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Cerruti Image by Cerruti

Cerruti Image... A summer fragrance - but, before you know it, (this) "summer" (fragrance) is over...

Yesterday, I wore and wrote a review on Image's younger sibling, Cerruti Pour Homme. Today, Image was next in my rotation of "fragrance of the day"... Image is a very pleasant scent that is fresh, clean, and a blend of fruit and floral notes. Image is easy on the nose and offers great day and Summer flexibility/versatility without being overbearing or offensive to some. It is that "fresh showered" scent that is safe for the office... I will add that given the fruity and floral notes, while masculine, this fragrance could easily be worn (and worn with confidence) by females. Now the rest of the story... Image projects well during the first hour and then settles close to the skin. With my "body chemistry", following four hours of wear in an office-type setting, the fragrance/scent is hardly noticeable. Pity - out of the bottle it is a good fragrance.

While no compliments have been received, I will add that during that first hour of wear, the "Wow Factor" could appear. This fragrance is readily available on line at moderate pricing. The bottling and packaging are first class with the nozzle adding a great touch of character to the fragrance. (kudos on the nozzle).

A final tally of Image is 3.8 stars out of 5 stars. If the longevity and projection/sillage were greater, a much higher evaluation would be warranted. For the collector, someone like me who is borderline OCD (ok - yes, I am OCD about certain things), add Image to your collection. The "price is right" and I love the scent and nozzle. For the person seeking a quality summer fragrance, maybe pass - there are more fragrances out there that last longer.

The daily I.M. - "Dream BIG and Dream OFTEN - you may not capture all your dreams, but be glad/happy that you had/have dreams.."
13th June 2014

Cerruti pour Homme by Cerruti

Cerruit Pour Homme (CPH)... A pleasant surprise...

Like some of my colleagues in the review world, it has been a while since last wearing Cerruti Pour Homme. Today - I dusted (not literally - my house is spotless..) off the bottle and gave it a shot.. As others have commented, it was a pleasant surprise. I had forgotten how pleasant the CPH scent is - a soft blend of citrus and woodsy notes that has a beautiful dry down into a powdery, woodsy, and fruity blend that is very easy on the nose. With a growing collection, it is often difficult deciding the "fragrance of the day" - trust me - the interval from now until the next CPH wearing will be brief. The projection and sillage are first rate during the first four to five hours and then settling close to skin level. The fragrance lasts much longer on clothing - it remains on my business shirt following a 10-hour day. (Rather than working the traditional 'compressed scheduled' - I think I am on a 'depressed schedule'). The beauty of CPH is the flexibility. While having notes of citrus and fruit, the woodsy notes are strong enough to be worn during any time of year and for any occasion. While wearing today, I was smiling and genuinely happy throughout - that said, I would label CPH has a day fragrance, but again, the fragrance is versatile enough to be worn at night. With the moderate projection and sillage, CPH is definitely "office friendly" and a safe fragrance for those with a sensitive noses. No compliments (a.k.a.the Wow Factor) today, but the potential exists. Personally, I beat to my own drum and if I like it, I wear it with confidence..!!

CPH can be hard to find, but some on-line sites still carry - and at a reasonable price. The bottling and packaging are first class. The bottle and cap (unique design) are some of my favorites. My evaluation of CPH is 4.1 stars out of 5 stars. With that comes a solid recommendation to add CPH to your collection.

The daily I.M. - "We should never search for something that we will never find... Instead - search for Happiness.."
12th June 2014


Dior Homme Eau for Men by Christian Dior

Eau Dior Homme... Believe the hype... The "Wow Factor" is A+...

I recently purchased Dior's new fragrance, Eau Dior Homme, and I am thoroughly impressed. I have worn it once and should the "performance" continue, EDH could be in my Top 10 by end of the month. As noted by other reviewers, there is a striking resemblance to Dior Homme, but sufficient difference that EDH has created it's own identity. That identity - an extraordinary fragrance...

While opening the cologne, I noted typical Dior packaging and bottling - first class. I especially like the bottle - clear and transparent to allow the user to see the clarity of the fragrance - I imagine connoisseurs of fine wine and a great bourbon (yes, I am a Southerner) enjoy a similar "clarity". The color of the fragrance is a great shade of light blue, almost clear with a "smoky blue" tint. A great representation of the fragrance.

Out of the bottle, EDH is a blend of many notes, first the floral and fruity, and then the coriander, amber, and woodsy. The end result is a very pleasant fragrance. Actually - this stuff rocks..!! First day wearing - I received two positive comments (the "Wow Factor") from two very attractive females - one a co-worker that is very married and the other - well, she is smokin' hot and I would love to date her - I will keep you posted on the progress. She is as big an aficionado as I regarding fragrances and she has the "nose" to do reviews. The "Wow Factor" is first rate.

