Brosse by Slumberhouse

I wish the notes were listed. I find it rather challenging to pull out the singular notes comprising the whole though it's clear, on balance, Brosse is stunningly the cliche of the whole bring greater than the sum of those.

Josh's deft-hand alchemy materialized once again!

Resins, deep-long-marinated berries/fig fruit stew with burnt sweet timbers added, musks, ever-so-slightly metallicy-notes, rich but composed as it lays down slowly over thirsty, frigid skin to provide an olfactory warming blanket for winter's chill.

I am so glad I was able to contract a 15ml apothecary on the secondary market within reason!


Felt by Hendley Perfumes

I received a tiny sample from a BN friend. Wow! So lovely, masculine but very approachable so unisex in the end. I think the cardamom/nutmeg///fir balsam/frankincense synergy created the olfactory magic I'm smelling. I need a larger amount! Where to find is my question? Love...

Full Incense by Montale

First rating on BN. On my quest to find the “perfect “ incense fragrance, Full incense by Montale comes up short by a good margin. Essentially a Cardinal and even slightly Eau Sacree by Heeley, with similarities to Olibanum by Profumum Roma, it does not distance itself at all for such a title. Projection is quite good as is longevity. No better than sample worthy, though it is that. Very linear and little development to the noted accords. Meh. 3/5

Io Non Ho Mani che Mi Accarezzino il Volto by Unum

Tried this again from my remaining sample:
This STUNNINGLY hits me completely differently today.

Incense and tinged with a nag champa but not the whole story at all: Petitgrain , soft booze, smooth cinnamon, tonka myrrh sandalwood all blended magnificently!


I was trying to figure out the scent, what it reminded me of.

Nag Champa. Very much so.

In the dry down,..more sweet, powdery, feminine-leaning to my nose...

It is very unique, great projection and longevity. Just not exactly the scent I want on my skin.

My hookah room,...perhaps...3.25/5

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