10 Crosby Blackout by Derek Lam

I really like this scent a lot, although as another reviewer says, the notes listed don't really come through for me. Instead, my nose smells more of a blackberry + anise combo which would also of course make sense for its name "Blackout." This was actually one of my favorites from the Crosby line.

10 Crosby Ellipsis by Derek Lam

This was another favorite of mine in the Crosby series, but once again, it oddly does not match up in any expected way to the listed fragrance notes. I smelled a distinct milk & honey scent - the milk perhaps being a "sour" element, although I very much enjoy it in perfume.

Narcotic V / Narcotic Venus by Nasomatto

Can't stop smelling my wrists. This perfume is just gorgeous. If you love tuberose and other musky rose type florals (and scents like Frederic Malle's Carnal Flower and Terry de Gunzburg's Rose Infernale for example), then you will probably love this as well. Mysterious and sexy, yet not overpowering.

B. by Balenciaga

I loved this scent when sprayed on the testing paper. And the opening is gorgeous, but when it's on me, I just can't wrap my head around the strong "play-doh" smell. I'm thinking it is perhaps the mix of cedarwood...and maybe my reaction to it. I felt something similar with Atelier Cologne's Cedre Atlas. Both have a mix of green and cedar...the fresh light greens are lovely, but there's always this hard to describe plastic note for me. And I'm thinking it must be the addition of cedar with these other ingredients. It's not offensive, but just weird. I wouldn't wear it out. Others may not have this reaction, but I definitely recommend trying this one before buying. Because I love it by itself, but it's not my favorite when I actually wear it.

Spring Flower by Creed

Hmm...don't love it, don't hate it. But certainly not worth the $$. In general, I have trouble with peach notes as I haven't yet found a fragrance that presents it in a natural way. Unlike some others I have smelled - esp Jo Malone's Nectarine Blossom & Honey - this one is thankfully not headache inducing. But still far too fruit-candy sweet for my taste. If you like very very sweet, very fruity perfumes, then you will like this. If you were expecting floral, you will be disappointed as others have mentioned. I must add, though, that the opening is the disappointing part for me, but the dry down is actually quite nice.

Aedes de Venustas Eau de Parfum by Aedes de Venustas

I just love this. Would smell equally good on both women and men. A strong orange opening for sure and the pepper and incense notes are beautiful and balanced. This perfume takes you on a lovely journey.

White Collection : Paper by Commodity

Let's see...how does one describe the smell of nothing?? Literal paper has more scent. When I first sprayed this on myself, I smelled the alcohol mixed with something else so brief that I can't even recall it...and then...nothing. Absolutely no smell on my wrist. I thought I was going crazy, so I sprayed it again on my wrist, and I experienced the same phenomenon. Alcohol mixed with a slight sweetness or something, and then absolutely no smell at all. Not even faintly. Not even with deep inhalations could I detect any scent. I don't understand how they are selling even one bottle of this.

Black Collection : Whiskey by Commodity

I'm new at this and not great at picking out notes and describing scents, but I'll try. Whiskey begins with some citrus and is immediately boozy (as it should be!) and then it quickly dries down to a lovely wood. Although it is marketed as unisex (as with all the Commodity scents) this one is definitely farther on the "masculine" spectrum. It's not outstanding, but I do like it. For me, it might work best layered with one of their more "feminine" scents....perhaps Mimosa! (which I tested on my other wrist). I do wish it didn't dry down so quickly to the woody smell, as I really could live in the boozy world for longer.

White Collection : Mimosa by Commodity

Mimosa is a lovely scent for...of course...citrus/orange lovers! I did get a slight boozy note and the smell definitely resembles a mimosa early on. As it dries down, it becomes more light and flowery. It is further on the feminine spectrum, but could still work on men. I really like it and keep smelling my wrist!

Black Collection : Moss by Commodity

A lovely, light green-ish fresh scent with more floral leanings, than greens in my opinion. I really like it despite the fact that it is so 'pleasant' and I was anticipating a much darker, forest green. So if you like that true moss, dirt smell, this one won't be for you. But if you prefer something slightly green-ish with more florals, then you may like this one.

Cedre Atlas by Atelier Cologne

I really can't decide if I like this or not - and I'm new to describing fragrance, so bear with me. I purchased a 0.25 oz travel spray of this scent after trying it in Sephora and initially loved it. When I first smelled the bottle and after spraying myself for the first time, I loved the freshness and I typically love citrus notes - and it smelled "green" to me in the store also - although now, and especially after seeing the notes listed - I think perhaps I was having some olfactory fatigue after smelling too many scents. I still love the smell in the bottle and after an initial spritz, but as the scent develops, I keep picking up on an annoying "plastic-like" note that just ruins the cleanliness...perhaps this is the gourmand element that others are picking up on, and I tend to not like gourmands. If it wasn't for that strange twinge of "plastic" I would wish to bathe in this.

Orange Blossom by Jo Malone London

This was my wedding scent - chosen before my recent obsession with fragrance and my introduction to the niche scent world. Had I known about Frederic Malle, Terry de Gunzburg, Serge Lutens, etc etc. at that time, perhaps I would have chosen differently, but after spending weeks smelling things, this is what I selected. It is just all-around beautiful and not too heavy/not too light. I find the sillage and longevity to be quite good. I also now realize how much I love orange blossom and citrus-floral blends, and this one is so lovely. I have smelled many, many of the Jo Malone fragrances and this one is still my favorite, and everyone I know who has smelled it, has really loved it. It's just a sweet, inoffensive scent. Not the most unusual, but also not something you'd smell on anyone, and I have received numerous compliments when wearing it. Definitely worth a sniff, and perhaps a purchase.

Nectarine Blossom & Honey by Jo Malone London

I love many of the Jo Malone fragrances (Orange Blossom is my absolute favorite, followed by English Pear & Freesia, and Peony & Blush Suede...and many others), but this Nectarine fragrance just doesn't work for me. When I smelled it for the first time in the sample bottle, it was very potent with the nectarine smell and I thought I would like it since I tend to love citrus-based scents. When I sprayed it on myself, though, I gradually noticed a rather acrid, rusty note that others here have mentioned. I associate that sort of smell with very cheap fruity scents, so that's definitely not a good thing for a perfume at this price. Even for scents that I don't love, I can usually bear with the scent and try to experience how it changes on me during the day, but this was rather headache-inducing and I decided to scrub it off and put something else on instead. Definitely a disappointment, but there are plenty of other Jo Malone scents worth having.

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