Perfume Reviews by SirSlarty

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom by Donna Karan

Very much like the original Be Delicious but more fruity, less tart apple and much lighter. Very youthful. Kinda fleeting though.
5th December 2010

CH Men by Carolina Herrera

Spicy, woodsy, leathery... and notes of florals. Just fantastic! A combination of oriental style accords (amber & vanilla) and fougere like in structure. CH Men makes for a rather unique scent. Similar to Guuci pour Homme II with a black tea spiciness combined with violet and like John Varvatos' vanilla and leather..
4th December 2010


Ferrari Uomo by Ferrari

Opens a little sweet and leathery. Dries down very woodsy and earthy. Lasts as long as an 8 hour work day under my shirt. Much better than the other Ferrari scents I've tried so far.
3rd December 2010

Chaps Weekend Men by Chaps [Ralph Lauren]

A long lasting, powdery woods. Great daytime wear for any time. Office/work/school/court date/dentist appointment.
3rd December 2010

Cuoio di Russia by I Profumi di Firenze

Amazingly, if you have tried Caron The Third Man, you'd discover that iPdF has added some leather to the mix of woody vanilla and lavender. Cuoio di Russia starts off very leathery and dominantly vanilla and lavender. And there's a touch of citrus style notes. This is a rather "bright" leather scent. Seems that this fragrance is an EdP and is exclusive to certain shop. Probably very costly to get but judging from my sample it'd be well worth it for leather, vanilla and/or lavender lovers alike. Also, this lasted TWO WHOLE DAYS on my skin and lingered even longer on the sleeves of my jacket.
28th November 2010

GH Bass Earth by GH Bass

A fruity, slightly sweet a touch "fresh" musk. Decent for its targeted market (only sold at Bass stores). Usually these cheap-o musks smell off and too fresh and clean but this one is a pretty good fruity musk. Has a bit of a woodsy drydown, making for a decent cologne.
28th November 2010

White Sail by Nautica

A fresh, clean aquatic (well, there's no other kind of aquatic, really) and very generic. Almost like Acqua di Gio but it's way lighter and less floral. In fact, it's not fair to compare it to Acqua di Gio because at lease AdG is a decent cologne. White Sail doesn't last for very long. In my opinion, it's a cologne for generic people who don't really want to think about wearing cologne.
28th November 2010

Bulgari Man by Bulgari

A touch of earthy, woodsy vetiver and a dash vanilla and white woods, this new Bvlgari scent is fantastic. Top note lists violet leaf, like Dior's Fahrenheit or Curve for Men but that's where the violet stops, at the top. Goes into a rich, woodsy vetiver that feels transparent but has a distinct dominance. To compare, it's a powdery and slightly sweet cousin of Terre d'Hermes. For me, it lasts ALL DAY on my skin and especially on fabric.
28th November 2010

Sin by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

The first I've come across in BPAL's repertoire that isn't sickeningly sweet. I honestly did not notice the patchouli at all (even though it's extremely dominant). Instead I got a very greenish spice that fooled me into thinking that someone put some cough syrup on some lavender leaves. It's green, thick and gave me a distinct impression of raw lavender in a garden. After my brain could decipher the anamoly, I figued out that the patchouli is really layed on thick here. Along with the cinnamon, it really throws you for a loop. Almost too... mashed together and just a mix of ingredients, nothing artsy or endearing. Just some smells put together. The sandalwood is really nice though. After the patchouli settles down that is.It's a little weird.
20th September 2010

Chapeau by Borsalino

An engaging fresh fragrance with just a hint of fuzzy woodsy notes. Feels like a more elegant clean style rather than aquatic, fruity or synthetic junk. Really wonderful for an office scent.
9th September 2010

Epic Man by Amouage

Starts off like an herbal Terre d'Hermes but not as "earthy". This inital reaction is very flighty as Epic dries down into a rather familiar story of a woodsy, animalic oriental that's very green. A more like Antaeus if it was a fougere.
22nd August 2010

