Clubman Special Reserve by Pinaud

This is cloying and not pleasant. Quite sweet to my nose. Can't scrub this stuff off my hands. It smells like Cola and dirty diaper. I like classic barbershop type stuff but this is what an old fella who can't stand up in his shower any longer douses his head with.

Royall Rugby by Royall Lyme of Bermuda

The first hour of this is lovely and I haven't found anything quite like it. I see multiple references to Terre d'Hermes but I do not see any similarity in the opening...there is an echo in the dry down. It's green and earthy with a hint of spicy citrus from the geranium. The blackcurrant can be detected early on with a slight sweetness that fits perfectly because it shares the earthiness of the other notes. I find it complex. There is something "brown" about it that I like...the scent of mulched autumn leaves and grass that is turning over into straw. It really does evoke a grass sporting field. I didn't play rugby but I did play American football and I find it reminiscent of mid October on a slightly dewy morning playing field in a park full of trees. The base of patchouli and vetiver has some roughness about it. But do not mistake it for being dirty. This still manages to smell very fresh to me. It's very casual, a bit sporty in a preppy way....a great scent for a trip to the pub, going to watch a game, or walking the dog.

This has received the most compliments of anything in my modest collection and I wear it often. Unfortunately it comes as a splash on and longevity is not great. After the first hour it is pleasant but significantly less interesting. I really recommend decanting it into an atomizer. It shines more when atomized and is worthy of being refreshed later in the day.

If there was a parfum strength concentration of this it would probably be the only scent I need. A true signature.

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

This evokes a cigarette smoker that pays very close attention to their hygiene/grooming. Manages to come off as clean but not refined. Very masculine and brings to mind a stylish grandfather whose heyday was the post war period. When a man could smoke a Lucky Strike in the barbershop.

Furyo by Jacques Bogart

Urinal....urinal cake. A busy toilet that's well taken care of by an affectionate, dutiful janitor. That's all I can think of. A nice version of that scent for sure! But that's what came to mind from start to finish.

This is popular with enthusiasts but if you wear it in public people might mistake you for the custodial staff.

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