Projection/Sillage and Longevity are above average. Following an 8 hour day - OK, it was more like 10 - I could still detect EDH on my wrist and even stronger on clothing. Most reviewers suggest that EDH is a Spring/Summer fragrance, but I will pitch that given the complexity of the notes, EDH offers great flexibility/versatility to allow being worn during any season. Hey if you like a fragrance, have the confidence to wear it anytime you want - I do..!!

For most users, the Dior fragrances can be considered a little more expensive than other fragrances. What is the old saying - "you get what you pay for"...?? - I am a believer. It is obvious to me that a great deal of effort went into defining EDH and designing the bottle. Both - first class..!! (not to mention above average longevity and projection/sillage).

All things considered, I am rating Eau Dior Homme at 4.7 stars out of 5... The fragrance and longevity/projection/sillage are fantastic, the "Wow Factor" has been great, and I love the bottle. Highly recommend adding to your collection. On a sidebar - I am a James Dean fan. That said, the add features a quote from this departed actor (much too soon, I might add) that adds to the attraction of this fragrance.

Daily I.M. - It is a beautiful thing when you discover that finding true love has changed your life... Enjoy life...

16th April 2014

L'Homme Sport by Yves Saint Laurent

The new Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) L'Homme is really good... The more times you wear it, the more you like it..!!

While I have a few of the YSL fragrances, I have had mixed feelings about those and unclear where they fell in my top fragrances. The new Sport could be changing that point of view. I have worn this fragrance twice since purchasing. The first time - nothing heavy duty or noted nothing new or extraordinary. The fragrance is a simple blend of amber, citrus, and woodsy notes that unites in a fragrance that smells great and very easy on the nose... Simple..?? Not so fast - The second time I wore this fragrance (today), I noticed how much I liked the dry down. Sport is growing on me.

I am somewhat disappointed with the longevity and/or projection/sillage. Given my body chemistry, I found that Sport lasts about 4 hours, but settles shortly after the initial application to skin level. It will last somewhat longer on clothing. The "jury is still out" on the "Wow Factor" (compliments from the opposite sex) - no comments thus far, but during the dry down, it is possible. The bottle and packaging are first class - I am trying to determine why the spray hose is "red" - if anyone knows (and it may be obvious...), drop me a note.. Considering the simplicity of the fragrance, I would pitch there is great flexibility and/or versatility - Sport can be worn to any event, day or night. You will get noticed..!! I will add that with the citrus notes, it may be best suited for Spring/Summer wear.

Pricing or value of Sport is decent - I purchased this fragrance at a department store for a moderate/medium price range. Not too shabby..!!

My final evaluation for Sport is 4.2 stars out of 5. YSL has had a long history of successful fragrances. Sport has the potential if it gets an opportunity in the market saturated with many options. If you are a collector, add to your collection. If you are a novice collector like me, sample first to see if you like it. Again - this market is filled with great fragrances. Settle for the one (or more) that is best suited for you.

Daily I.M. - Time... Are you investing your Time, or are you wasting your Time..?? Make it count...
16th April 2014

Only The Brave Tattoo by Diesel

Be Brave... Be You... If it makes you Happy - don a Tattoo...

Diesel, Only the Brave Tattoo is highly underrated..!! While the initial blast of spice notes may be overwhelming, the dry down and thereafter is seductively attractive. The initial notes are a mix of apple, benzoin, pepper, and tobacco. Tattoo then settles into a blend of patchouli, tobacco, and woodsy notes. Do yourself a favor - wait for the dry down..!! I am a huge fan of the (original) "big brother" to Tattoo, Only the Brave. The original OTB is my #1 fragrance in a collection that is increasing toward 500 bottles (wouldn't be so bad but I struggle on which one to wear and dusting the 'dog gone' bottles is a pain in the ___ ..!!) Tattoo may have similar notes as the original, but the fragrance is different. Very different - and being different is OK..!! It is a "dark different" that is spicy - it adds to the mystique of Tattoo.. It is what it is - a great fragrance...

Longevity and Projection/Sillage are above average, lasting more than 6 hours and even longer on clothing. Tattoo has plenty of "Wow Factor" (compliments from the opposite sex) potential. While no compliments wearing today, this fragrance has a certain "dark confidence" that will gain attention. The versatility of this fragrance is a topic of debate. Personally, given the "spicy" undertone, I would suggest Fall and Winter as ideal - but the fragrance is so unique, I could argue that Tattoo could be worn during any season, but preferably at night.

The bottle is a piece of art, classically designed to mirror that of the "big brother" with the addition of a "dark" finish that compliments the fragrance. Very well done. The packaging is sufficient, but I will add that I do keep the boxes (that added security while traveling) and this box came "un-glued", literally, the first day I wore it. It will be our secret that - "duck tape" fixed it up. A check of online pricing shows that Tattoo is moderately (or average) priced.

