "no thank you" but my interest began then. Next time I walked through a department store I picked up a bottle and sprayed my wrist and a test strip.

I was surprised at how generic this came across at first. Smelling now and then through the rest of the day I found that it's much more than a typical calone or marine scent. There's a finesses to this one. It gives one a lovely ambiance - not a scent to wear if you want to be noticed for the scent you have on (who'd want that besides a teenager).

This fragrance has a light pleasant ruby grapefruit, powdery, oriental wood opening with some light floral notes and then a bit more powdery wood notes on the base. Not too fruity or too flowery.

I highly doubt anyone is going to break any new ground on fragrances in the near future unless we discover something man has never smelled before. Until then I will stick with classy fragrances that add something sophisticated to my presence. This is a keeper.

Marblehead Reds by D.S. & Durga

This one opens with bergamot and a touch of leather. At first it reminded me of English Leather, but it's been a very long time so I could be wrong. There's an interesting note that hits me as 'bitters'. It's not necessarily a citrus thing but reminds me of Campari in a very good way. I want to say there's some tobacco in with the leather or maybe the leather is tobacco or maybe there's both and it's so well blended I can't figure it out.This warm blend of leather/tobacco and oakmoss/cypress come through as the middle and base notes and remains this way for some time, slowly evolving. There may be some light floral in there that I cannot place. Perhaps a touch of lavender.The mossy notes stick around with a slightly sweet blend that might be florals and/or sandalwood.Longevity is good around 4 hours.

Burning Barbershop by D.S. & Durga

This is an interesting fragrance at the least, though I can't tell if I'd actually want to wear it anywhere. I'm glad I ordered the sample because it's been fun to smell it and try to place the notes.The top notes are definitely something minty and something burnt. Right away I placed the burnt odor as Lapsang Souchang tea which is a blended black smoky tea that is dried over pine fires. As this all dries down it mellows out pretty quickly and becomes something more wearable. On my skin it leaves a slight burnt tea, vanilla sandalwood sort of smell (maybe patchouli). The website says lavender but I can't pick it out nor any other floral notes. The only major downside is that, on my skin, it has no longevity and wears very close.

Solos: Orris Root by D.S. & Durga

A solo-note fragrance in the Masculine - Solo CollectionA thick and heady violet note mixed with what seems like some light oriental-woods, maybe some cedar. Excellent if you love violet. A good, simple scent. Lasted hours on my skin. Not sure there are many men that want to smell this way. My son instantly said it smelled like candy.

Chypre by Essentially Me

I ordered a sample pack from Essentially Me recently. Chypre was one of the samples in a small EDP vial.The Chypre hits first with some odd note I could never have guessed without the help of the website's description. The Cumin comes right out and hits your nose with an odd meaty note but fades within five to ten minutes leaving behind all the floral and woody aroma. For me it was difficult to pick out any of the distinct florals, instead they all blend nicely for an overall floral effect that isn't overpowering. The oakmoss, key to chypre, is thick and wonderful like it should be. I don't smell any tobacco, but maybe others will. Over time (short time) the Oakmoss dwindles to a soft vanilla note with sandlewood.In fact, each fragrance from Eseentially Me that we tried turns to sandlewood once it's dried down. We thought this rather odd.Here's the only problem: The fragrance melts away in about two hours. And this is a problem that will prevent me from buying a bottle. 45 British Pounds for a 56ml EDT, which is about $70 US dollars, plus $20 for shipping.The samples were all EDP. Can you imagine how long the EDT would last? Yikes. The Chypre is great and I'd love a bottle but if it's going to be gone in 2 hours I just can't bring myself to buy.If it weren't for the poor lasting power I'd give this a thumbs up.

Black by Bulgari

Definitely not for everyone, but if it works with your chemistry then you're in for a treat. The Lapsang Souchang tea notes give a smoky and almost rubbery scent that sits in the background while warm amber and vanilla notes dry to a creamy scent on the skin. Hints of Jasmine, cedar, sandalwood and musk can be found but mostly these blend together to create one unique fragrance. Somewhat like Le Male but less sweet and no mint.

Bulgari pour Homme by Bulgari

Very clean and crisp scent. Lots of wet florals here. They are blended nicely in a way that none seem to really stand out much. Definitely not for everyone, but a good everyday clean scent for those who want one. No creaminess or powdery notes at all. The Darjeeling adds a nice complexity and the transparent amber gives it a nice light sweetness. Though it doesn't smell great on me, I can appreciate it.

Kiehl's Original Musk by Kiehl's

This is musky and dirty like the wonderful earthy smells that come out of humid dark places deep in the woods in the heat of summer. Very unique and sexy in a dirty and sweaty x-rated way.This is definitely not for everyone. It won't appeal to everyone and it definitely isn't going to work well with every single person's chemistry.

Burberry London for Men by Burberry

Thick and spicy with bergamot, cinnamon and leather notes right up top. Dries to a sweet tobacco-floral with almost an amber-like note. I have gotten many compliments and questions about it, which means that people notice. There is some kind of animalistic-musky-earthiness about it that makes it sort of sensual. Definitely wouldn't place this in the oriental-style (bright florals with cedar)category. I think it's got too much sweet-leather-tobacco-spice for that.

Touch for Men by Burberry

The top notes you get when spraying are cedar and moss with a bit of musk and violet. This dries down to a clean and slightly creamy (wood and violet) aroma that does not last very long (maybe 4 hours). I wish it did last longer, but it is a good summer scent for keeping it light. There's really nothing powdery happening, it's very bright and woodsy. Definitely an oriental-wood style fragrance. Of course this may be different on the skin of another.

Burberry Brit for Men by Burberry

The mandarin, tonka bean and cedar are the stars here. Other reviews are right when they say this is not a remarkable or stand-out scent. It is a clean, fresh scent that is classy and crisp. This is great for summer or for no-special-occassion. Great baby powder aroma as this dries on the skin. Excellent if you want to smell good for a few hours but not necessarily stand out. Fantastic forty-buck-per-bottle standby fragrance.

The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

Unfortunately (if you like coconut) there is no coconut. I believe the scent that some are confusing with coconut is acutually Amber. This was developed (according to DG) around tobacco. Anyone who has ever smelled a high-end cigar (tobacco, not smoke) knows that this is a good thing.There is some cedar and leather with the tobacco and it works nicely. The other end of the spectrum is the ginger, orange blossom and grapefruit. Dries down to light tobacco and amber.This is a thick, sultry scent that not everyone can wear.

L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Good scent but not for everyone. Very clean and similar to Burberry Brit but cleaner and lacking the woodsy tones of Brit. This is a good every-day type of scent for ambience rather than for someone trying to find their signature scent.

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