Burberry for Women by Burberry

I actually liked how this smelled when I purchased it at the Duty-Free in the airport over Christmastime. But, after attempting to wear it regularly, I found it much too sweet and too boring, especially for the price tag. On my skin it smelled like little more that a very sweet sandalwood and amber and pretty much stayed that way for a long time. It definitely has great longevity. However, I like the scent when it is not used on me. I spray it in the bathroom and on my sheets sometimes and it smells very good for both those purposes.

Cuir de Russie Parfum by Chanel

OMG!!! What have I been missing? Chanel used to really not excite me...not even No. 5, but now,it seems my chemistry and/or my nose have changed. I absolutely adore this intoxicating and perfectly blended leather chypre...and it loves me!! Who would have ever thought? Unfortunate that it is now officially Spring and this is definitely a Fall/Winter scent. What a rich, wonderful ride she is. I am definitely buying a bottle. Need to try the EDP and extrait, too. I only have a small samples of the EDT... I can not expand on the wealth of information and kudos other reviewers have so eloquently stated. I can't stop smelling myself...help!!

Bois des Îles Parfum by Chanel

Definitely another must-have for me. Maybe I'm a Chanel Woman, after all. I think the ones I see most often and smell most often (No. 5 and Coco, primarily in my small twon) are just not "me", so I had given up. I'm so glad to have tried this and Cuir de Russie. I whole-heartedly agree with all those above who give a thumbs-up to this masterpiece. My only complaint (and maybe this is due to my sample being the EdT, is the longevity of each stage. I want it all to last a little longer, so I will be trying the EdP in the coming weeks.

Fendi (original) / Fendi Donna by Fendi

Wore this when I was likely too young for it (High School), but then I was also wearing Poison and Opium then, as well. I still keep a bottle around and found this one for almost nothing at an antique store. Great on me for special winter evenings. Even smells good on my hubby, too!

Mitsouko Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

Similar to Shalimar, this fragrance also dislikes my skin, but 100 times more. The oakmoss is about all I can smell along with some strong spices. However, I can certainly appreciate its artistry and it smells fabulous on others. Admittedly, I do not quite understand it yet and will strive to get as many samples of varying strengths as I can and to keep trying. I really would love to be able to pull this one off for fall/winter evenings.

Shalimar Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

I seem to be one of the few that this fragrance also does not work on. I have tried on my skin three seperate occasions, hoping that something would allow it to smell as good as I know it should, but the opening and middle are absolutely horrible and dry down is simply to sweet on me. HOWEVER, after trying it on my skin, I decided instead I would dip a Q-tip into the sample and place it into a large red-wine glass, cover it and keep smelling while the notes developed, just to see if it was my skin or my nose that was the problem. Wow! I can see how this is so beloved now. And, the drydown as it is supposed to play out is absolutely heavenly. The spicy vanilla is to die for. If only it could work for me. At least this smelled better that Mitsouko on me...but not good enough to ever wear, I'm afraid.

Lucky You for Women by Lucky Brand

I love this fragrance, even though it is too young for me. I smelled it on someone else at a mall once and could not believe it when she told me what it was. I immediately went to my local department store (like a WalMart) and purchased a small bottle for $6.50. Unbelieveable how much I like this cheap stuff. It doesn't last long, but that's ok as I normally where it around the house, anyway. Another reviewer nailed it about smelling like a clean, all-American Girl-Next-Door. And, I think it actually smells pretty sexy on me, even though it is so sweet. The drydown is powdery, and maybe soapy? But, for some reason it works well with my chemistry. It's not "interesting" per se, but just smells really good on me.

Baghari by Robert Piguet

I completely agree with soirdelune. I'm getting this one. And, decided to try the other Piguet fragrances based solely on her review. If they have this much character and staying power, (and agree this well with me chemistry) I might become a huge fan of his.

Burberry for Men by Burberry

This is one of my favorites on my husband (out of the scents he owns), but he is not found of it. I purchased it for 1/2 off when I bought Burberry for women for myself. But, I like this far better on him than the Burberry for women on me. At least he is willing to wear it often for me ;-). He also smells great in Paco Pour Homme and Pierre Cardin and wears both pretty often, but this is more distinctive and luxe-smelling on him, on my opinion.