Tattoo's final tally is 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 stars. I have enjoyed the Only the Brave fragrances, and Tattoo offers a uniqueness that the original does not have. It is this "dark side" that has a seductively attractiveness about it that warrants adding to your collection. I highly recommend.

Daily I.M. - Borrowing a quote from James Dean, "Don't sweat the small stuff - you are who you are meant to be.."

11th April 2014

Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren

The Original Polo Sport... A great fragrance that we will miss...

One of the classic fragrance designers, Ralph Lauren, has produced a number of scents we have grown to love. It is too bad that some of these fragrances have run their course and "put out to pasture" - so to speak. Polo Sport is one of these fragrances that became a classic, but with time, has become increasingly hard to find. Perhaps it, too, has been discontinued. I recently purchased this fragrance online and could hardly await arrival of the scent that became popular in the mid-90s - as a mid-40s guy (and still roguishly handsome) - I remember this time period fondly...

Out of the bottle Polo Sport presents a complexity of notes, but settles into simplicity of citrus, fruity, and "woodsy" notes. A classic scent that is breathes clean, fresh, and distinguished. Well done, Mr. Lauren..!! While the longevity and projection/sillage of this new bottle is average, it seems that bottles produced in the late 90s or early 00s, the fragrance lasted longer with greater sillage. There have been comparisons to younger siblings, "Red, White, and Blue" and "Polo Blue Sport" - I am not sure I get those same notes. Each are great fragrances, but very much different than this blend.

Polo Sport has plenty of "Wow Factor" (compliments from the opposite sex) potential. The first day I wore this, I did not receive any compliments, but due to it's fresh and clean wake, the potential is there. One of the beauties about Polo Sport is the versatility or flexibility - perhaps tailored more for Spring and Summer, I feel confident the fragrance can be worn any time of year and for any occasion. It also can be a favorite for all ages - those of us who grew up with Polo Sport and the younger audience who want to feel clean and fresh.

The bottle is an exceptional and classic design - typical Ralph Lauren.. As mentioned, I purchased this online. That said, the packaging is average at best. I, generally, am not a "conspiracy theory" type of guy, but I have pondered the thought of authenticity of this purchase. (I will add the purchase was through a very reputable source..) Regardless, the packaging is average or modest.

Speaking of the purchase, Polo Sport can still be found moderately priced. My final tally of Polo Sport is 4.3 stars out of 5. Yes, there may be better fragrances out there - even I have those that rank higher - but Polo Sport is truly a classic fragrance that I enjoy. I highly recommend adding to your collection - or for us 40+ more distinguished gentlemen (and I use that term 'loosely'..), replenishing our cologne cabinet with a new bottle of Polo Sport.

The Daily I.M. - The best thing in the world, is the world itself (from one of my favorite movies). Make your life count...
10th April 2014

Signature for Him by English Laundry

Clean... Fresh... This fragrance is for Gentlemen...

I am fast becoming a fan of the English Laundry fragrances. I have all but Notting Hill. I had purchased Signature a few days ago and tried it for the first time today. Wow, I am pleasantly surprised. This fragrance is easy on the nose and is a "safe" fragrance for those of us who work in an office environment looking not to offend those with a more sensitive nose.

Out of the bottle, Signature is a blast of clean citrus that settles somewhat to skin level with musk and woodsy notes. It is classy type of fragrance that is meant for Gentlemen - with tailored suit and tie - but offers that flexibility that, to repeat, Gentlemen can wear with those comfortable jeans and a designer shirt. Further, it is the kind of fragrance that can be worn any time of year, either day or night, and any occasion. The only requirement - it is for Gentlemen...

I fully expect the English Laundry fragrances to increase in popularity - the "older brother", Arrogant, is taking off and the unheard of sibling, "Tahitian Waters" ranks in my Top 5. Longevity and Projection/Sillage are moderate, but given that Signature is a Eau de Parfum, perhaps exceeding moderate level. While no compliments today from the opposite sex (a.k.a. "Wow Factor"), I have complete confidence that it is only a matter of time. Trust me - you will be noticed.

In addition to the beauty of the scent, you will also admire and appreciate the classic design of the bottle and packaging. Two words - First Class..!!

For those of us who want a great fragrance, but want it fairly inexpensive ('cheap' is a 'bad word' and will not be used in any of my reviews..), the only downside of the English Laundry fragrances is that these are on the upper end of that price range for me. Yeah, I have the money to spend on a great fragrance - I am trying to save $$$ to get that convertible... You know the deal - looking good and smelling good...

My final rating for English Laundry Signature is 4.5 stars out of 5. This rating comes with a solid recommendation to add to your collection.

