Vétiver Extraordinaire by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Super clean and bright vetiver. I get touches of bitter orange peel mingling with the vetiver, hints of pepper and light application of dry cedar in the base peeks through after about an hour. Nothing too sweet, which is nice. Smells very refined and I could see wearing this in casual and formal settings

I only wish the bitter orange were a little bolder. That said, I still love this fragrance and it's one of my new favorites for Spring & Summer.

Longevity-I get 6 hours

Dries Van Noten par Frederic Malle by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

So tonight I tried Dries Van Noten by Frederic Malle. I applied one full spray to my left hand and the inside of my left elbow. I'm telling you that I almost scrubbed it off, lol. Big alcohol & citrus on the open, mainly lemon to my nose and then shortly after get some of the saffron and Jasmine popping through. I know there is Musk in there too, and the mix gave me a barnyard smell. It was here that I was so tempted to scrub it, but after 30 min or so I got more musk and jasmine and it's much more tolerable almost creamy smelling, but not great...just more tolerable.

I've been enjoying musk fragrances for a few weeks now, but this one is completely different. Not a sharp animalic musk, but softer which I'm assuming is due to the jasmine and Santal mysore popping through after about an hour. Says there's vanilla but I'm not getting much of it yet and I'm about an hour in. Okay, I walked away from the computer for about 40 minutes and I must say that I'm getting much more vanilla and the musk is still going strong, and I'm really digging it, and I find it far less if at all creamy, which I didn't really care for. The wife, well...she hates it, no surprise there. I'm curious as to how long the musk will hang around? I'll report back later in the evening or tomorrow on the longevity of the musk and the overall fragrance.

If I were to buy a bottle of this, I'd not leave the house until this fragrance hits it mid note stride. All in all I'm not sure if this is full bottle worthy...maybe a decant so that I can spend some more time with it, but I'm glad I didn't scrub it off. As far as projection, a little goes a long way, so be careful. I'll report back on longevity tomorrow, as I said earlier.

EDIT: Over a month has passed and I've completely squeezed every drop of juice from my FM sample of Dries Van Noten. I have fallen for this fragrance since my initial assessment of it. So much so, that a 100ml bottle of it arrives at my home tomorrow. What's changed, you ask? The alcohol that I detected in the open must have been a fluke that helped to taint my enjoyment of the opening, now I just get the citrus, saffron and a touch of jasmine. The initial creaminess of this juice was off putting at first, but now I quite enjoy it. I'm also getting more sandalwood in the base and throw in the hints of musk and the warm vanilla, well I love it. Changing my rating to "Thumbs Up", but I'd certainly recommend sampling this before buying.

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