Perfume Reviews by Trauerkraut

Pure Morning Man by Marc O'Polo

Citrus/cedar - nothing special - 15 in a dozen - why does it exist?
6th September 2011

Kenzoair by Kenzo

To me Kenzo Air smells a lot like Eau de Rochas pour Homme: they both share the same myrrh-licquorice-like atmosphere. Very nice!
13th August 2011


Apparition Homme Intense by Ungaro

I bought this one blind...stupid me! This is by far the worst smelling-experience in my life: there is really nothing to like in this bitter beast...simply horrible!
13th August 2011

Oscar de la Renta pour Lui by Oscar de la Renta

Pour Lui smells like somewhere between Tsar and Versace L'Homme; a little more accessible and a little less agressive...really nice!
5th August 2011

L'Essence de Must de Cartier by Cartier

This is a beautifully refined non-macho scent, marvelously smelling close to the skin, to keep it as a delicious surprise for those who have the privilege to enter its presence.
If you find it, buy two's great!
30th July 2011

Boss Orange Man by Hugo Boss

Fresh start: orange, short and nothing new...and then this thousand in a dozen, cedar dominated, überboring drydown! Only for uncurable Boss addicts!
4th July 2011

Pure Lavande by Azzaro

There is one 'Pure Lavender' and that is Caron 'Pour Un Homme': this is his dull chemical brother in law.
23rd March 2011

About Men by Bruno Banani

As mediocre as the name of the house already suggested.
23rd March 2011

Lalique White by Lalique

Don't like the dominating cedar!
23rd February 2011

Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

Absolute masterpiece!
My all-time favorite.
4th February 2011

Blu pour Homme by Bulgari

A überboring wooddominated thirteen-in-a-dozen scent. Better skip this one: it is cloying and you've smelled it all before.
3rd February 2011

Gai Mattiolo Uomo by Gai Mattiolo

One of those hidden marvels!
Wonderful refined (summer-)refreshment for scandalous little money.
Buy before it will be discontinued!
31st December 2010

Sex Appeal for Men by Jovan

Somewhat skinny but rather nice smelling odour. Nothing special though and certainly nothing provocative. It is too thin to be noticed so it will not attract women either.
Bad promise!
31st December 2010

Stetson by Stetson

...makes me think of Brokeback Mountain?? Nevertheless quite nice for some occasions!
28th December 2010
18th December 2010

Fahrenheit Absolute by Christian Dior

I do not like the woody dry-down: to my nose it smells like my Moroccan neighbor who showers once a week. Clotted sweat. Bah!
17th December 2010

Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

This scent smells like an empty pub on sunday mornings.
Biggest problem: most users seem not to be able to wear it in acceptable proportions and poison the air far outside their territories. Yyyaaargh!
15th November 2009