Fox in the Flowerbed by Imaginary Authors

I’m not sure how anyone can smell this and not immediately think, “Diapers”. That’s all I get from it. It hit me hard and fast and wouldn’t leave my brain. I wanted to love this, but it’s diapers.

Pas Ce Soir by BDK Parfums

This was my first ever niche purchase. I fell in love with how well balanced it is. To me, it’s sweet without being too sweet, woodsy without being too woodsy, fruity without being too fruity, spicey without being too spicey. I don’t know what quince smells like, but I’m guessing that it’s the bright note in here that I don’t recognize, but I can’t say whether or not it’s an accurate representation… it is however very pleasant to me. To me, this has a little bit of a carmelized sugar scent in the dry down, but it isn’t overpowering. The overall feel I get from this is a little bit of an edgy/cool girl type of scent. The longevity is pretty good for me, around 5 hrs, and the projection/sillage is low medium. I will say, Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia is incredibly similar in the dry down. I’d say 95% match, but this one has slightly better performance.

Replica Matcha Meditation by Martin Margiela

The opening has a bitterness to it that Doesn’t agree with me but after a few minutes, it becomes sweet and pleasant. It has more notes that I don’t recognize than their previous green tea offering (tea escape), and I don’t think this was an improvement. Some sort of floral note starts to emerge and almost completely takes over for me. Where’s the tea? And for some reason, almost every fragrance I’ve tried from this brand, after a few hours, becomes something entirely different on me. It takes on a very soapy and powdery smell, not in a good way. As for longevity, this lasts about 2.5-3 hrs before becoming a soapy skin scent. And the sillage/projection before that was low on me.

Vanilla 28 by Kayali

I have been testing vanilla fragrances as often as I can without devoting myself completely as a vanilla tester. While I don’t think this is as beautiful as some other offerings out there, I do think it performs well and delivers a good vanilla experience. I notice that it does have a little bit of a generic vanilla quality to it, kind of like it’s mid-grade or something. There is an edge to it that gives it a vibe that it’s not the best quality, however, it’s easy for me to ignore that and move past it. It smells like vanilla and a crispy burnt sugar to me. But while it’s sweet, I don’t find it to be too sweet. It gives me those cozy vibes that I find to be calming, and I use this one a lot at bedtime to help me fall asleep and it does a very good job at that.

ETA(08/2022): my bottle is a few months old now and a lot darker in color than it was when I first purchased it. I know that’s common for a lot of fragrances, but I’ve noticed that the scent of this is a lot richer, deeper and more dynamic now… and I’m not quite sure if that’s just in my head due to the color change, or if it really is aging like a fine wine. But now, the sillage smells like chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven. Still a lovely bedtime scent… a little too foody for me to wear out and about, but I occasionally use it to layer with other fragrances for fun, and it works out well.

Armani Privé Rouge Malachite by Giorgio Armani

This is tuberose done right. Rouge Malachite for me is an utter masterpiece. It really gives me a feeling that goes beyond a scent that is pleasant to smell. It makes me feel sexy/sensual, and confident. It has a bit of a tropical vibe to it, but I honestly would have no problem wearing this all year. It is sweet and warm, and really just beautiful in every way. It’s probably more of an evening fragrance, but again, for me personally, I love it so much I will just wear it anytime/anyplace!

Bluebell by Penhaligon's

I bought this without knowing what to expect, and having no idea what bluebells smell like. Well, apparently they smell like Hyacinths! To me, this fragrance is full on fresh cut hyacinths, with their stems and everything, and some morning dew thrown in that ups the wetness/juicy factor. There’s no sweetness added, this is just flowers. Sometimes I do think I smell a hint of roses in the background, but as soon as I concentrate on that thought, it disappears. This is an eau de toilette, but for me, it performs like an edp. It has a moderate sillage/projection without being too loud and overpowering, but people around me do remark at how pretty my perfume is. That portion lasts around 4-5 hrs on me, and then it settles into more of a skin scent which continues to power on for at least another 4-5 hrs. At the very end of its wear, for maybe the last hour or two, it smells more of a clean and powdery scent with just a slight hint of flowers. I think this is absolutely gorgeous and nothing like anything else in my relatively small collection. If you want to smell like real flowers, and not fruity or vanilla sweetened flowers, look not further. I think Princess Diana had exquisite taste and I completely understand why this was a favorite of hers. This is one of my favorites too.

Hundred Silent Ways by Nishane

To me, this doesn’t register as the type of gourmand that is replicating something I ever ate before, it’s just a sweet, cozy vanilla with a hint of white florals thrown in. It’s so beautiful, I really love it a lot. I don’t even know what else to say, every time I wear it, I’m just thoroughly impressed with it. I tried others from this house but this was the surprise winner for me. I did not anticipate loving this the way I do, but here we are. It has good longevity and mild to moderate projection/sillage. I also notice that I catch myself smelling my wrists a lot with this one… addictive!

Narciso Eau de Parfum Ambrée by Narciso Rodriguez

This one exceeded my expectations in every way. I definitely smell the warm, sunny, yellow florals. It has a bit of a tropical vibe without any coconut… it really just makes me smile every time I smell this. There is a very subtle sweetness, and what came as the biggest surprise, the amber… although present, is sort of hiding in the background. I love how balanced this is and there are no sharp edges. Just smooth, happy, sunny, warm flowers. Perfect for spring and summer without giving a sunscreen vibe. I’d wear this any time of day, but if I had to choose I’d say it’s more of a daytime scent. Projection and sillage is low-moderate. And it wears for about 4-5 hrs on me before becoming a skin scent. This is another favorite of mine!

L'Interdit (2018 version) by Givenchy

I read the notes and hit the buy button. Big mistake. I sprayed ONE SPRAY on my inner forearm and that was enough to trigger a massive headache. I was suffocating in sweetness… and I like sweet! I like tuberose… I like orange blossom! I’m not sure what went wrong here but this is the thickest, heaviest, syrupy sweet, sickening fragrance I can remember putting on in the longest time. It was like every cell in my body rejected it. I was nauseous and sweating from the pain in my head. I had to wash it off and it took lathering up 4 separate times to make a dent in it enough for me to function like a normal human again. This took all the things I love and magnified them to the point where they all became poison. This is the type of tuberose that I think gives tuberose a bad name to so many people. This is a very challenging fragrance to me and I think only those who appreciate the thick and heavy tuberose would like this. Proceed with extreme caution, definitely not a safe blind buy in my book… even if like me, you enjoy all the notes present in other fragrances.

Update: I ended up keeping this one and returning to it to try again, and it’s growing on me. I still think it’s way more powerful than most of my perfumes (strike that, more powerful than ALL my perfumes), but with an extremely light hand in spraying… I did actually enjoy this one. It’s still very intense, but I think both my nose and the bottle needed to sit for a while on this one.

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