Dark Amber & Ginger Lily by Jo Malone London

i feel ambivalent about this scent. there is some notes very appealing and some notes very unattractive.... i wonder how it would be with less ginger and patchouli...

Absolu by Rochas

I could not get fig leaf and mandarin on the top notes but a nice lux powdery note. Then comes the flowers dark and loud. I think it is on the feminine side.

Fleurs de Sel by Miller Harris

In a sense it starts very Mediterranean. It is salty, hot and dry. I can not get any of the flowers. May be some woods but after an hour vetiver and amber like note dominates which is not enjoyable for me.

A taste of Heaven, absinthe verte by By Kilian

The top notes are quite confusing for me.I am not a fan of lavender vanilla couple but herbal and alcohol note at the top gives me nausea. I had no bad memories with absinthe but i found it disturbing. And dries down to a boring old style men cologne.

La Haie Fleurie du Hameau by L'Artisan Parfumeur

I was attracted by narcissus and honeysuckle notes when i read about this perfume. I wish i would find more of them in this scent. This scent is an aggressive floral; at least opposite of a soft floral. It is loud and a bit intoxicating. Jasmine and orange blossom takes turns and hit your nose. And all other flowers disappear in the foggy background.After a loud opening of maybe half an hour; It dries down quite linear and longevity is medium.

À la Nuit by Serge Lutens

The early minutes of the scent a sour note stands so high that besides jasmin i feel like some orange flowers and some gardenia is clearly there. Later jasmine grows to be more jasmine but still acidic more than indolic.
I have some arabic jasmine growing on my porch which i admire. When it is on full bloom it has such an earthy animalistic note that my mum cannot belive jasmine is blameworty but my cat is. so i like jasmine as it is ; earthy or indolic or dirty. This jasmine is too clean for my taste. I cannot get any honey or musk. ı find nothing positive or negative about this scent. People with ambivalant feelings about jasmine should give a try.

Cuir Mauresque by Serge Lutens

well i do not where to begin. When i tried it i began to wonder what old old scent it does resemble. Cloves, a bit resinous notes and smoke, yes some leather but then rises the oldest part; sweet oakmoss. Yes mitsouko. I do not have an sample to compare but i remember so. Of course cuır mauresque is more sophisticated. But i will code it as mitsouko in leather.

well one can forgive mitsouko for being so old, overpowering, cloying because it is old. It is launched at the end of first world war. It is historic. And what is excuse of cuir mauresque?

I apreciate even older scents. I am not a modernist. It is not about age but about timbre. Think mitsouko and Champs-Elysées from Guerlaine. They are like sounds of a church organ and violin. They can be equally old but first can be funerary and second can be lively.

If we go back to cuir maresque; it is old fashioned and heavy. Not wearable to me.

Boxeuses by Serge Lutens

I did not like the first splash of resins but the latter developing smoky leather enticed me like it did in a dozen different serge lutens. well, there are many close scents in serge lutens and that maybe good; you can go and tell sellerthat you would like feminite du bois with less iris and she can offer you one. But well this can be boring too. any way i like that smoky leather in daim blond, amber sultan, fumerie turque etc and also boxeuses.

Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

This one is like a best seller book; handled good enough to outshine but has no spirit.

El Attarine by Serge Lutens

At the first moments you feel like you have entered an oriental spice shop. Or you put your nose into a curry jar. Very clear and loud spice aromas with a very dominant turmeric or curcuma note. Cumin accompanies in the following minutes. Accompany is not right, it takes the leading part. This one is a cumin fragrance I can say. In the middle the Cumin makes harmony with sweeter and powdery notes . I was able to get apricot after an hour but I am not sure if I would name it if I did not have a hint. And on the dry down the cumin becomes woody, I can say.
I do not prefer fragrances with edible notes in common. I find many spicy ones overpowering and repulsive. But cumin is something on the green side of the spices for me and I find it flattering in florals like Gucci for women. El attarine is also far from spicy fragrances in my mind but I cannot see myself wearing it. It smells unisex but I would vote it for a man.

Bois Oriental by Serge Lutens

well if you get your nose close to the scent it is spicy with cardamom and cloves which is not much charming. But it has nice silage. It makes a vision of a sultans robe in my mind; with all these little (spicy fruity) embroideries on a (musk vanilla) velvet. Of course purple velvet robe. The powdery violet is hard to miss.
The impression of bois oriental is not close to feminite du bois in my find. They have vanilla and violet in common but the benzoin in feminite du bois gives it a very sharp face. Bois oriental is so smooth and wearable.

Paris Roses des Bois by Yves Saint Laurent

A sharp rose note at the start and resembles to Paris enough to share its name. Just some more white flowers and violet and a bit of musk, it is more wearable than the original which is really overpowering.

