Untold Absolu by Elizabeth Arden

Oh my this is gorgeous!! Love at first sight and absolutely different from the vanilla based perfume I had in my collection. It springs of creamy vanilla, tonka beans and caramel, yet lovely on my skin. It's the perfect blend of sweet, floral and spice – all in a lovely way. I like it more than the original Untold, which is also lovely, but not as strong as absolu.

It's alluring on me without being overpowering, and sweet without being cloying. My chemistry works beautifully with this fragrance. It could never smell cheap. Truly long lasting. The bottle itself in an artistic piece in many angle, which is beautiful!

My husband falls in love with it. He thought it smells really good on me. Just the way he loves it. What more reasons do I need. Will definitely buy another bottle once I finished it.

Sexy Amber by Michael Kors

Rich with amber and heavy, this is very unusual and can be unisex in my opinion. This could be the lighter version of Chanel No.5 (in my opinion) with less bitter and powdery notes. The amber is predominate at first, then the white flower kicks in then it becomes a warm and cozy scent with a hint of sandalwood on the background. The scent is quite classic in my opinion, yet beautiful and seductively sultry in some way. I can see how some may not like this but my chemistry works beautifully with this fragrance.

To be honest it wasn't love at first sight for me. I received a free miniature when I bought a full bottle of MK Glam Jasmine. Perhaps my mind was playing tricks on me as I've smelt too many perfume on the day I bought Glam Jasmine.

My love for Sexy Amber grew when I put it on right after shower one day. And after that I am just hooked entirely! I'll get a full bottle for sure one day!

I can't wear this all the time. it's perfect for an evening wear but you can also get away with it for daily wear. It makes me feel sophisticated, elegant and attractive!

Pur Blanca by Avon

2 words - Light and fresh, perfect for after shower or a day in the office. It's very feminine & soft, not confusingly too flowery, just the way I Like it, unfortunately it does not lasts. If I ever decided to use this for a day at the office, I'll have the bottle ready in my handbag so I can reapply every 2 to 3 hours. Anyhow, it's a thumbs up in terms of smell for me.

Roses de Chloé by Chloé

First thing that came across my mind when I smell this is fresh blooming roses and fresh brewed tea. Pleasant and refreshing to my scent buds. An uplifting smell for a pleasant day indeed. I love the smell of roses, it reminds me of love and romance.

I usually use it for office and day out to the mall. The staying power is great on my skin, lasts and the smell still lingers on my body even after a long hour. Usually will re-apply after 6 hours or so.

Has received compliments when I use my Roses de Chloe. A lady actually stops me at the mall to find out what perfume am using. And a male colleague has asked what am wearing so he can purchase it for his wife. Even though my husband does not enjoy the smell of roses, I will definitely re-purchase when am finished.

Versus Time to Relax by Versace

I own one, and I can't wait for it to finish or perhaps get rid of it. Lack of identity and I can't figure out what it is suppose to be. I gave it to my mom, she complaint about it. I gave it to my sister in law she said it wasn't to her liking. Lastly it just sat there in the bathroom, waiting for anyone to use it up.

Saharienne by Yves Saint Laurent

Even though it is long lasting, I don't favor Saharienne at all. I got the full bottle for free from the perfume counter since I bought lots of perfume at the time. Who would turned down a free gift!

Overtime I find it offensive on me and after a while of spraying it, it gives me headaches. I gave it away to my mom and thank god she loves it. Perhaps Saharienne and I have no chemistry. It smells alright on mom; her friends even compliment it on her. Not a waste after all.

Her Secret by Antonio Banderas

Received a sample of this in my mail. I spritz it at around 7.00am this morning before leaving for work. First opinion, it's sweet and fresh. To me it opens richly smelling like vanilla. Then slowly you can start smelling the sweet strawberries and citrus in the notes. Sweet, but in a mature way. Nice everyday scent I'd say, if you enjoy it. It's also almost masculine. To me this could be a unisex scent if not for the name. Would definitely goes in my perfume wish list :D

Red Door by Elizabeth Arden

Just like No.5, this is definitely a powerhouse. My way of describing it ~Proceed with caution & use sparingly~...too much it'll give you a headache for sure. My mom and I share a bottle. I'm in a love hate relationship with this one. I've had both positive and negative views/ comments whenever I wear this one. Anyhow, I treat it as one of my elegant and sensuous lady perfume :)

Boss Nuit pour Femme by Hugo Boss

I bought this perfume on impulse when I forgot to bring my perfume while away for an outstation meeting. There's going to be a dinner gala held by the foreign office and I didn't have any perfume with me. So I just went to the nearest mall and grab this cos it came in set of the EDP, lotion & shower gel.

Truly a good buy indeed!! I get compliments the first time I wear it. It's warm, sensual and sweet perfume. It is one of the best night fragrances I have. It's both great for evening wear and day wear. Am glad that I bought it. The bottle is slim and the design is perfectly convenient for me to keep in my travel toiletries bag. Will stick to this as my travel perfume for now until something better come along.