The Daily I.M. - "It is OK that you get lost sometimes - as long as you can always find your true self... Be happy who you are..."

10th April 2014

Good Life by Davidoff

It is the Good Life... A classic fragrance - no more...

I am a huge fan of the Davidoff fragrances - I have many in my collection nearing 500 bottles (ok - I guess I am a little OCD..). In addition to being one of my favorite names, the Good Life is one of my favorite Davidoff fragrances. The juice is good - too bad it has been discontinued. I am glad I have 3/4 a bottle that is only used sporadically. The Good Life is truly a pleasant blend of amber, citrus, floral, and sandalwood notes that settles into a herbal, almost grassy", and woodsy fragrance that is fresh and easy on the nose. The longevity and projection/sillage are average, or slightly above average. The "Wow Factor" (comments from the opposite sex) exists - I have had more comments wearing other fragrances, but Good Life has great potential. You will get noticed. While I would feel comfortable wearing Good Life during any season, perhaps Autumn or Spring are ideal. Additionally, Good Life offers versatility that it can be worn day or night or for any occasion.

The bottle and packaging are first class. I am especially fond of the bottle - clear and designed that portrays class. Well done Davidoff.

Now... The rest of the story... The downside is that Good Life has been discontinued. That said, a check of online pricing reveals that if you want some of the Good Life - you will pay a premium.

Final tally for Good Life is 4.1 stars out of a possible 5. Everything about this fragrance is great with the exception of the price/value. If you can find it at a reasonable price, I definitely recommend adding to your collection.

Daily I.M - Today is an opportunity to make a difference in someone's life. Do the right thing..!!
9th April 2014

Kokorico by Jean Paul Gaultier

Dare to be Different... This juice is good...

There has been some negative chatter regarding Jean Paul Gaultier's, Kokorico. It is certainly different, but a good different that deserves an opportunity. Today was my first opportunity to try this fragrance - while not my typical fragrance (I am drawn more to the aquatic and citrus blends), I find it appealing and sufficiently unique to portray a message, "it is good to be different"...

Out of the bottle, I get the burst of cacao notes that settles into a pleasant blend of patchouli, vetiver, and "woodsy" notes. It leaves curiosity, "gee, what is that smell?" to the user and those who "float across the wake" of Kokorico. Additionally, I would make a pitch that Kokorico would be an acceptable feminine fragrance - almost Thierry Mugler Angle like...

With my body chemistry, Kokorico offers moderate longevity and moderate, borderline weak, projection/sillage. As previously noted, today is my first real experience with Kokorico. That said, there is no "Wow Factor" to note, but the juice has the potential of getting that special attention, "you smell great, what is that fragrance you are wearing?". Given the uniqueness of the fragrance, the versatility may be limited - I would suggest Fall and Winter as opportune times, and perhaps evening wear.

The bottle is truly a piece of art - one of the "coolest" in my collection of nearly 500 (and growing). The packaging is also first class - job well done Jean Paul Gaultier. The true beauty of Kokorico is the price/value. A quick check on-line shows that large bottles are selling for under $30 USD - a "steal of a deal"..

The uniqueness of the fragrance, design of the bottle, and coupled with outstanding deal, Kokorico deserves a shot. The bigger message - it is OK to be different - it is what makes the "world go around". If the longevity and projection/sillage were greater, this would be a first class fragrance. All things considered, I still highly recommend adding to your collection.

Total evaluation of Kokorico is 4 stars out of 5 stars.

Daily I.M - "Try something new, you may like it..."
4th April 2014

Armani Mania by Giorgio Armani

The "Mania" continues...

It has been a while since last using Armani Mania... What a pleasant surprise..!!

Mania is a successful blend of floral, fruity, musk, and woodsy notes that I truly enjoy. It opens with a burst of the floral and fruity notes then settles close to the skin with woodsy notes and musk finish. In my (humble) opinion, Mania breathes "class" like a fresh laundered shirt, but offers great flexibility to include wearing with a comfortable pair of jeans and that favorite t-shirt. Additionally, given the fruit and floral notes of the fragrance, the target time(s) of year may be Spring and/or Summer, however, if your body chemistry allows the musk and/or woodsy notes to project, Mania could be worn any time of year or for any occasion. Very well done Mr. Armani..!!

Longevity and projection/sillage are moderate, making it ideal for an office setting, but sufficient some 4-6 hours later saying, "gee, I still smell Armani Mania". It lasts much longer on clothing. While I haven't had favorable comments from the opposite sex, i.e. the "Wow Factor", it has the potential. Not sure how many of my female employees feel comfortable saying, "gee boss, you smell great today..!!". To reiterate, Armani is a "class" scent that has great potential for the "Wow Factor".

