1 Million by Paco Rabanne

Uggg,,,just ugg. I know that a lot of people like this one but I cant, and I've tried. I mean why would i want to hate on a cologne i paid over $100 for, feal i've wasted my money. To me it literally smells like an old ladies perfume from the 80's. Harsh synthecic fruity rose,,,just way to strong and last way to long.Thats the only plus I can give it is it's staying power thats it... I know sent is very subjective but I can't imagine why any man would like this one...a woman yes but not a man...an older woman at that its perfect for them.

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

I don't get how this is as popular as it is. Has to be people buying it onsale. I mean its ok just nothing special... here's my experience.... after reading all the ++ reviews and it being touted as the best selling cologne for men, I thought can't go wrong. I bought a bottle online and when I received it, I put it on and thought hmmmm kinda soft and femme to my nose. I thought maybe i got a bad bottle or someone watered it down or someone bought a dollar store knockoff and put it in an original bottle...something cause all the reviews and sales it has to better then this. So i bought a new bottle from my local perfumery and nope was the same. Now I admit i'm no expert but i know what i like and what i don't. I know this sounds negative but its not. Its an ok frag if you wanna smell kinda soapy and soft for about an hour then nothing. I just may be too old for this(30's here). Maybe its a perfect cologne for the younger "millenial" generation with their more emotional ways...but I just don't get it....I use it more as an after shower spray around the house thats it for me. I do like other aquatic softer smelling frags a lot this one just smeels to femme too soft and doesn't seem to last more then an hour or so on me..

Candie's Men by Candie's

Blind bought a bottle for $15 the other day and wish I hadn't, It stinks and last to long to my nose. It's like its trying to be to many things at once. It wants to be fruity, sweet,spicey, aquatic ,flowery ,woodsy soft and musky all at the same time and to my nose all that together smells horrible and sour. Sorry I know a lot of people like it but I don't.

Oscar for Men by Oscar de la Renta

I'm from the the east coast of Canada and to me it smells exactlly like a sping morning does here. Sweet and flowery with a hint of woods and sea air. I love it for that reason alone, not to mention it's staying power, I can't beleive no one has mentioned it yet!!!!!!It last all day on me.

Wrangler by Wranglers

I like this one its kinnda fruity and spicey and last a long time.

OS Signature by Old Spice by Procter & Gamble

Well I will agree with the previous review about this one being another fruity aquatic just like so many other colognes out there. I will also have to say it's better on 2 accounts then those other ones....1.The Drydown is a lot more interesting in this one with the Cedarwood, Patchouli, and Musk notes at the end, most of the other fruity aqua frags like the eternity mentioned above only seem to have one smell from beging to end but the OS changes in its drydown almost into a different frag from the initial smell. Number 2. The price most people would agree that this one is so simillar to a lot of the other fruity/aqua colognes out there but unlike those ones that can cost upwards and including $80 it's $10 a bottle nuff said

Swiss Army by Swiss Army

Well it smells allright not great tho. My girlfriend really likes it tho so thats a plus!!!!! I will agree it smeels like a lot of other frags out there but unlike most of the other frags it smells like it doesn't cost $100 a bottle. Its a good cologne for the price and I would recomend it for most people who want a good cologne at a fair price.

Altitude by Swiss Army

This one doesn't do it for me. I kinda liked the other swiss army so I blind bought this one and well its not real bad or anything it's just something I don't think I'll ever buy again, just doesn't work on me but I can see why alot of people would like it, just not for me. On the plus side tho it does seem to last a long time on me went to work at 7am got home around 6pm and could still smell it a bit on myself.

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

Well I love how it smells seems to be very sweet to my nose, simillar to Paradise from Sung, but its down fall is exactly the same as Paradise, it doesn't last. Now I bought this after a smell at my local sears and loved the smell and with the Polo name attached to it I immediatly thought of the original Polo and how it is made with strong long lasting oils and thought great I love how it smells and it will be long lasting, well I was wrong! It only last about an hour or so on me, and at $89.99 plus tax thats way to expensive for reaplying every hour or so. But I'm not giving it a thumbs down simply cause it smells great even if it doesn't last!!!!

Ralph Hot by Ralph Lauren

My girlfriend smelled this at sears and immediatly fell in love with it, so I bought her some. As for me I didn't like it at first but it has grown on me in the last month or so and now I do like it, it smells very fem to me. The way a modern young women should smell. I will say it's overpowering at first but after a 15 min drydown or so it's just right.

