Perfume Reviews by varvara

Tocade by Rochas

A bury-you-face-in whoever is wearing this frag.....mmm!!! voluptuous oriental vanilla that dries down to a sexy sugar powder. i had smelled this years ago and admit put off by it. there is a uniqueness to this juice. i hate the taste but LOVE the smell of jordan almonds and tocade reminds me of this only amplified. I agreed with the comparison to budoir but to me this is much more hanae mori without the strawberry. BTW the price of this can't be beat, I find a 3.4 oz bottle for about 25$ at discount retail chains. longevity and sillage are both a 5/5.
16th May 2009

Anna Sui by Anna Sui

i'm not adding anything earth shatteringly different than anyone else here that gave this a positive: a pretty whisper of a perfume of violets, rose and powder. very similar to agent provacteur eau emotionelle. the bottle is more beautiful than any thing else about this perfume.
2nd May 2009


Dior Addict by Christian Dior

MMMMMM!!!! burnt caramelized bourbon sugar with thickly sweet and darkly sensual. sillage is incredible, staying power will last forever and a day.
2nd May 2009

Pleasures Intense by Estée Lauder

lets be clear: i despise pleasures, but this intense version is very pretty. the pink peony is dramatic and pronounced in this pink juice. i'm a big peony fan though. i imagine this would work great on a summer night.
2nd May 2009

Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka

wow....the fragrance i discovered in my teens at a trip to bloomies with a girlfriend. the anise, violet and vanilla in this are sumptuous. the juice is royal purple and the bottle is a sparkly lilac apple--so beautiful! lolita is so flirtatious its outrageous. this is a perfume that will--WILL--get you attention and compliments. the mens version is incredible too.ever eat stella d'oro anissette cookies? now its in a fragrance.
2nd May 2009

Charlie / Charlie Blue by Revlon

eeeeeew! i'm so sorry to be scathing to a drug store classic...but the top notes smelled like eau de grandma and the drydown was a wet diaper.
2nd May 2009

Baby Doll / Baby Doll Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

i had a friend that loved, loved, loved this. it worked so well on her too; she smelled like a delicious ruby red grapefruit sprinkled with sugar. thats the only way i eat my graprefruit too.this is a young fragrance though--indeed my friend was 20 when she used this. maybe its the memory of being a young and innocent when i smelled this liquid tart candy but i can;t imagine a woman wearing this one. thumbs up for a sweet memory and scent
2nd May 2009

Messe de Minuit by Etro

its hard to imagine i am selling the same fragrance as the postive reviewers. i love incense! but i smell no incense in this. midnight mass??? please. i smell a disgusting underground subway urinal. my first SCRUBBER. never again!!
2nd May 2009

White Camellia by St John

i had such high hopes for this that i purchased blindly. what a shame! bug sprayish and unfortunately, it...lasts.
2nd May 2009

Sha by Alfred Sung

lovely but hard to find fragrance of lilac and musk. the lasting power on this is quite generous considering the price. very inoffensive and understated. the best and only perfume i wear from mr. sung
2nd May 2009

Le Jasmin by Annick Goutal

i smell nail polish remover with this one. want a nice jasmin? try bvlgari jasmin, it smells like jasmin!
2nd May 2009

Eau des 4 Reines by L'Occitane

lovely! a very pretty feminine true rose scent without any other flowers. sillage is minimal as is the lasting power. a bit pricey for the quality but it is pretty.
2nd May 2009

Magical Moon by Hanae Mori

oh yes indeed this is magical!!! this is incense, sugar and creamy milkiness and some juicy red fruit--guava??? along the lines of lolita, kenzoflower and addict in terms of sweet delicious creamy, incense type of juice.the bottle is exquisite--a thick slab of cobalt blue. i did buy the toilette on this one, but it is rich, thick and lasting. i think the parfum would be the sweetest thing of them all.
2nd May 2009

Agent Provocateur Eau Emotionnelle by Agent Provocateur

is this pretty? yesis this light? YESis this too light? YES!!!!smells like violet pastelles....also has the longevity of one. more like a body splash than an edt
2nd May 2009

Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker

nicely done sjp!a fantastic irresistable non offensive concoction for the summer.a light lemony, lavender, chocolately juice that really works well with my skin. reminds me a lot of eclat d'arpege and muglers cologne.the price on this cant be beat either--3.4 perfume for 20$ at ebay!!
2nd May 2009

Ma Liberté by Jean Patou

Really??? I'm the first to review this incredible perfume from Patou? In a word, seduction. I was first introduced to the house of Patou with the very gorgeous and different 1000. I was hooked.Monsieur Patou, where had he been all my life? I moved on to Joy (heaven), Sira Des Indes (sweet gourmandy escape).I searched for his collection and got Adieu Sagesse (spicy warm) and Divine Folie (dark rose floral). Ma Liberte is the latest but not the last. This is so warm and smooth! This is such a contradiction but a man can easily wear this.the notes that I get the most out of this are the lavender, musk and cedar. the drydown is a powdery wood. oh, of course the clove is there too. but a touch, like a soft baby breath.maybe this is crazy but this reminds me of a bare bones/non synthetic obsession after shave scent. i have the edt and the lasting power is amazing. this really turns into a skin scent, so be careful who you wear this around. if i could give this 10 thumbs up, i would
28th April 2009

Eau de Givenchy (original) by Givenchy

Just tried this today and found my new summer scent. Lovely green and dewy muguet scent. This is all but gone me after an hour though--too bad. my only wish for this scent was to make just a little sexier and have that jasmin more noticeable. oh well, it is an "eau" after all. thumbs up from me
26th April 2009

J'ai Osé by J'ai Osé amazing woodsy oriental fragrance...i'm surprised to see only seven reviews for a classic fragrance!the opening for me was intense. benzion and spice. the dry down is very sensual with amber and incnense. truly a "woman" fragrance. not for the young, virginal, or innocent! a sophisticated woman who isn;t afraid of someone leaning in to smell her, for this is a skin scent. i have only tried the edt too, imagine my review for the edp
11th December 2008

Parfum Sacré by Caron

WOW. Perfection is what i smelled the first time and everytime. this is a vintage scent for sure...i think of molasses, warm honey, sweet tobacco, jordan almonds, cream and musk. When i breathe it in all the way i can smell the lemon and peppercorn at the very end. i think of 1930's paris at evening, soem sexy young girl dressed in black at the corner of the bar drinking port and smoking a skinny cigarette. Romantic, sensual yet also Mona Lisa's Smile. LOVE--LOVE---LOVE this perfume.
5th October 2008

Éclat d'Arpège by Lanvin

the first time i smelled this perfume, i just about swooned. not one to be taken in so completely by florals-i'm more of an arab/oriental oil user-- this left no doubt in my mind that i was a convert. the peony and wet green leaves are what i smell most upon that first spray that later dries down to a cedar and musk. if you have smelled D & G's Light Blue, it is reminiscent of eclat, but in an immature impulsive unpolished way. Eclat is a contradiction; full bodied yet light enough to spray a couple of times and not be overwhelmed; a universal appealing floral, sophisticated and mature yet an 18 year old could it wear as well as an 50 year old career woman at the top of her game. Eclat takes it time to develop; the peony at the beginning blends sharp with the greens but comes down really sensuous and soft with the musk. And people notice. Every time i wear this, it never fails to get a "what are you wearing?" from both men and women.One of my top five fragrances.
5th October 2008

Donna Karan Gold by Donna Karan

except for the color of the actual perfume, i don;t find anything "gold" smelling about his. not that that's a bad thing, but perhaps a bit misleading. this remind me of alberto VO5 balsam shampoo, voluptuous lily and gardenia scent with hints of cucumber....yes, i swear, cucumber!not donna's best but then again cashmere mist is the only fragrance she's made that comes close to anything respectable.more for an older woman than a young, might be to overwhelming.
5th October 2008