Cedrat Boise by Mancera

This is a really nice masculine fragrance that gives me similar vibes as Creed Aventus, but isn't a clone of that fragrance in any way really. To my nose, only the opening reminds me of Aventus (and mainly due to the sweet blackcurrent note). The opening is bergamot, blackcurrent, cedarwood, lots of black pepper, and a hint of violet leaf to my nose, making it sweet yet spicy and masculine leaning at the same time. On the drydown though, it goes in the direction of mostly cedarwood with blackcurrent and a bit of bergamot in the background, and doesn't remind me of Aventus at all (no noticeable leather notes). In fact it reminds me of Creed Bois du Portugal and Lalique pour Homme (Lion) due to the prominent and natural smelling cedarwood note, and also a bit like Dior Sauvage.

This is like a power scent. It's a scent you wear to a business meeting or when you want to make a statement or your presence known. "Cedrat Boise" as a name is very appropriate, but I feel it should've been called "Cassis Boise" because the blackcurrent and cedarwood are stars of this show.

Projection is insanely good (2 sprays was almost too much for me and nearly choked me out; 1 spray is all I can do with this fragrance). In fact projection is so strong I'd classify this as a winter scent. While longevity is also insane, projecting strongly for over 8 hours and even through a workout! Overall this is an amazing masculine fresh yet sweet and heavily woody fragrance with absolutely nuclear performance. 


New West for Him by Aramis

This is a really nice aquatic fragrance that is supposed to smell like the California coast. In fact it was the first aquatic fragrance ever made historically, being the first one ever to use the calone aromachemical calone (which smells like the ocean). As for the scent, the opening reminds me of the same vibe as Aramis Havana but greener, but the drydown goes in a different direction. It smells to my nose basically of a soapy combination of pine and juniper notes, with ocean mist and aldehydes strongly coming through as well. It's very different and unique from modern fresh aquatics, and smells much more herbal. It's evocative of a seashore on a cloudy day next to a pine forest with a few drizzles of rain. It's a very melancholy fragrance. All in all, it's actually quite pleasant, and would pair west I think with Proraso Green aftershave. Projection is strong but airy (like other Aramis fragrances), while longevity is fairly good, projecting well for about 3 hours (but blooming in the high heat i.e. at the gym or in the summer).


Oud Touch by Franck Olivier

This is a beautiful blend of oud, frankincense, rose, and caramel. It's an inexpensive clone of Dior's Oud Ispahan, and yes it smells exactly like it (I have smelled both). The strongest notes I can detect are oud, frankincense, and rose, with a hint of caramel. During the drydown I can smell the patchouli and frankincense a lot more. It's not too sweet as I expected from the notes; and is an extremely pleasant oud-rose fragrance. I prefer it to Ferrari Essence Oud (which I used to own). Projection however is moderate (on the subtle side for an oud fragrance), while longevity is moderate leaning strong (projects great for about 4 hours). So it's not a beast in terms of fragrance duration/strength compared to Oud Ispahan, but it is a very classy take on oud for a very low price and extremely true to the Dior's scent. I also really love how the bottle is designed.


Lalique pour Homme Lion / Lalique pour Homme by Lalique

Very nice scent. Smells almost identical to Creed's Bois du Portugal but with better projection and longevity to my nose. Smells of mainly a very woody cedarwood with hints of green notes and lavender to my nose. It smells like you're smelling a tree. Very refined and sophisticated and gentlemanly.


Notturno by Meo Fusciuni

This has a strange opening with the scent of ink (somewhat like Encre Noire) and wine combined. The drydown smells weird like honey and glue together with leather. Longevity isn't that great. Overall not impressed.


Oudmazing by Montale

This is a nice fragrance that smells of a fruity mix of pear, grapes, and vanilla (not really any fig) to my nose. There's barely any oud in it. It mostly smells of grape and vanilla. The drydown is somewhat feminine. It has good projection and longevity, and a kind of sharp in texture compared to Mancera fragrances like Roses Vanille. Overall, not bad but not great.