Canoé by Dana

I recently bought a bottle of this cause it was on sale for like $5 and thought what the hell!? Man was I pleased the best $5 I ever spent. I put it on and was instantly brought back to a time long before I was around(born in the 80's) hell long before my parents were around! You know how sometimes you smell something and you immeadly draw an image in your head well this cologne did it for me. What was the image you ask? Well I'll tell ya!!!!! I immeadly was reminded of men sitting in a barber shop talking away, or a man getting all dolled up to take his best girl out to the new jitterbug club for some dancing and dinner, a man getting on his best Sunday duds and getting cleaned up for Church and a man allways wearing a shirt/tie and hat to work no matter where he worked . You know classic 1920's/30's sterotypical man and the things he does, when times were simpliar and roles were well established. Basically when men were men and women were women(sorry femenist just the way it was can't change history)Now for what I acutully smelled well it's hard to describe but I get a real stong sent of Baby/Talcum powder and vanilla in this one with a little hint of a medaciney(sorry for my spelling)type note to it. It is now my most favorite cologne form any others I have and I have a lot, and the fact that it's so cheap just makes it all the sweeter!!!!! PS it last a good long time to!!!!!

Opium pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

This is another great one from the house of Yves Saint Laurent!!! Now I don't know why but when I spray this one the initial smell reminds me of a carbonated soda or something like that, that's kinnda stupid but it's the truth. It does smell great sweet and spicey like moms apple pie!

Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

smells like Azzaro to me....and thats a compliment. I've allways loved Azzaro but it didn't seem to last that long on me it was that fragrance's only downside to me. With Rive it smells almost exactly the same(to my nose) and last a good long time, and I really like the fact that someone has finally brought out a new strong man sent. I mean I like sweet smelling stuff and soft smelling fragrances, but every now and then a man just needs to smell like a man, no berries or or flowers just spices and musk love it!!!

Aspen for Men by Coty

Ahh good old Aspen. One of the first frags I bought for myself. Well this frag is simple so I'll keep my review simple . Smeels green and woodsy and last a decent time. Thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

What can I say about this one that hasn't allready been said. Well it's a very masculine smell..real heavy on the musk but its not bad. It does remind me somewhat of an old English Gentlemen's frag. I will disagree with people saying it's stong and last longing. On me it starts out strong but gets very light smelling in a matter of about 1/2 hour and my skin seems to just eat it away I find it doesn't last for more then 1&1/2 to 2 hours.

California for Men by Dana

I like this one it's very light smelling and fresh and does seem to last a fair lenght of time on me. Nothing spectacular just a nice simple cologne good for casual wear!

Fendi Uomo by Fendi

I really like this one. It is a little heavy maybe too heavy for casual or office wear but perfect for a formal night out with that special someone. It smells realy good very classic smeels of leather and musk(musk is overpowering at first but dries down real nice in a matter of minutes) and last for hours.

Joop! Homme by Joop!

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I first got this one. I was so ust to frags like CKone and all those softer frags from the 90's that I put it on like I would put CKone on 3 or 4 good sparys....man I stunk and in my cologne induced haze I blamed the joop I thought it smelled horrible!!!! but I recently tried it again and applied one little spray...way better still very powerful and long lasting but not offensive. I think the reason a lot of people don't like it is because they either used to much or smelled it on someone who did but used correctly its a very nice smell. It really does smell like candy to me gut for some reason I also smell a bit of a tobacco in it even tho theres no tobacco notes in it.

Mackie for Men by Bob Mackie

It's Ok. Seems to smell a lot like Eternity to me. I do find it smells a ittle sour at the tail end of its drydown tho, but thats not a big deal just reapply a bit after a couple of hours. It does last a long time for being such a soft frag...all in all it's a good one but not great.

Raw Vanilla by Coty

I really liked this one when I first got it but as I wore it It just seem to get very plain to me. So I stopped wearing it. I recently bougt a couple o bottles on sale real real cheap and wore it again. The same applies it smells allright last a good time just very plain all I smell is vanilla and musk.... but then again thats what it's suppose to smell like so I'm giving it a thumbs up just for being true to itself and not trying to be anything else! so to speak. So if you like vanilla and musk this is perfect for you!

Universo by Coty

Read my review for Avatar smeels exactly the same. I think Coty just changed the bottle!

Wings for Men by Wings

Nice fresh and clean smelling frag with just the right amount of sweetness and it last a good long time I loves it!!!!!!!!

Xeryus by Givenchy

I don't like it smells like medicine to me. I just don't like it . On the plus side it seems to last a long time.

Xeryus Rouge by Givenchy

I really don't know how to describe this one except it's real sweet. I almost think it smells like a sugar coated watermellon with just a hint of spices(eat your heart out Martha Stewart)Seriously tho its real sweet last a long time and I love it!

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