Overture Man by Amouage

Initial reaction: Opening reminds me very much of my Eight & Bob Original. I like it a lot, but unless I get something better from the mid and base, it would be redundant.

Molecule 03 by Escentric Molecules

Let me come straight to the point: Molecule 03, when applied to my skin, creates the most horrific stench I have ever smelled in my life, and I'm no spring chicken. After several hours it settles into a vetiver-like smell that is somewhat pleasant, but not thrilling. The end result is not worth the torture that must be endured to get there.

Hard pass. You've been warned. Of course, as with wine and beer preferences, "different strokes for different folks". This is not my "cup of tea".

I should note that Escentric 03, which includes this fragrance molecule along with several other notes, starts out with a somewhat unpleasant rubber-like scent and drys down to a much more pleasant base than does Molecule 03, presumably because of the other notes in the E 03. I have found other products from this house quite bottle-worthy, but not this one.

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