Black Orchid Voile de Fleur by Tom Ford

I love Tom Ford Black Orchid, and the similar Velvet Orchid, but this to me does not smell reminiscent of either of these scents. It lacks the qualities of those two scents that I love. To my nose, this smells like a generic woody, oriental fragrance, very old fashioned and not at all noteworthy. It's evocative of the perfumes I used to sneak whiffs of from my grandmother's vanity in the '90s. Once I get to the dry down, I can somewhat appreciate the comforting, somewhat powdery, floral scent, but it has nothing of the uniqueness and noteworthy punch of black orchid.

Soleil Blanc by Tom Ford

This reads to me like a lighter, sunkissed version of Tom Ford Black Orchid, which I love. I've actually had a couple of people mistake the scent for black orchid towards the end of a full day's wear. I might actually love soleil blanc even more! I mostly pick up the lovely combination of vanilla-y benzoin, tonka bean, and wonderful wafts of coconut with maybe a touch of cardmom's spiciness. I have only tried a sample of this during the winter months, it's a wonderful pick me up on a cold winter day, as it is evocative of warmth and tropical locales. I plan to purchase a larger sample come summer, when I think this scent will be a favorite to reach for.

Tom Ford Noir pour Femme by Tom Ford

I so wanted to love this, but to me this is generic and old fashioned. It doesn't sparkle or shine on me in the way that I feel other Tom Ford fragrances do. Like Black Orchid Voile de Fleur, this reminds me of a woody oriental vanilla scent my grandmother wore in the 90s. There is a bit of a comforting smell in the dry down, but it's too heavy in the meantime to make getting to the comfort worth it for me.

Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford

On me, this is a more floral, powdery version of Tom Ford Black Orchid. I sometimes like to layer the two, a swipe of my Black Orchid rollerball with a spritz of Velvet on top gives me the unique punch of Black Orchid with the soft, floral prettiness of Velvet. Whereas I find Black Orchid sizzling, striking and sexy, perfect for a night out, I find Velvet Orchid soft and comforting, the kind of scent I like to snuggle into during the day.

La Vie est Belle by Lancôme

Super sweet, delicious, edible fragrance, but a little definitely goes a long way! This scent had a whole room talking in the evening, hours after initial application. I don't typically like my fragrance to be quite that loud, so I'd stick to just one light spritz on my next wear. But it is delectable, feminine, almost cupcake like and quite addictive.

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

I am on the fence with this scent. I certainly don't hate it, but I agree with the assessment that it is all generic flowery sweetness on me and lacks depth and complexity. It reminds me a bit of the scent of children's pretend cosmetics --that sickly sweet, flowery, rosy, baby doll-ish scent that I remember. I find it can also be quite strong and headache inducing for me. I will keep trying to wear my small sample bottle from Sephora (I do love the packaging), but I wouldn't repurchase.

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