A Scent by Issey Miyake

well i liked it. verbana and lemon is an old song but this one is a bir spicier; has some nice greens like tomato leaves or a bit green mango. I cannot get much florals here, when i push my nose yes some florals at back vocal and cannot determine them. Galbanum is not one of my favourite notes but i enjoyed these greens which are there after two hours. It is a strong and long lasting scent on me.

Violet Blonde by Tom Ford

I like that musky suede. The scents top notes are violet leaves and citrus; fresh and nice. then smooth and woody for sometime and after an hour comes the best part. I really like musky woodsy suede. I wish it was a bit stronger. It is somewhere between Dior homme and Daim blonde for me (which i admire deeply.) And maybe which admire my skin aswell. ı am planning to buy one in valentines day sales.

Gardenia by Penhaligon's

Greens and violet and fruity notes and so many florals... It is so crowded that i cannot get much gardenia. ylang ylang and and clower provides a crispiness to the scent which is not common for a white floral and makes an opposite to the real misty gardenia scent. Not a bad scent but not a gardenia scent to my taste.

L'Eau de Kasaneka by Menard

I cannot get much florals here. Ginger and nutmeg and citrus. Really fresh and nice. But not artsy.

Imogen Rose by Gorilla Perfume [Lush]

The top note is rose. A loud artificial rose. (Maybe better to determine as old fashioned perfumery rose because in earlier times very natural rose oil or other flower oils used to smell "like" the flower but not same and also used to have some extra and heavy character which make them smell artificial). then you got aldehydes and in a few minutes grows and ozonic note. It is very familiar to me so i have tried hard to find what it is. my mind was trying to remember all Carons i have tried because many carons share the carnation in this ozonic style. well scent developed faster than my mind and it became a twin of dear Bellodgia by Caron.
Imogen rose has a huge silliage in first hours and dries down powdery still little sharp with violet vetiver and carnations.It is a rich scent but not cup of my tea.

French Kiss No. 15 by Tokyo Milk

So bitter citrussy that i cannot get any flowers. In the middle starts vanilla and woods. Not enough femine for my taste. edit i have tried it after ten years. still no flowers. something grapefruity then vetiver. the great thing about it is longelivity. The second day i was still able to smell it from my skin. if you like vetiver it is a keeper...

Jardins de Bagatelle by Guerlain

Has a great openning like a Beethoven symphony, all of a sudden all organs playing loud fills the air. Powdery and a bit dated but really luxurious. The main flower is tuberuse with an violet iris end which gives the powdery effect. I will spare it for my fifties though.

Féminité du Bois by Serge Lutens

The entrance reminds me of Narcisse noir: dark and almost resinous bitter orange flowers. Then come cedar, vanilla and fruity note called to be plum. The only spice I got is cumin which leaves stage in after the first hour. The first hour of it really enchanting; sweet and misty. I even got some tuberose like flower. I thought I should buy one in place of Daim blond when I have finished the bottle. But when the top notes began to fade magic goes with them. The scent becomes powdery and warm with violets vanilla and cedar. Though still nice loses some of its glam. Most scents loose their lovely notes and become one dominant note far in the gunshot. So in many instances the scent you have smelled on paper or wrist is not the scent you leave when you step out the room. Murphy works and silage looses generally the most enjoyable playful details. I think feminite du bois owes its reputation mostly to this far reaching lovely face. Isn't it great that orange flower dies but plum survives in the distance?

Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens

This is a very fine spicy leathery amber. It flashed me back to Fumerie Turque which is smoky ambery leather.Both beautiful have some in common which is like a sergelutens signature but i and my husband prefer Fumerie Turque which is extraordinary and unique.

Vol de Nuit Évasion by Guerlain

The very first notes I get are galbanum and oakmoss. Supposed to be following florals like rose, jasmine and iris are not there, just spicy cloves like note embodied in resin. Then comes the amber woods base (maybe too early, just in half an hour) and stay there dark and gloomy. When resinous medicinal notes combine with darker notes of woods and amber reminds me of a shadowed room of an old patient; just gloomy. The only light containing note in this scent is vanilla which raises the mood to some extent. Well after all you may be surprised to hear me say that it is a good scent. This is like a big amber ring that I would not wear but can recommend to an amber loving friend.

Lotus Blossom & Water Lily by Jo Malone London

I am hit with the top note of it. It reminds me the dry green tobaccos like note of Kenzo Parfum D'ete which I love but Lotus Blossom & Water Lily is more aquatic and fresh floral. I can not get distinguish the flowers in it nor the woods but I can tell you it is rich and it is really enchanting.

Chamade Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

I really envy the noses who would smell any hyacinth in it. The introduction notes mean much to me and i find hyacinth smell very inspiring. But the first note in Chamade to me is bitter painful galbanum. Thanks god it does not persist long and sweet and alluring blackcurrant vanilla takes place to show me what Chamade has its reputation for. Though not mentioned in notes I get a hint of bergamot or orange sourness at all stages. This is a special scent and would be one of my favorite winter scents with a smoother entry.

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