Vetiver Royal Bourbon (new) by Oriza L. Legrand

Very nice scent! Took me awhile to sample it and glad I did. Instant buy.

Has become my "go to" pleasant vetiver.

The peppermint up top is a very nice touch. Not all that "minty" but lends a little extra oomph to the launch of the vetiver. Most vetivers come off as similar to Guerlain and there is some of that but this one lasts better on me.

Not loud or a big projector but good and present for 6-7 hours.

Nothing ground breaking here but a rock solid scent. Great for casual or office.

Richard James by Richard James

I like this a lot but on a very limited basis. It's a masculine floral and tuberose at that.
But if you're up for it, it works well.

Screams for a white shirt more than many scents. Not really all that formal per se, but certainly calls for some sartorial support. Do not wear this with jeans. But I think even dressed up, this calls for a guy who's not skittish about wearing florals.

I wouldn't not call it feminine, but it takes a guy with his "frag legs" pretty developed to wear it proudly.

A white shirt, khakis, a blazer. You're good to go. A tad dandy, but a lot of guys can pull this off easily if I can.

Black Tie by Washington Tremlett

When I first joined Basenotes, I was looking for a masculine rose and it came down to this and Domenico Caraceni. I picked DC which was bolder and louder.

When it occurred to me to give it another try it was discontinued.
But I found a Basenoter with a new bottle for sale at a not crazy price.

It's a bit softer than I remember and frankly a tad too elegant for my retired status. But I'm enjoying it a lot.

It's a nice subtle blend of saffron and rose and wears very discreetly.
A bit of a British toff sort of scent. It kind of lives in the same place as Richard James Savile Row.

Like it a lot. Just wish it pushed out a bit more.

Kiehl's Original Musk by Kiehl's

For the price, this is fantastic.

A nice soft scent that waffles between very clean and very dirty in a most enchanting way.

Not easily classified as a work scent or a date scent, it's a nice casual scent perfect for just hanging around. Becoming a fast favorite. None of the notes are hitting me to make it seem masculine or feminine. Nicely balanced.

Starting to feel to me like a must own for Basenoters.

Psychédélique by Jovoy

This is crazy good. Jovoy is really turning me into a fanboy. There's a bit of dark heaviness to their scents that it turns out really appeals to me.

This stuff is potent and lasts like crazy. Sure it's hard core patchouli but it's got a heavy duty "chocolate cake" aroma to it and is not sugary or too sweet.

Kind of a dramatic scent but fun too.

Diaghilev by Roja Dove

For my birthday, I splurged on some pricey Roja decants.

Diaghilev is the best of them. I can sort of see it as similar to Mitsouko but feels a lot richer than the version of Mitsouko I tried. Not loud, but potent. Odd sort of longevity that recurs long after you thought it was played out.

It's a wonderful scent and I'm glad a have a small decant but would never spring for a full bottle of this, even if the price were much lower. Doesn't really suit me, but I'll milk this decant to the end.

It's elegant and would make a great compliment to a dressy evening for sure.

I've never been a good notes analyst and nothing springs out for me as dominant.
Clever, well crafted chypre that does smell pricey.

CH Men Privé by Carolina Herrera

Ahhh heck...saw lots of raving about this and opted for a blind buy at a local discounter with no testers available. Ugh.

Yes, it's plenty nice but very similar to my nose to YSL La Nuit which I love. Offers no improvement over La Nuit to me and has less longevity.

I think it's fine scent, just doesn't improve on a scent I already wear a lot.

Blind and learn. At least it wasn't pricey.

My two cents- go for La Nuit.

Vetiver pour Homme Cologne by Roja Dove

It's a nice traditional vetiver. Solid.

Doesn't improve enough on Guerlain or Tom Ford's offerings to merit a purchase for me.

Clubman Lilac Vegetal by Pinaud

This is one is like a running joke in the wetshaver community. Some profess to love it and maybe so, but I think it's more of a way to haze noobie wetshavers.

