Perfume Reviews by SirSlarty

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Toilette by Chanel

A heavy, aquatic woods with a HUGE grapefruit and pepper opening. Good longevity on me especially with the sandalwood base. Stay classy, Chanel.
15th December 2011

The One Gentleman by Dolce & Gabbana

A more subtle version. Gentleman turns down the vanilla a bit and lets some herbs and pepper take over the overall shape of the fragrance. I liken this to Burberry Brit but not as powdery or as strong.
13th December 2011


High Line by Bond No. 9

Hello ladies! I'm a bottle of sweet green aquatic floral shampoo. Care to purchase me? Oh. Oh my no! That's a dollar bill, you'll need A HUNDRED TIME MORE THAN THAT! Whoa hey wait! Where are you going? Why are you walking over to Bath and Body Works? They don't got nothing like me over there. Ah, I'm so lonely.
13th December 2011

Premium for Men by Phat Farm

Wow. This is actually pretty good... for a fresh scent. It's a little spicy and a little effervescent but very effective in being a clean fresh scent amongst all the others of its kind out there. It even has a very slight hint of floral.
13th December 2011

John Varvatos STAR USA by John Varvatos

A spicy, fresh vetiver. Starts off brazen with spices (notably ginger and pepper) with a bit of fruitiness. Mellows down into a vetiver with light spices and a bit of a bittersweet note. Then the vetiver loses all its scent and you are left with a transparent spicy accord that's... soapy.

Not bad, I've been wearing it as a daily wear for slightly chilly days.

As an aside, I'm disappointed that JV didn't stick with the usual bottle design.
11th December 2011

Blue Seduction for Men by Antonio Banderas

Not bad, not great. Kinda creamy and sweet with a woodsy freshness to it. To bad it's fleeting. Similarities to Versace Eau Fraiche are pretty close. Eau Fraiche stays with you longer but is a little weaker and cleaner, not as creamy. Blue Seduction is just a touch stronger in projection and sweeter.
15th October 2011

Solo Loewe by Loewe

This is utterly boring. The only thing I remember about wearing this fragrance was a brief stint of citric herbs on top and a rather transparent musky amber on the bottom. It's easy to wear, I'll give it that much but I desire a bit more conversation with my fragrance than a short "hello".
28th September 2011

Adidas Fair Play by Adidas

Don't bother.
Acqua di Gio clone number 2.29 x 10^4
Lasts as long as this review.
12th September 2011

Paper & Cotton No. 17 by Tokyo Milk

I don't know what's making me enjoy this scent. It's like green notes (herbals) meets dark green (MOSS) with a light wood... and it's too perfect of a name. Admittedly, if I didn't know what the name was I wouldn't be so astounded.... So here's my more terse review: It's very, very airy to me. Like laundry hanging out on a line fresh out of the washing bin; still with soap stuck on the fibers.
27th August 2011

Gucci by Gucci Sport pour Homme by Gucci

Smells good, actually. Just doesn't wow me like previous scents by Gucci. Not really liking their recent direction.

Honestly not really sporty at first. Was rather loud but we all know the best part of a fragrance really should be the basenotes. From top to bottom, a woodsy and rather fruity vetiver really stands out with a odd timbre of clean to it. (Probably the juniper berry listed here). Not enough variance to keep interest but it's not a terrible fragrance at all.
26th August 2011

Domain by Mary Kay

Eh, its okay. It is rather weak. Wait, no, it is extremely weak. And terrible. A transparent woodsy and soapy scent. In fact, it reminds me of another "just because we need a fragrance in our line up" scent from GH Bass (from Van Heusen). I would never give this as a gift even if it was $5 a bottle. One would have better chances with an Avon product.
15th August 2011

Molinard Homme I by Molinard

Starts of really nice with a green woodsy feel and a light oakmoss and light vetiver base. However, it is very boring and fleeting. Not amazing or even nice enough to wear.
19th July 2011

L'Essence de Cerruti by Cerruti

A spicy, tangy top starts things off. As usual that stuff fades quick however the spice still takes hold into the heart notes which is mixed with leather and woods and is rounded off at the bottom with a musky base. It's light, yet has a deep feel to it, almost sensual. I really like it.
11th July 2011

Molinard Homme II by Molinard

Sweet yet very weak. A musky kind of sweet/ Almost doesn't even register even in the heat. I'd go with Body Kouros or something else even.
11th July 2011

Wild Aoud by Montale

Aoud based scents normally ever grab my attention or gets praise but this stuff is certainly approachable. Straying away from the rosy death I usually receive from most aouds (which I don't like), I get more of a vibrant woodsy, absinthe fizziness with a slightly fruity touch. I can't ignore the fact that almost every scent Montale makes is aoud aoud aoud oaud aoud oaudoudaoudd agh jeez just stop with them already! Anyways, a fairly decent fragrance.
7th May 2011

Essenza Del Tempo by Trussardi

A very pleasant fragrance. Fairly light, though. Has the same smooth citrus and unisex vibe as ck One and Ferragamo Tuscan Soul though the former is much brighter. Essenza Del Tempo puts some coffee beans in the base which smooths out any bright citrus. Nice to wear but not essential.
11th January 2011

Biagiotti Uomo by Laura Biagiotti

Laura Biagiotti Uomo starts off almost like a sweet, incense spice. These spices sit upon a rather unique take on the "green" fougere structure with a strong presence that doesn't overpower. Dries down into a still spicy but smooth leathery musk. Leather and musk can sometimes feel "dirty" but here it's rather classy without pulling punches. I almost feel like a James Bond villian going "ah, quite exquisite" while wearing this.
3rd January 2011

Zegna Colonia by Ermenegildo Zegna

Slightly floral, woodsy lemon cologne. Cool and crisp on first spray and dries into a warming woods. Very straightforward, simple and "safe" scent.
29th December 2010

Jacomo for Men by Jacomo

Pretty good. I was reminded of Gucci Envy for Men with a powdery peppery smell but lacking punch. Also this is much more crisp and sharp, and then it mellows down into something similar to Chanel Allure Homme's drydown of tonka bean and amber. Kinda classy scent but lack a certain something to make it stand out.
17th December 2010

Chrome Sport by Azzaro

Fantastic. Although it's "generic" and "yet another sporty, fresh fragrance", it's got that something that sets it off as a good fragrance. It's similar to Nautica's fragrances but Azzaro Sport just seems to pull it off better. Smells like a winner for a summer fragrance but on this cold, bitter December day it's particularly good. On clothing it lasts forever. Secretly, I hope this sells well and dethrones AdG as (even if I really like AdG).
15th December 2010

Silver Shadow Private by Davidoff

What a nice "improvement" upon the original. Still have the musky, orange amber drydown but the opening and heart of dark spices (and a little arasive) spices really perks up the original Silver Shadow's dullness.
14th December 2010

Rykiel Homme by Sonia Rykiel

Fantastic light grapefruit scent at first. But it turns into and even better scent later on. The sandalwood and other "airy" spices and woods. These elements make up for a simple, clean yet interesting fragrance. Very similar to Versace Man.
10th December 2010

Molinard Homme III by Molinard

lightly citrus-spice and woodsy, VERY FLEETING, smelled like a cheap knock of Polo... and that's really it... very boring
7th December 2010

DKNY Be Delicious by Donna Karan

A crisp, fruity floral. A touch tart. Very strong at first. Doesn't seem to linger for very long, though. Best for daily wear. Nothing outstanding.
5th December 2010