Casamorati 1888 by Xerjoff

This is a nice fragrance but a bit feminine. It smells essentially of a sweet yet sour amber with carnations with nothing else. I prefer Xerjoff's Regio for a carnation-based fragrance to this. Projection and longevity are both good.


Roses Vanille by Mancera

This is an incredible fragrance that smells of roses and vanilla (a simple combination but smells really great to my nose). It reminds me both of MFK's Oud Satin Mood and Montale Intense Cafe. Though I prefer both those fragrances to this one, this is still really great. It also has very solid projection and amazing longevity (like most Manceras/Montales), and smells really smooth.


Bois du Portugal by Creed

This fragrance smells of green lavender with sandalwood and vetiver. It has a green, somewhat woody opening, and gets much more woody in drydown. It's very old-fashioned and masculine. The drydown also kind of reminds me of Lalique White (lemon-pepper-woods type accord). As with most Creeds, it has moderate-soft projection, and dies down into a skin scent in about 2-3 hours. Overall it's ok but nothing special in my opinion and way overpriced. There are other old-fashioned masculine scents that are far superior to this, for example Geo F. Trumper Eucris, or even Houbigant's Fougere Royal (the modern reissue).


Imperial Lime by Anglia Perfumery

This fragrance smells of lime, clary sage, musk, and a little bit of oakmoss. The lime note in this is far better than the candied lemon note masquerading as 'lime' in Anglia Spiced Lime. The opening reminds me a bit of Taylor of Old Bond Street's Victorian Lime cologne. This fragrance has soft projection; in 2 hours the lime and clary sage disappear, and it becomes a soft musk. Overall it's an ok lime cologne but I prefer Taylor of Old Bond Street's.


Casamorati Regio by Xerjoff

This is a very beautiful gentlemanly, dark, and somewhat green Italian musk fragrance. The opening is very citrusy yet minty with bergamot, grapefruit, and geranium, and some sort of green leaves accord. On the drydown, it becomes really musky (from the ambrette/musk mallow accord), and floral with lots of carnation and a hint of herbal lavender. I also think I get a hint of leather in the drydown though it's not listed in the notes. On my skin, it's essentially a dark musk and carnation scent. I normally don't like carnation too much when it's used in cheap colognes as a synthetic note, but the carnation in this is so natural smelling and lively that I can't help but love it. The overall impression of the fragrance is smelling a garden of carnations in a dark cave somewhere or perhaps beside an old gothic mansion at midnight. It's quite unique, and the only thing similar to this I've smelled is possibly Geo F. Trumper's Eucris (though that goes in the direction of blackcurrent and oakmoss). The performance for this fragrance is also amazing (like most Xerjoffs), and one doesn't need to spray a lot to get great longevity from it. The projection for this fragrance is moderate leaning strong, while the longevity is fantastic, running at 6 hours of projection before becoming a skin scent. Overall, this is a dark gothic masculine masterpiece with a very unique set of notes and extremely natural scent.


Oud Satin Mood by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

This is a stunningly beautiful fragrance that smells to my nose of Persian ice cream (Bastani Sonnati). It's usually vanilla ice cream with a lot of saffron sprinkled on it and drenched in rosewater. Well that's exactly how this fragrance smells, especially the vanilla and rosewater. I don't really smell any oud in it, but that's ok because it's incredible smelling anyway. It smells extremely elegant, and I feel this would be the perfect fragrance to wear with a tuxedo. Projection is subtle yet strong (not cloying at all throughout its duration); while it projects in this way for 4-5 hours and then lingers for many more hours as a skin scent (so great longevity overall). This is one of the best fragrances ever made and one of my favourites of all time; a true masterpiece.