Similar to the fragrance, the bottle is a classic design. I am drawn to the clear glass bottles to allow the user to see the clarity of the fragrance. The "smoky" color of the fragrance, and perhaps tint of the glass, adds to the positive mystique of the fragrance. The packaging is also well done.

A check of the online pricing of Mania, shows that it is still moderate to medium pricing (in the $50 - $100 USD) range. For that price and the quality of the scent, it is highly recommended to add this to your collection.

Out of a possible five (5) stars, my evaluation of Armani Mania comes in at 4.4 stars. Great fragrance...

Daily I.M. - Ride the wave and don't ask where it goes...
2nd April 2014

Chanel Pour Monsieur by Chanel

Distinguished... Classic Chanel.. A classic scent that is now in my Top 15 - get it while you can... Guys if you want that classic scent that will forever be popular and the ladies will love - Chanel Pour Monsieur is for you. The longevity is above average and the projection/sillage is average. While probably an evening fragrance, I think you can wear in an office work environment without being overwhelming - the fragrance breathes class and demands attention and recognition. The packaging is first class. I love the bottle - another clear one..!! If there are any deductions, the bottle cap is cheaply designed - I wanted something more classy that represents the fragrance. Great blend of floral, woodsy, and citrus notes. The price/value is below average. Final tally for Pour Monsieur is 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. The fragrance is a classic and worth spending the additional dollars. To add that swagger to your walk, definitely recommend using Pour Monsieur... Mentor someone today - make a difference in their life tomorrow and thereafter...Pros: Classic scent, decent longevity, and lots of compliments.Cons: Cap design could be better; Average projection and sillage...
5th June 2013

F pour Homme by Salvatore Ferragamo

That clean, fresh-showered, feeling... Nice scent, Mr. F...!! Pour Homme is very pleasant scent that once you apply, you have the clean and fresh showered feeling. I am a big fan of Salvatore Ferragamo fragrances and have many to chose from. Free Time has just recently crept into my Top Ten... Pour Homme comes out of the bottle with aqua and floral notes - and call me crazy - I smell some minty notes somewhere... It is easy on the nose and easy to wear. The downside is that Pour Homme lacks staying power and longevity. Yes, you will get that occasional whiff up to four hours, but not that lasting power that you get throughout the day. If I get 6-8 hours, I am pleased. You may get 3-4 hours from Pour Homme... No "Wow Factor" compliments to speak of - but I will add that is not out of the question. The fragrance is very pleasant. The bottling and packaging are first class. Of noteworthy interest, I do love the bottle. It is clear and allows good visibility of the fragrance. Pour Homme offers great flexibility or versatility - being light and of solid universal notes, it can be worn any time of year and for any occasion. Additionally, it will make a great tight quarter office cologne - it will not offend those with sensitive noses. The price/value is fantastic - the current online rate is about $30 for a good size bottle. My final tally for Pour Homme is 4.0 stars out of 5 stars. If the projection and longevity were better, the tally would be much higher. Given the pleasantry of the fragrance, the bottle design, and the price/value, I would definitely recommend buying. Throw it in the gym bag... Play like a Champion...Pros: Pleasant scent.. Nice blend of notes that can be worn during any occasion...Cons: Lacks projection, sillage, and longevity...
22nd May 2013

Challenge by Lacoste

The Challenge is Longevity... Great scent, though... Lacoste Challenge comes out of the bottle with citrus notes followed by the woodsy finishing notes. Very nice fragrance... The projection, sillage, and longevity are average, or perhaps slightly below average. Soon after the initial application, the scent settles close to the skin. Challenge is hardly detectable on skin or clothing after two (2) hours following application. It is weak..!! (that comes as a disappointment to me as I have and enjoy many of the Lacoste fragrances...) I have not received compliments at this point, but I suppose it is possible - only during that first hour though..!! Challenge offers flexibility - it is a scent that can be worn any time of year and for any event. The packaging is first class, but the bottle design falls short of extraordinary nor to do a double take.. The going price is about mid-$30s for a large bottle. At this rate, and what we already know about Challenge, the buy is below average. There are plenty of great fragrances out there at a cheaper price that will last much longer. Final tally for Lacoste Challenge is 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. Very pleasant fragrance, but does not last. Giving beats receiving..Pros: Very nice blend of citrus and woodsy notes...Cons: Lacks longevity and projection...
20th May 2013

