Pino Silvestre by Silvestre

Ah nostalgia and memories can play havoc with my middle aged brain. So many font memories of colognes from my childhood and early memories of looking forward to manhood.

I am a collector and have many vintage fragrances in my collection. I recently purchased this at a discounter for less than $20.

Huge anticipation of pine forest, fresh, barbershop fragrance so I was so disappointed when I got hit by the smell of mothballs, yes nasty mothballs

I cannot recollect the original fragrance but this is nasty stuff with no redeeming features what so ever - AVOID

Devin by Aramis

I love Aramis and many classic vintage fragrances from the 70s and 80s

Devin has many vintage qualities that I appreciate, mind you, I am commenting on the modern version.

It's vintage through and through but there's a powerful animalic tone that is overpowering and lingers from the start till the end.

Be afraid, be really afraid of the civet/musky note that will not go away!

It is very cheap nowdays tho!

Bentley for Men Absolute by Bentley

If you are looking for a very dry woody, smokey fragrance with no sweetness whatsoever, this is it!

A colder month fragrance with a beautiful outdoorsy feel that will not disappoint. This is a very sophisticated and grown up fragrance, like a good scotch or a great book.

It's the antithesis of sweet, cloying, ozonic, BS that 20 year olds go for.

It was a blind buy and one of my favorite fragrances in my collection

Habit Rouge L'Eau by Guerlain

I love Guerlain fragrances and their Frenchness...this one however suffers from a blending issue. On the positive side, the heart and base enjoy the classic soft Guerlainess but the Orange top is at complete odds with the rest of the notes. It's sharp, too sharp and does not blend seamlessly with the formulation. I still enjoy it but wish that they had paid more attention to the blending...

Eau de Néroli Doré by Hermès

Beautiful, citrus, fresh fragrance that lasts....minutes. After about an hour, it is GONE. Too expensive to be worthwhile. For over $100 it is simply a bad deal

Cool Water by Davidoff

In the year 2021 and possibly after many reformulations since the late 80s, this concoction smells literally like a cheap fabric conditioner or dryer sheets. There is no class, no sophistication, just one ozonic, soapy smell that lingers. You can find it at the discounters at a ridiculously low price but it ain't worth it

Encre Noire à l'Extrême by Lalique

Fall, winter, woody (pencil shavings kid) with powerful vetiver. Vetiver is too strong for some and it does not work in the warmer months. It grew on me and now love it

Bentley for Men Intense by Bentley

IT has a rich leathery, piney almost oud heart and softer woody and smoky base. Works well on my skin. I see that folks may find it too heavy and cloying but this is powerful statement fragrance that does not work in casual settings. Longevity is average. the bottle is beautiful. Prices are low so this is good bargain at the moment

Dunhill Icon by Dunhill

I own and love Icon Absolute but then again, I love leather and oud. I have heard a lot about the original icon and decided to blind buy it. Not bad but I was hoping for more. I get hit by a big candy-like, sweetness in the opening. Almost bubble-gum tone that reminds be of the original Joop that I loved back in the 90 when I was younger but now I find very sickly. The bubblegum tone goes away and I am left with a pleasant but indistinguishable floral tone. I get no oud or leather on this at the end. I was hoping for more mature sophistication but this did not deliver. Not unpleasant though, will wear it.

Gentleman Eau de Parfum by Givenchy

It's OK - quite sweet opening that does not develop to anything incredibly interesting or masculine. I get sweet floral notes and patchouli, no black pepper in the opening whatsoever. There's tons of vanilla at the heart and dry down. That's all you get. I was hoping for more sophistication.

sort of blah

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