Casamorati Mefisto by Xerjoff

This fragrance is a homage to Creed's Silver Mountain Water. It smells similar to Silver Mountain Water but is more green and floral, and lacks the ink and tea notes of Silver Mountain Water. In the opening I smell a mix of citrus fruits including grapefruit, bergamot, and lemon, along with some green note in the background. As it dries down it gets sweeter and I can somewhat detect the lavender, rose, sandalwood, and musk notes blended together. They are blended together so well though that I can't pick out individual notes but just a general herbal sort of sweetness. Projection for this fragrance is subtle for a Xerjoff (projects moderately; better in hot weather), while has fairly good longevity, projecting well for 4 hours, and then remaining as a skin scent. Overall, it's a nice niche fresh fragrance. However I can't help feeling performance could be better, and also that my $25 Frank Olivier Sun Java White smells and performs similar to this (though less natural smelling and more metallic), which is why I haven't granted it a perfect score.


Nouveau Bowery by Bond No. 9

This is a beautiful green lime fragrance with incredible projection and longevity. It opens with a very tart and zesty lime note as well as hints of basil in the background, and smells somewhat similar to Jo Malone's famous Lime, Basil, and Mandarin. As it dries down though, it gets even better and the lime somehow becomes more pronounced and more zesty. The lime in this smells realistically like a freshly cut tart lime (no sweetness), which I really like about it. It smells if you can imagine it, like a glass of water with ice, basil leaves, and freshly cut/squeezed limes. On the drydown I detect a slight cucumber note as well, and so it sort of reminds me of a caipirinha. I don't really detect any lily note as indicated in the notes breakdown - it's just lime, basil, and hints of cucumber from time to time. I don't like the Jo Malone that much (which I find too basil-focused and slightly too sour/bitter) but I love this due to its lime focus. Although marketed for women, I find this is pretty masculine (though a woman could wear it if she wants). Projection is strong and leaves a scent bubble around you (something I never thought I'd say about a lime-focused cologne, since the aroma molecule is generally so fleeting), while longevity is strong as well with 4 hours of solid projection, and then many more hours as a skin scent after that. Lime is my favourite note in fragrance, and I've tried a lot of lime-centred colognes. This one definitely takes the cake as the best of them to my nose however due to the mind-blowing longevity of the lime note in this, as well as its natural tartness. Wearing this after a lime aftershave splash is pretty refreshing.


Dakar by Al Rehab

Really quite fantastic as far as perfume oils go. Projects like a beast and lasts forever (over 10 hours). As for the scent, it smells like vintage Drakkar Noir and seems to be packed to the brim with oakmoss. I love layering this when I wear Geo F. Trumper Eucris EDT, for the full dark oakmoss type vibe. The drydown features a lot of lavender while the opening is pure oakmoss and sage. If you've smelled vintage Drakkar Noir, you've smelled this.


Geir by Geir Ness

This is a niche fragrance made by the Norweigan perfumer Geir Ness as supposedly representing the spirit of Norway as a country. It is advertised as smelling like "crisp mountain air" and is made of high-quality ingredients. I first smelled this at the Norway pavillion at Epcot in Disneyworld, and was smitten by the fragrance almost immediately. The whole giftshop smells like this, while also being high in air conditioning, so it gives the effect of mountain air. I can't really pinpoint the notes in this that well, except for smelling a green undercurrent, and lots of sweet herbal and floral notes. It gets sweeter over time with something that smells like vanilla to my nose. It does give me the sense of mountain air but also sweet herbs growing in the underbrush. Some people say this is like the niche version of Chanel's Allure Homme Sport - I can't say since I haven't sampled the Chanel. Projection is very good. It projects in the air but in a subtle, non-cloying way. While longevity is fairly good, running at around 3 hours of strong projection and then as a skin scent many more hours after that. Overall, I really love this fragrance and it's one of my favourite scents. I really like pairing it with Pinaud Clubman, if using it after a shave (they are in a similar category of sweet, masculine floral scents). It doesn't really smell like anything else out there, and I will always be nostalgic about it since it reminds me of Epcot.


