Fleur du Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

I just got this earlier today and have been wearing it since its a nice spring-feeling day here. It opens obviously with a lot of white floral and chamomile. The dry down gets a bit more masculine though in my opinion (its drydown has some comparison to the original Le male even though there is no lavender in this one listed). I am unaware of why both drydowns remind me a lot of one another, but it does. It also gets a bit muskier/manlier as the dry down occurs.

For a man's floral, I think it is done quite well, but this could be classified as unisex in my opinion. Also in regards to people calling it powdery, I don't really get much powder (definitely NOT like Midnight in Paris, and more along the lines of the powderiness that La Nuit de L'Homme has).

In my opinion, if you can handle the jasmine of Chrome AZZARO, you can definitely pull this fragrance off without it being "too feminine" for you. This will definitely be my favorite men's floral this Spring.

Hummingbird by Zoologist Perfumes

Let me begin by saying, this is a VERY nice fragrance and is done very well. I am a male and love to wear this to social gatherings (because often time they are at the arboretum), and this scent is amazing there. It is quite feminine to be worn other areas though, but the dry down is a lot more unisex than the initial opening.

Upon opening, I get a very pear and cherry scent that will eventually dissipate as the fragrance goes on. After they disappear, I get a very floral/creamy smell that is probably mostly the lilac and lilly of the valley but it still has a sweeter smell. When it dries down more, you get the more unisex smell with some florals, a light musk, sandalwood, and a bit of tonka bean primarily. It smells very good!

I would recommend this as a blind buy for females if they enjoy florals/fruit scents. However, guys should sample before buying. It performs very well though.

Bat (original) by Zoologist Perfumes

Have you ever just encountered that fragrance that you just find it difficult to explain? Well this is it. Let me just say it smells quite nice in my opinion and I will be buying a bottle because it is so unique (I have a large sample of it now only). I just wanted to get my upfront opinion on it out of the way, because the way I am going to describe it, it may not sound so appealing- but IT IS! It may not appeal to the majority, but I still have gotten compliments on it.

So when I instantly spray it, I get a big whiff of bananas (imagine like you're walking by unpeeled bananas in the grocery store, not like banana flavored laffy taffy smell). It is mixed in with a musky, fresh potting soil scent that smells nice.

OVERALL- It just reminds me of a very manly spring scent due to the banana in this, and has a cool smell (like temperature wise) if you get what I mean- no spices or anything like that. It honestly does smell like a cave in a sense.

After reading the other views, a few comments I have about their description is as follows:
1. There is no doubt an animalic scent, but it isn't a gross animalic scent (I much prefer this animalic than kouros by YSL).
2.I do not really detect much leather at all in here, and would honestly not guess that was a note unless reading the description.

Panda (original) by Zoologist Perfumes

I honestly 100% do not know how anyone could dislike this scent. It is my favorite from the Zoologist house, and it the epitome of springtime- for men or women.

It smells exactly as you would think judging from the notes listed. Pretty much all I smell is bamboo (as if its been cut open so you get the real green scent), early morning grass that is covered in dew, and a little bit of musk/lily in the background. There are other notes listed, but honestly I feel like I can barely smell them if at all.

This is just an overall nice green scent, covered with a dew smell that you get when you walk on the wet grass early in the morning. I judge it as a safe blind buy if you like green scents.

A side note: It has the aromatic / aerie like quality that Light Blue Pour Homme has by D&G. It does NOT smell the same, but has the air like quality if you have gotten a chance to smell it.

Beaver (original) by Zoologist Perfumes

Animalic musk. Castoreum. Smoke.

This is pretty much all I get from this fragrance... I am fan of the House, but definitely NOT a fan of Beaver. This is literally the most animalic scent I have ever tried before. It took everything I had not to wash it off, but after 3 hours I could not stand it anymore and scrubbed and scrubbed...

I worked at the Dallas Zoo as a keeper aide and none of our animals smells this musky.

I do highly recommend trying Bat as an alternative to this.

Rhinoceros by Zoologist Perfumes

This is a scent for a manly man and a manly man only. Upon the initial spray, I was NOT a fan of it- wayyyy too much of a dark liquor poured over leather smell. If that's your thing though, I am sure you would like it, the liquor was just a little much for me.

About 30 minutes after the booze calms down, it turns into a much more enjoyable scent. It has an obvious strong leather scent, combined with some tobacco and only a slight bit of liquor.

Not for everyday wear in my opinion, but would be good for a black tie event or to a sports bar.

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