Kenzo pour Homme by Kenzo

Horrific perfume. I was really excited to try this out as I read so many great reviews about this smelling like a true oceanic/marine fragrance with lifelike oceanic seaweed notes as well as driftwood and Japanese aquatic florals.

However it smelled nothing of the sort. Upon spraying it on my skin, it was an extremely strong and almost pungent odour. It's the first time I have ever coughed when smelling a fragrance.

After that, I immediately smelled STRONG rubber along with some sort of florals in the background. No marine notes, not even an aquatic calone note. No vegetation and no seaweed.

Just extremely strong rubber along with some sort of sweet florals in the background. And this same scent lasted for hours and hours. The longevity and sillage were both incredible. But yes, rubber and florals for hours and hours is pretty horrid.

I returned my full bottle pretty much immediately. Don't understand the rave reviews this fragrance gets, and I'm not an aquatics-basher (in fact aquatics are my favourite genre and dominate my wardrobe).

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