Lola by Marc Jacobs

I extremely loveeeeeeee the fact that it's long lasting on me and attracts compliments from people around me. Even my mom and sister in laws loves it. They thought that it is a perfect perfume and suits me very well. The price are ok for me. Would I buy it again? Probably not because even though it attracts compliments from both women and men around me, I dislike the smell of it on me. Am keeping it though in case my mood changes and for my sisters and mom when they come over.

Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo

THIS IS THE ULTRA-FEMININE PERFUME IN A GROWN-UP GIRLY WAY. One of my most favorite scents indeed! If you love sweet, floral scents that remind you of spring or garden blasts, you will LOVE this one!

It's very pleasing, very charming and GREAT LASTING POWER so wear sparingly to avoid any headaches. It made me feel feminine and elegant in a modern way which attracts compliments on how good it smells on me. I must have a good chemistry with Signorina. It draws compliments for miles around from both men & women. The most memorable one would be from a male doctor whom purposely waited for me in order to ask what perfume i used. He said it smells very feminine and he loves such smell on a woman. Am guessing that he's getting it for his girlfriend soon. Lucky girl!

I just love it. It's not overwhelming and is suitable for both office and leisure time. The bottle is classy and sophisticated; looks really good on my perfume cabinet.

Cosmic Radiance by Britney Spears

It's feminine, light, airy, and fresh...but nothing special. Don't get me wrong! I like it I do. It stays in my ‘ordinary' perfume collection. I use this to go out and about like for groceries, shopping or hanging out with friends at their house and stuff. It comes in a pretty bottle and easily can be obtained from major departmental stores.

Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent

I owed it to my husband again (he find this perfume lovely). I got this from my husband for my anniversary and i think it is indeed very sexy and delicate. Not offending at all, flowery, classy, lady-like, bit powdery but not to overwhelming like No.5 and not sticky sweet, as other pink flower fragrances, love the violet and peonies in it, and the first burst of berries is not candy like, almost natural. It is not a recommended scent for young girls. But perfect for seductive woman in the 30s like me. Would definitely repurchase any perfume that my husband love :)

Romance by Ralph Lauren

I first smell this perfume on a fellow course roommate during my 7 day office course in 2009. I thought it smells so pleasant! Reminds me of summer at the beach. Every time she spritz it, it instantly turn our hotel room into this summer air filled with flower scents!! I was lucky when I bought my first bottle cos it was on sale at Parkson and bought a set that comes a miniature and limited edition lotion. Went through a couple bottles of this since then and still LOVING IT! Women around me loved it. Men liked it as well. I adore this flowery, delightful scent. It is not overpowering yet smells wonderful all day! I feel great when I smell this perfume. I surely recommend it for all occasions.

Happy Heart by Clinique

I first got this in 2005. It was a gift from my then boyfriend (now husband). It was a valentine's gift from him. I absolutely love the scent. It makes me feel sophisticated. My husband loves the smell on me and he is always complementing me whenever I use them. This is definitely one of my all time favorite. Not just that, I find that it draws a lot of compliments too! I get compliments when I wear this fragrance at the office especially from my colleagues and a few from my customers too. Its light and smells very nice not too strong at all. Perfect for daytime use. I wore it to a meeting at work and a guy colleague came to me asking what perfume am I using. He adores the smell and wish to buy it for his wife as well. Glad that someone else finds it nice too. The price is acceptably affordable and will definitely buy again when I'm out. Honestly I've lost count on how many bottles I've used up..hihi

No. 5 by Chanel

My mom gave me this perfume as my wedding gift in 2007 and I'm still halfway through. It is and still is my mom's all time favorite though. Honestly it wasn't my total favorite but the scent is acceptable and I usually wear it for special occasions like dinner parties or weddings due to it high silage and superb long lasting power. It is seriously a very strong perfume, so use sparingly. It lasts all day so only a little is needed. Smells as if there is a billion types of flowers being squeezed in a bottle. Classically powdery but nice and warmth. It surely made me feel classy and in control. Super pricey indeed for me but will buy it again if I ran out. Reserved only for special occasions only.

Boss Orange by Hugo Boss

It's orientally citrusy ...but nothing special. Don't get me wrong! I like it I do. It smells good but just not good enough to send the shivers down my spine and auwwwwss me!! It stays in my ‘ordinary' perfume collection. I use this for casual occasions like going out shopping or simply out for groceries.

Miss Dior Chérie (original) by Christian Dior

It's flowery, classy, lady-like, bit powdery but not to overwhelming like No.5. It is not a recommended scent for young girls. But perfect for seductive woman in the 30s like me. Would definitely repurchase any perfume that my husband love :)

Marry Me by Lanvin

This is one of my favorite scents indeed! I love the sweet, floral scents! I find it pleasing and the scents lasts a long time on me. For those who are sensitive with strong perfumes do wear Marry Me! sparingly to avoid any headaches. It made me feel feminine and elegant in a modern way which attracts compliments on how good it smells on me. I must have a good chemistry with Marry Me.

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