Karagoz by Nishane

I hated it at first. Thought it smelled like burnt rubber. Been wearing it all day and keep catching whiffs of it. Heavenly. It's an Extrait so it will last all day long. I gave it 3 sprays and it's going hard 8 hours later. Last time I wore it I could still smell it on my skin where I tested it the next day, after a shower. Definitely try before you buy. Nishane is expensive and some of their scents are downright weird.

B-612 by Nishane

Smells really close to Bond No. 9 Brooklyn which can be had for under $100 for 100ml. This fragrance was played out before I even smelled it because I sprayed my bottle of Brooklyn until it didn't smell good to me any longer. Save your money and buy Brooklyn if you must and you can thank me later.

Still Life by Olfactive Studio

I'm noticing a common theme with this line. The opening is really nice. Mint and Citrus are all that I get. No cedar and no rum. It dries down and all but disappears after 40 minutes. Not worth the full retail price by any means. If they made an extrait of this available it would probably be superb!

Autoportrait by Olfactive Studio

The opening is very promising. Dries down to pencil shavings in about 5 minutes. No benzoin or Incense to be found anywhere after the initial dry down. Not feeling this one at all. Next...

parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Avignon by Comme des Garçons

Beautiful. Very woody, smoky, dark, resinous, and filled with a stunning Frankincense that takes me back to a comforting feeling of Sunday morning church with my Great Grandmother as a child. It opens up about 30 minutes into spraying it and goes close to the skin after about 4 hours. It stays pretty much linear the whole time, not a whole lot of development after the first 30 minutes. Totally gone from my skin around the 8 hour mark but still lingers ever so slightly on my clothes. Considering the fact that I don't normally leave the house until 10PM and usually get home before 6AM it lasts just long enough to do what I need it to do. This is not one for the office. It is the smell of Lutheran/Catholic Mass in a bottle. There are hints of cold and wet stone, mustiness, dust, old bible pages, & good girls who like to do bad things in church pews. Great for a night out on the town at a Goth party, funerals, Christmas Mass, Satanic Rituals, & and anytime that I am feeling extra blasphemous. So all in all, it will get moderate weekend use in cold weather. Very fitting that I bought it a few hours before a Peter Murphy show in December.

Original Vetiver by Creed

There is no in between with this fragrance. You will either love it or hate it. I happen to love it to the point that it has become my signature warm weather fragrance. At first spray, there is a large blast of sweet citrus up front that smells more like mandarin than anything else to my nose. For me it subsides a bit after the first half hour, but still pops up throughout the day in small wafts. After about 20 minutes I swear it smells exactly like marijuana without the skunkiness for the next hour or so. I even had a guy on the street corner ask me if I had weed for sale, because he swore that was what he smelled! Vetiver appears to me about 2 hours in, but stays in the background behind the soapy scent for the rest of the duration. The scent is extremely fresh and clean throughout & the vetiver hint is minimal. The name of this scent is a bit misleading for sure. The longevity on this lasts about 14 hours on my skin & I get lots of compliments on how good I smell. I can still smell it very subtly on the collar of my shirts, even a few days after they are washed. I will forever keep a bottle of this one in my fragrance wardrobe for warmer weather.

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