Baldessarini Del Mar Seychelles by Baldessarini

A tart water melon combined with sea breeze-like accords and a woodsy cedary tobacco note. Delicious and full of watermelon. Great summer scent.
22nd August 2010

Altamir by Ted Lapidus

Sweet, woodsy amber. Altamir is a combination of orange amber (much like Davidoff's Silver Shadow) and a light spicy blend of soft woods. Light enough for spring weather and not so cloying as Silver Shadow.
8th August 2010

Scherezade by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Musky! It's peppery, sweet and spicy but soooooo blended into the super-dominant musk that it's really hard to tell anything apart, except the musk. Like all BPAL's oils, it's thick and long lasting. You really gotta like musk to enjoy this.
17th July 2010

Pleasures Exotic by Estée Lauder

The "marketing" description to me is not at all deceptive. The original is very ambiguously floral and was a little sweet in the base. Exotic gets all fruity on you with the mangoes and such. They are definitely there and makes the fragrance something new. When I read "exotic" I really did think of tropical fruits and such. Ah! Get out of my head!
17th July 2010

D&G La Lune 18 by Dolce & Gabbana

The leather note in this is so blantantly repulsive it makes me wince. This smells really bad to me and is the worst "dirty" fragrance I've smelled. Really put of by this. In the end, everything else dies (thank the deity) and all you get is a fruity lingering musk.
17th July 2010

Pleasures by Estée Lauder

Not exactly floral... but not really anything. At first Pleasures seemed to be a ridiculously generic white floral. But then I had smlled a couple of fruity notes. And then greenish notes. It's fresh but not too clean that it's like laundry sheets clean because there's some sweet notes in the background that's a part of the overall scent. Fantastic as an everyday scent.
17th July 2010

Encre Noire pour Elle by Lalique

Add some transparent florals (one of which is rose) over something like Mugler Cologne or Creed's Original Vetiver and you'd get the vetiver style that's in Lalique's Encre Noire pour Elle. This feels "cold" while the pour Homme version smells raather "warm". Good longevity and sillage.
17th July 2010

Voile de Fleur by Tom Ford

A spicy floral that feels creamy and gets a little dark and sweet at the end.... poetically speaking, a flower and an herb garden got in a fight and fell asleep on a vanilla pillow.
15th July 2010

D&G Le Bateleur 1 by Dolce & Gabbana

Interesting aquatic. It's very spicy. It's similar to another aquatic I've tried called Acqua di Gio. Perhaps you've heard of it? Anyways, turn up the spice and add "aquatic accord" to anything and you get this stuff. Also, if you liked this, check out the even spicier GF Ferre Bluemusk.
15th July 2010

D&G L'Impératrice 3 by Dolce & Gabbana

Not bad if you like citrusy-fruity fragrances. It's really juicy on the opening. Dries down to a woodsy grapefruit. A little sour/bitter at the end. Not the worst of the bunch but not something I'd go ga-ga for but I do enjoy the scent.
15th July 2010

Angel by Thierry Mugler

Minus burnt rubber, it smells very close/virtually identical to A*Men; just weaker. This is what I first thought of Angel when I smelt it.Angel is a demonic patchouli and chocolate scent that befouls its neighbors but blesses the wearer. It accosts your friends while being your only friend. It greets your with warm cookies and leaves everyone else in the patchouli brush, pricking every single one of their limbs so as if to say, "HELL YEAH!" in a overly dramatic tone.This scent is so polarizing... it makes me love it for some reason. Please, for the love of any deity, wear only a spray of this. It can really ruin someone's day.
15th July 2010

Midnight Oud by Juliette Has a Gun

It's oud. Good job making something that closely resembles oud that's bearable enough to wear for the "mass market". Don't normally like oud but this made me raise an eyebrow.
15th July 2010

Paestum Rose by Eau d'Italie

I never thought I'd meet a rose I'd like. This is a woodsy, citrusy rose with some spices around it. Elegant and calm.
15th July 2010