Giorgio by Giorgio Beverly Hills

The references to 'old ladies' are quite insulting to old ladies - no one needs to smell like this. I cannot think of a worse fragrance although Joop comes close.

Pure Cédrat by Azzaro

An intriguing beginning in which one imagines lemon drops meeting urinal blocks and then, suddenly, deftly, the fears recede as something quite sophisticated presents itself. It's all too fleeting but something lingers like a half remembered summer moment in the shade of the citrus trees.

Red by Giorgio Beverly Hills

Magnificent - a bulldozer of a fragrance unless applied sparingly even then it remains sexy and brazen but never cheap or commonplace. An intoxicating '80's delight for those who appreciate the olefactorial equivalent of huge shoulder padding...

Pour Un Homme by Caron

Forget that top note of lavender which seems more like a shriek. That's just the olefactorial steamed towel over the face. Just as one begins thinking of 1930's barbers, the dry down begins with a haze of vanilla and a glow of musk. Perhaps, brilliant for its day, its longevity or lack thereof is disappointing. One might as well keep a large bunch of fresh lavender in one's wardrobe.

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

Lavender is a nervine with a slightly soporific effect perhaps it is this which creates the initially excited, then gladdened, then becalmed effect of this superb fragrance. The consequent mellowing of its dry down is the great success of this creation: it embues one with the calm sense of nothing to prove. Greatness is more than an appealing waft it is an attitude.

Chrome by Azzaro

This is a freshly pressed white shirt of a scent with last season's collar offering nothing memorable. Try it on your feet before putting on your socks - this is a solid little sneaker treater of a scent.

Pure Vetiver by Azzaro

What bravado at the beginning - brazen - but rather short lived settling into its early retirement with elegant powdery memories, a waft of tea with ginger on its breath and, no doubt, its regrets at being one third part of a creative effort in which the sum is greater than the parts.

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