Big Pony 2 by Ralph Lauren

I will take Big Pony #2 (Red) in the race... I just hope it is a short race..!! Guys - I am a huge fan on Ralph Lauren fragrances - have been since I tried the original (green) back in the mid-80s. Polo Black and Blue are two of my mainstays with Polo Blue Sport only a step-or-two back... Additionally, I have 3 of the 4 Big Pony editions and the story is the same - great scent, but it doesn't last. For what it is worth, Polo Blue Sport fits this description too. What gives? Are the new fragrances so watered (or alcohol) down that you are lucky to get 4 hours from a fragrance..?? Enough of my soapbox... Out of the bottle, #2 is a pleasant scent of chocolate, musk, and spicy notes. To me, the fragrance is borderline feminine, but the musky/spicy notes provide the masulinity to wear comfortably. It is sweet, but not too sweet. I like the fragrance - nice work Mr. Lauren. All the Big Pony editions offer a little variation to something already out there, yet unique enough that you need to have it. No exception here - #2 is a pleasant scent. The downside to these fragrances is that they lack projection, sillage, and longevity. Here it is around 1:00 PM (yes, I have a quiet moment during lunch) and the fragrance is barely traceable following application around 7:30 AM. I would like better performance. That said, the fragrance does have potential "Wow Factor". I am certain that when women get that chocolate note(s), they will offer the compliments. #2 offers great flexibility - while a "lighter" fragrance and probably identified as a Summer fragrance, I would not have an issue wearing any time of year and/or for any event. The bottle and the packaging are first class - again, Mr. Lauren - nice work..!! The bottles are great for display... The price/value is improving every minute... I think the going rate for a small bottle is now under $30 - not too shabby... My final tally is 4.1 stars out of 5 stars. If the projection, sillage, and longevity were greater - #2 would be closer to perfection. I do love Ralph Lauren fragrances. If you are a fan - I recommend buying. It is a great scent. Enthusiasm moves the world...Pros: Great blend of chocolate, musk, and spice notes...Cons: Below par in projection, sillage, and longevity...
20th May 2013

cK one Summer 2012 by Calvin Klein

Summer is my favorite... (time of year...).. Nice Fragrance, CK... This fragrance rocks..!! Out of the bottle you get a successful blend of fruit, citrus, veggies (yes, cucumber is a vegetable), and aqua... There are similarities to other summer fragrances, but the (2012 edition) CK One Summer offers a different blend that is quite easy on the nose. I questioned the longevity until Sweetie asked what I was wearing some 8-10 hours from my initial application. I lost any detection at about 5 hours, but it was still present. Additionally, Sweetie commented several times that it smelled great. Hey, it works for me..!! The projection and sillage is average at best, but I do get the occasional whiff throughout the day. This frag is good.. As you would guess - definitely spring and summer for seasonal wear and it should work for any event. It is fresh and uplifting. The bottle and packaging is first class. I am especially fond of the texture of the bottle. If not mistaken, Summer only comes in one size - the big bottle - and the price is very competitive for a good fragrance. The tally for CK One Summer is 4.3 stars out of 5 stars. I love the scent and the bottle design. The price/value is good and it is a Calvin Klein fragrance. If the projection/sillage/longevity were better, the scoring would be closer to perfection. I do recommend because the scent is that good. Ride the waves and don't ask where they go...Pros: Great scent and refreshing to wear...Cons: Lacks projection, sillage, and longevity...
19th May 2013

Polo Blue Sport by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Does it Again... Make room in my Top 10... Ralph Lauren Does it Again.. Make room in my Top Ten... I definitely recommend trying/buying the relative new fragrance by Ralph Lauren, Polo Blue Sport... Blue Sport offers a successful blend of citrus, fruit, musk, and woodsy notes with a splash of mint... Very pleasant without being overbearing/overwhelming. The fragrance is light with a uniqueness that is quite pleasant. There are subtle similarities to Versace's Pour Homme... Blue Sport has plenty of "Wow Factor" potential - Sweetie have a two thumbs up endorsement some eight hours after the initial application. While there are plenty of "nay-sayers" that criticize the longevity, projection, and sillage - it is a light fragrance that still lingers many hours later. Blue Sport offers great flexibility due to the many notes in the fragrance. Any time of year and any event should work well. (a great work office fragrance - smells great without offending those with sensitive noses..) The packaging is first class - would you expect less from Ralph Lauren..?? The "jury is still out" on the bottle - I want to like it, but haven't quite got there yet - my favorite color is blue and I was hoping for some magnificent blue bottle - I am, however, warming up to the white bottle with striping. As of now, you will still pay a premium for this juice - hey, it is worth it..!! My final tally for Blue Sport is 4.5 stars out of 5. I have moved it into my Top Ten. Ralph Lauren designs great scents and you feel great wearing them. Go for it - a definitely recommend here. It is a long way to the top if you want to Rock-n-Roll,,,!!Pros: Great scent... Pleasant blend of citrus, fruit, musk, and woodsy notes with a splash of mint...Cons: I would like to have greater projection, sillage, and longevity.. (and I would like to have a blue bottle..)
19th May 2013