The opening is beyond harsh and weird. Any number of descriptions fit like rotting vegetables. I doubt any frag head would ever like the opening.

But it does dry down into an almost pleasant lilac scent. The lilac doesn't exactly smell feminine...more like "antique." Like all Pinauds, it is a nice soothing finish to a shave.

If you want to get in on the joke, it'll cost you about $6US. For me, it always conjures what an old gold prospector or cowpoke might smell like after his first bath and shave in three months when the barber slapped some on. Yeee Haw, bring on them dancing' girls....

Luna Rossa Carbon by Prada

I've never worn Sauvage, so not sure about the similarity to that scent.

I do like this one a lot. The lavender is nicely integrated and as Busyblind said, it conjures a shaving cream from the future.

Really enjoy wearing Carbon. A nice daily modern kind of scent. Not sexy, not romantic, just solid, clean, nicely scented. Probably would have burned through bottles of this if I was still working.

Canoé by Dana

It smells a lot like an EdT version of Pinaud Clubman- the ultimate American 'barbershop" scent. Almost every old school barbershop in USA had the Clubman aftershave and talc.

If you're a wetshaver type and like Clubman, you're crazy not to own Canoe. It really lengthens and extends that distinctive Clubman scent. You'll feel fresh from the barber all day long. And it's super inexpensive.

Being a mature guy, I can feel more comfortable wearing this than many.

Oud Stars : Alexandria II by Xerjoff

Very fun and nice scent...

Blasts off with intense cinnamon and lavender...whatever oud is in it is quite subdued. While it's called an "Oud Star" it's sure not very oud-y.
Nothing overly earthy or confronting to wear here. I guess the oud sort of tempers the spices and makes it a bit woody.

Lasts well and be careful- it's probably kind of loud scent for a couple of hours.

Seems a bit to me like a very potent niche version of YSL La Nuit. Not that it really smells just like La Nuit, but it has that same sort "oh so sweet and really pretty" vibe. But still manly scent.

A good casual or romantic scent. Would be too weird at work for me.

Chanel Pour Monsieur Eau de Parfum by Chanel

I liked the original EdT and thought this would be a more potent swipe at the same basic scent.

Well, kind of. This just doesn't wear on me as strongly as the EdT. The EdT was pretty low key, but I'd catch a lot of nice wafts a fair way into a wearing. This may last longer but wear closer.

It's a safe, semi-mature scent. Certainly very wet shaver-ish, Pinauad Clubman kind of of style.

No. 89 by Floris

Another scent I tried on a blind buy whim that I've come to love.

It's not quite a cologne, but sort of has a similar vibe. Not exactly barbershop, but kind of. More than a bit soapy and a little powdery.

This is one of my "go to" scents for appointments where you want to smell good, scrubbed but not loud or offensive.

A gentleman's scent for sure.

Bourbon Vanilla by Ermenegildo Zegna

I've been a Basenoter over 10 years. Tried and/or owned around 300 scents. This is the only one I found truly awful enough to write up as really bad.

Silly me... "Bourbon" and "vanilla." Two scents I like. But this is no bourbon or vanilla. I don't know what this scent is...raw vanilla pods??? In fairness, I now gather "bourbon vanilla" is a particular type of vanilla plant...not a combination of bourbon scent plus vanilla scent.

But this was nothing I related to. Sort of chemical smelling. Lasted forever, and that didn't help. I found nothing about this scent I liked in opening, mid, or base notes. It wasn't repulsive, just not relatable to anything I want to smell like.
Not good for work, dating, hanging around house, going out with friends. Useless scent.

Not surprising it's dropped.

Invasion of the Barbers by Dua Fragrances

Yes, it has big similarity to INVASION BARBARE.
It's not bad.

But it's a bit heavy handed, lacking some of the finesse and blending of the original. May have better longevity.

I don't regret purchasing it, but would not re-purchase.

