Monsieur Alex

Habit Rouge by Guerlain

Habit Rouge is not for everyone. It's strong, floral and yes it does remind one of another age. The rose and carnation floral and powder scent are quite pronounced although they are somewhat cheered up by the citrus. The leathery dry down provides some masculinity but not much. The ingredients seem top notch like all Guerlain frags but perhaps there are just too many of them here. Nevertheless, I can't get away from liking the overall effect. There's something intoxicating about it. I use it as an occasional spritz and it makes a wonderful long lasting closet spray.

L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme by Guerlain

A very pleasant citrus spice combination that is smooth and very easy for me to like. There seems to be an extraordinary scent of both vanilla and cacao combined but maybe that is the lesser known elemi coming into play. Its's hard to say. The dry down is masculine and pleasant and never becomes 'musky'. Another unique and high quality men's fragrance from Guerlain. Suitable for cool spring or fall days IMO. Just delightful...

Equipage Géranium by Hermès

This modern and creative formulation may not be for everyone. It has a bright cheerful and slightly feminine character that makes it Unisex in my view. Probably for warmer months in four season climates. There is something quite compelling about the sweet geranium and rose smell that dries down very nicely on my skin. Layered over 2 hour old Terre d'Hermes its awesome.... I like it!

Pour Un Homme by Caron

Sweet and somewhat powdery blend of lavender and vanilla; not for everyman's taste. Nevertheless, this is a magnificent and classic EDT unmistakably from France. PUH is in my permanent collection as an occasional go-to classic and unique scent.

Eau de Cologne France / Eau France by Molinard

Light, refreshing scent suitable for men and women. This is a "drug store" level eau de cologne like many sold in France but it is good quality for the price and refreshing on a warm summer day.

Lavande Royale by Roger & Gallet

A nice lavender mixed fragrance from Roger and Gallet. Raw, light, bracing this is suitable for year round use. No, it doesn't last forever but R&G eaux aren't 'haute' and shouldn't send send non-fragrance people running from the room. If you like a basic but interesting lavender cologne, this one is worth a light.

Open by Roger & Gallet

Strong, heavy, dank and unpleasant in my view. This preparation is a throwback to the days of smoky bars in the sixties in Europe when full ashtrays were everywhere and the air was thick with sweat and smoke. 'Tobacco' is actually listed as an ingredient. This is beyond masculine and is more animalistic - kind of a poor man's "Eau d'Hermes". I left my bottle of this in the Restroom of the local public garden....

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