Light Blue pour Homme Living Stromboli by Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana produces another classic scent... Lacks longevity... Ok - I am a "sucker" for new designer fragrances... Living Stromboli was one of these purchases.. I am pleasantly surprised with the scent - I just wish it lasted longer. Out of the bottle, Living Stomboli is a blend of fruit, citrus, aqua, and musk notes. It is very pleasant and easy on the nose. To me - it is very similar to the original Light Blue for Men - just more modest and toned down. The downside is that Living Stromboli lacks projection, sillage, and longevity. Following the initial application, Stomboli settles to skin level during the first hour. After that, it is detectable, but only faint. I do apply a spray to the cuff of my sleeve and while faint, was still present some four (4) hours later. Stromboli is marketed as a Summer fragrance, but due to the blend of many notes, could be worn during any season and for any event. The packaging and bottle are first class designed - would you expect less from D&G..?? I am particularly fond of the clear glass bottle - you guys know I love those clear bottles to see the clarity of the fragrance.   The current online buy for Living Stromboli is still at a premium - mid $50s, but will begin to decline in the next few months.   Final tally for Dolce and Gabbana's Light Blue Living Stromboli is 4.2 stars out of 5 stars. It is a great scent, but needs to project and last longer. You never get a second chance to make a first impression - make it count...Pros: Fantastic scent... Great blend of aqua, citrus, floral, and musk notes...Cons: Questionable projection, sillage, and longevity...
19th May 2013

Fuel For Life pour Homme by Diesel

Fuel for Life is also a Spice of Life... Very nice..!!! For those reading my reviews, you know my #1 favorite cologne is Diesel, Only the Brave.. I am also a fan of that Diesel's "big brother", Fuel for Life... Fuel comes out of the bottle with floral, fruit, and woodsy notes with a powdery finish. It is quite pleasant and I received numerous favorable comments, i.e. the "Wow Factor".. Sweetie does give the fragrance glowing remarks, especially the longevity. I, too, am fond of the projection, sillage, and longevity of the fragrance. Fuel projects well after the initial application and then settles to a level that projects evenly and smoothly without being overwhelming to those with sensitive noses. Given the spicy notes (perhaps a touch of musk), some may suggest that Fuel should be a fall and winter fragrance, I would offer the notes are so evenly balanced that this fragrance could be worn during any season and for any event. The bottling and packaging are exquisite and unique - I am especially fond of the "pouch" surrounding the bottle - very cool touch.. The price/value is moderate - current online rates show about $50 for the bottle - while below the suggested retail price, there are plenty of great fragrances that can be purchased for less. My final tally for Fuel for Life is 4.5 stars. Great projection, longevity, and potential "Wow Factor"... If you want something a little different, but very pleasant that lasts all day, I strongly endorse Diesel's, Fuel for Life. The world is full of beautiful places - don't miss a thing...Pros: Pleasant and Unique scent - blend of floral, fruit, and woodsy notes...Cons: None... I prefer more aqua and citrus fragrances...
19th May 2013

Eternity Summer for Men 2012 by Calvin Klein

CK's Summer (2012 Edition) is fantastic... Longevity is questionable...

I am a huge fan of Calvin Klein fragrances and own probably 10-15 bottles.. Summer is an amazing blend of fruit, citrus, spice, and musk notes. The initial projection is good, but settles quickly to skin level. While I questioned the longevity, Sweetie upon greeting me with a "sugar pop" (yes, that is Southern for a kiss) following my day at work, asked what fragrance I was wearing. Further, she commented on how pleasant the fragrance was - which is somewhat unusual as she tends not to like the fruit/citrus fragrances, but prefers the more heavy musk woodsy fragrances. Summer has potential "Wow Factor"..!! Summer is not unique by any stretch, but the blend is pleasant and easy on the nose.

I love the bottle and packaging - both first class by CK. It is easy on the eyes. You guessed it - Summer is a spring or summer fragrance and would work well for day activities. It is really a pleasant fragrance. The buy on-line is decent and getting better.

My final tally for Summer is 4.0 stars out of 5 stars. I love the scent - I just wish it lasted longer with better projection and sillage. If you are a fan of CK - add it to your collection - otherwise, sample a summer fragrance that works with your body chemistry that lasts longer. Each day presents a new opportunity - make it count...
15th May 2013

Versace pour Homme by Versace

The first time is always the best..!! Pour Homme was my first Versace fragrance. It was love at first smell..!! Everytime I have worn (used) this cologne I have received compliments from women. The smell is a soft and clean scent that can be worn for any occasion. The scent is very similar to Aqui Di (Armani) and Thallium Sport of which I recommend also. The only complaint is the fragrance is light (soft) and does not last as long as other colognes. The Amazon (and seller) service was first class. Definitely add to your collection.
15th May 2013

Euphoria Men Intense by Calvin Klein

CK Hits Mark with Intense Euphoria...