Carven L'Eau Intense by Carven

This an absolutely beautiful green minty fougere fragrance created by the famous French perfumer Francis Kurkidjian. It is blended in a similar way to Kurkidjian's niche aqua fragrances, but smells extremely similar to another favourite of mine - Acqua di Parma Colonia Club (Colonia Club goes in the direction of spearmint with lemon in the drydown, preserving Acqua di Parma's traditional colonia base, while Carven L'eau Intense goes in the direction of spearmint with birch tar and lavender, and a hint of cardamom to sweeten it out). I can't believe this was only around $20 online. It opens with a bright and strong dose of spearmint with citrus fruits, and as it dries down the spearmint note persists along with a green smelling natural lavender note. It is green, fresh, minty, and herbal in nature without being too old-school. Projection is moderate while longevity is fairly great at 4 hours of solid projection and many more hours after that as a skin scent (roughly the same though very slightly less longevity than AdP Colonia Club). Overall I am very impressed by this scent.


Grand Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

This is a beautiful amber masterpiece fragrance that smells sophisticated and sweet. The opening is of a dry woody amber scent and reminds me of the now discontinued Tom Ford Amber Absolute. On the drydown it gets sweeter with the vanilla and benzoin. The ingredients smell very high quality and natural. Projection is transparent and not thick or cloying (but it does project pretty well in the winter air) while longevity is amazing, at over 8 hours on my skin (almost as good as MFK's Oud Satin Mood, which is my favourite from the house). Overall this is maybe the best amber fragrance in the market in my opinion.


1861 Renaissance by Xerjoff

Smells like a beastmode version of Hermes Concentree d'Orange Vert. I mean it literally smells identical to my nose. And the projection and longevity are both super strong. So if you really love that scent, you will love this. Me however, I'm ok with it but not a huge fan.


Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Don't understand the hype about this fragrance. It smells like bubblegum with smoke or something with it. Way too sweet and cloying. I prefer Grand Soir and especially the wonderful and beautiful Oud Satin Mood to this.


Aqua Universalis Forte by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

This is a really unique fresh fragrance with a strong and natural accord of lily of the valley being the dominant note in its opening, along with hints of lemon and bergamot. Due to the muguet note, it could be construed as slightly feminine but I enjoy it as a male nonetheless. As it dries down it goes stronger muguet and without any green or aquatic notes to balance it out, so it ends up smelling kind of sour. Projection is moderate but on the strong side, while longevity is fairly good. Not a huge fan of the scent to be honest.


Neroli Portofino Forte by Tom Ford

This opens with a slightly greener, deeper, less sweet/more sour, more masculine, and more citric version of the Tom Ford Neroli Portofino/4711 Eau de Cologne scent. As it dries down it smells mainly the same. I don't really smell any leather. Projection is moderate while longevity is only slightly better than the regular Neroli Portofino, like only an hour more. So overall, it's nice but not amazing in my opinion.


Pacific Lime by Atelier Cologne

This smells like a niche version of Guerlain's Limon Verde (it does not smell like Creed Virgin Island Water at all). It really smells extremely similar to the Guerlain fragrance. The lime note is not really similar to Atelier Cologne's Cedrat Enivrant. It's a far sweeter key lime and in my opinion not as reminiscent of opening a freshly cut lime as in Cedrat Enivrant. The opening is basically tropical key lime-aid with a lot of sugar. As it dries down it kind of smells the same as the opening to my nose. I don't really smell any mint or eucalyptus. Projection is moderate but on the softer side while longevity is fairly good. Honestly Guerlain Limon Verde is the exact same scent for a less expensive price.


Eau de Citron Noir by Hermès

This opens with a beautiful natural smelling mix of sour citrus fruits (to my nose, lemon, lime, and citron) along with some sort of salty accord to it. It's like a glass of lemon-lime-citron-ade with some salt added. I don't really smell any smoke (as in for instance Maison Margiela's At the Fireplace, or Amouage's Interlude Man). Maybe my nose is interpreting this 'salt' note as smoke. I quite enjoy the note in any case. It's a very unique and interesting opening for a citrus fragrance. However projection and longevity are both weak so not thrilled by this.


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