Musk Cologne by Bortnikoff

I've never been much for the cologne type scents. Fresh and light with citrus.

Then I smelled this. Talk about a beautiful scent!

The way this settles onto skin and gently radiates puts a lot of other scents to shame. It reeks of quality.

Not a lot of projection but you know you're wearing it and that's all that matters.

I could probably be happy if I wore this six days a week. Nothing should smell this good.

But a bit rich for my blood these days...

Club de Nuit Sillage by Armaf

I got on a SMW kick this summer, but it doesn't last well on me. Decided to try SILLAGE after seeing a lot of good reviews.

Yup, it's very good. It lacks some of the edgy qualities of SMW in the open, but wears very similar with frankly much better longevity.

Probably not as long lasting as XERJOFF MEFISTO, but still a very nice SMW substitute at a really reasonable price.

Fire Island by Bond No. 9

This very nicely channels the scent of high end tanning oils.

Be clear there is no coconut aspect to this if that's what you expect in "tanning oil" scent. If you're used to creams/oils with a coconut base, this may not strike you as "tanning lotion."

I cannot detail the notes. Some white florals I guess. A bit of musk.

Smells to me just like laying on a sandy beach with hot summer sun while slathered with tanning cream.

Haven't layed in the sun in over 20 years and won't wear this much but is a scent I really enjoy.

Gravitas pour Homme by Naughton & Wilson

Being somewhat of a fan of Mr Smelly and having similar tastes, I took a flyer on this one. Mistake.

Found the scent quite nice, laden with notes I like. Great for about one half hour.

But then it just died on me. I sometimes have that issue with scents, so it's quite possible it's just some quirk with me. I see plenty of reviews that some find it has pretty good legs, but I found it very fleeting.

What I could smell was like a decent fairly modern fougere.

Sample wear first.

Al Oudh by L'Artisan Parfumeur

This is probably the most carnal scent I own. I get a blend of cumin, some spice, some rose, a bit of fig and some other earthy scents. A very sexual smelling scent to me.

I can see where to some it just comes off a bit like another rose/oud scent.

To me it's a very idealized/romanticized "smell of sex in the afternoon on a hot summer day."

I love it but am kind of reluctant to wear it many places.

Idole de Lubin by Lubin

Damn this is good. I wish I'd backed the EdT version up. I find it preferable to the EdP which is quite good as well.

Such a warm, slightly sensual cozy scent. Really feels to me a bit like a sexed up bay rum scent.

Used to love this at work as a conservative but kind of sneaky edgy scent.

Private Label by Jovoy

I'm rarely one to care about presentation, but as Man of the World said, JOVOY has really got that covered. Big beefy bottles that make you want to own it, hold it, and spray away. The bottle could be used as a weapon.

PRIVATE LABEL snuck up on me. Not the kind of scent I would ever expect I would like. Strong, earthy, kind of grimy vetiver is what sticks out. Leather and patchouli contribute, but the dirty vetiver dominates to me.

For me, it's kind of a solitary "Covid confinement" kind of scent. I enjoy wearing it around the house, but doubt I would wear in an office, on a date or out socially.

Nothing sweet or inviting in this one. Dark, brooding, austere. Inordinately masculine.

Sandalwood Cologne by Geo F Trumper

I had long used the TRUMPERS Sandalwood Skin Food and Shower Gel. This smells just like those and is a very nice extension of that creamy sandalwood scent.

It is very nice, but kind of defies easy categorization. It's inordinately pleasant. Not particularly masculine or feminine. Good for work or casual days.

I quite like it and though it does not smell much EGOISTE to me, it is probably a given that EGOISTE fans would like this. It's kind of like a vastly simplified EGOISTE. A touch of citrus and vanilla, mainly sandalwood. Lacks the spice and rosey aspects of EGOISTE.

Though a "cologne" has pretty good legs but a bit lacking longevity wise for me. It's a comfortable easy reach with a more prominent sandalwood than many are probably used to wearing.

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