If you like a smooth fragrance with a splash of spice, Intense Euphoria should be added to your collection. Intense offers a different scent than the signature Euphoria, but one that you will enjoy and find will last the day. While probably considered best suited for Autumn or Winter, the softness works for any occasion and time of year. The online price is unmatched and with the Free Shipping option, Intense Euphoria is a must. 4.5 stars...
15th May 2013

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

I Should be Riding my Harley...!!

Thierry Mugler is fast becoming my favorite cologne designer... I now own seven (7) or more of his fragrances and love them all. All are similar to the next, but each offers a different spin that becomes a unique fragrance. Well done Thierry Mugler...

A*Men comes out of the bottle hot (Hot meaning strong and can be overwhelming) with notes of tar, leather, pepper, and chocolate and then settles to a sweeter musk scent that is fantastic. I am a huge fan. The fragrance is ripe for a high "Wow Factor" as I routinely get compliments on the fragrance. It is truly unique. There are plenty of nay-sayers out there and I will admit - coming out of the bottle, most Mugler's fragrance are not so appealing - it is the dry down that becomes pleasant. And the beauty - the Mugler fragrances, including A*Men, last all day. There is no problem lasting eight (8) hours on the skin and until the next day on clothing.

I would feel comfortable wearing A*Men any season and for any event, but I suppose the experts say that fall or winter are most appropriate time with evening wear as ideal. Me - anytime and anywhere..!! The bottle and packaging are first class and Mugler offers that "above and beyond" customer service with registering your fragrance. The bottle designs are unique and "the jury is still out" on whether I like them. I can't see the "rubber bottles" and would expect something more fitting - I have the small bottle of A*Men that is clear - I love clear bottles that allow seeing the clarity of the fragrance.

The price/value is a slight deduction - but I am willing to pay more for longer lasting fragrances. As I routinely say, I have lots of problems - but money isn't one of them..!!

My final evaluation of A*Men is 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. Only the (rubber) bottle design and price/value away from perfection. The fragrance is awesome and I definitely recommend buying - just brace yourself for that initial blast and wait (keep telling yourself to wait) for a few minutes for the dry down. You will be glad you did. The beauty in communication - make sure you listen constructively...!!
14th May 2013

Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has created a first class fragrance - I wish it lasted longer...

I am a huge fan of Calvin Klein fragrances - I have several of them in my collection and will add more... I was tremendously excited to try Euphoria - even while there are many nay-sayers out there criticizing the longevity. My assessment of Euphoria is that it is a great scent and the nay-sayers are correct - the longevity is weak to poor.

Out of the bottle, Euphoria is a successful blend of ginger pepper and suede notes that is a great scent. Soon after the initial application, the fragrance settles close to the skin. The projection, sillage, and longevity are weak with the longevity at 3 hours at best. While no compliments have been received to date - the fragrance is quite pleasant and I am certain that with time and continued wear - they will come.

The bottle and packaging are traditional Calvin Klein - first class. This is another bottle that I am very fond - you folks know the drill - I prefer the clear bottles that show the clarity of the fragrance. Euphoria is a scent that offers great flexibility in that can be worn during any season and for any event. Lastly, the price/value is good - the going rate is less than $30 for the smaller bottle. Not too shabby...

My final tally for Calvin Klein's Euphoria is 4.0 stars out of 5 stars. I really like the scent, but due to weak longevity, I can not evaluate higher or strongly endorse. If you are a fan of CK's fragrance - add it to your collection. Play like a champion every play and every game - it may make a difference...
13th May 2013

cK one Shock for Him by Calvin Klein

Put a Shock in your day...!!

Definitely a must purchase... Ck Shock is definitely unique and I am glad I purchased (there are some purchases I leave with the feeling, "why did I buy this cologne?"). It provides opening notes of musk and pepper and settles into a chocolate tobacco mix. That may not sound appealing to some, but it is not to be discounted. The "wow factor" is above average with some compliments from the ladies and the longevity is above average - lasting, albeit barely, a whole work day. In addition to the usual spray areas (neck and wrists), I have started spraying a couple of dashes on my undershirt - during the day, with certain movements, I will get a whiff of the fragrance. Shock lasts the day and is refreshing - kind of like Red Bull or 5-hour energy for the nose..!! The buy is fantastic at just slighly over $30 and at the time of this review, free shipping is a bonus. The bottle is "cooly" (if I may coin that word) designed and a great conversation piece. I would have no problem wearing Shock anytime of year or any occasion, although I would bet most would prefer to wear in summer and/or perhaps early fall. Go for it. 4.3 stars out of 5. Enthusiasm moves the world...
13th May 2013