Royal Scottish Lavender by Creed

I don't really like this...and it's because (shock!) I don't like lavender to begin with. But, had to try it since it came with my samples. If you love lavender, give it a try.

Sandalo Per Teti by Laura Tonatto

I like this and think it definitely unique, though citrusy scents do not work well with my chemistry. It also smells too masculine on me....animal masculine. Somewhat like my hubby's sweat (in a GOOD way). That's why I like it, but not on me! I'll have him try it!

Hermèssence Ambre Narguilé by Hermès

Well, I'm addicted to this already. How sad that it is so pricey, but I will save until next fall just so that I can envelope myself in its tasty goodness. Not "sexy" as I think of most ambers, just yummy. I think it will be a great scent for dieting, because I literally feel satified and content just wearing this scent. On me, it lasts FOREVER. I put it on before work, and I could still smell it while I was driving home. I think I am in love with Gourmands if they are anything close to this. I did not like the idea initially, but this fragrance has opened my eyes. Bring on some ideas of other gourmands I should try!

Armani Code for Women by Giorgio Armani

It's strange to read the reviews of this fragrance, because on me it smells nothing like orange blossom, and yet everyone mentions this. It is spicy, warm and barely floral on me, and lasts a pretty long time. It may be a little generic, but for me it is perfect for evenings going to someone's house for dinner or hanging out with the girls. I actually purchased this spontaneously and wore it pretty often this past fall/winter. My husband really loves it on me.

Euphoria Blossom by Calvin Klein

Maybe I'm a bit cynical, but to me it smells like they took CK One and threw in a few different scents, mixed it up and there ya go. I'm not a huge fan of CK One or anything based on that smell. I guess its OK, but maybe I just tired of the smell in college. Even though I'm not a fan, I can see why some might like it. If you like anything CK One, You'll probably like this too.

M2 Black March by CB I Hate Perfume

This is exactly as others here have mentioned. The black Earth smell is super-potent, and any florals pretty subdued on me shortly after putting in on my skin. Maybe an atomizer would have helped this. However, after the few florals did disappear, it was a bit hard to stick with it. Although interesting in the sense that they can make a scent that smells like this, a small sample will be plenty for me to smell once in a while for artistic appreciation. I can't imagine anyone wanting to smell like this...but artistically, pretty amazing stuff!!!

Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia by Estée Lauder

Thus far, I've found virtually no EL fragrances agree with me...except this one!! It is wonderful, a little tropical and exotic. I would wear it on a summer vacation to some warm, sunny island. It simply makes me happy to be wearing it. Longevity and sillage on me are both incredible. However, definitely not for everyday for me. I'll get a decent decant before our summer trip to Kaui, though!!!

Love and Luck for Women by Ed Hardy [Christian Audigier]

The pink peppercorn actually really stood out at first spray for me. Along with the Bergamont. That mellows pretty quick and I get the fruity nature of this fragrance. Sweet and fruity, somewhat balanced by the spicier notes, but still too sweet-fruity for me. It does smell slightly edible. It would work on someone younger for certain, and does seem to be marketing to that segment. Why the SA handed me these samples I'm not sure... (at almost 38 years old, I hardly look young enough to pull this off.) It's fairly pleasant overall, but too sweet and fruity for my tastes. For some reason, the pink peppercorn really continues to stand out on me, even through the drydown, though I do sense the patchouli and"sandalwood" as well. I suppose I like it and will give it a thumbs up, even though I personally would not wear it...

Mediterranean Fig by Pacifica

Well-named. I'm sure there are other notes in here, but the fig stands out. The dry-down is pleasant, modern, clean-smelling. It's an interesting fragrance to me, but linear. I will wear sometimes at home until my sample is gone, but nothing I would buy. It's certainly a good choice (along with the others) from TPC to include in their "beginner niche and classics" sample pack, as it illustrates what natural scents can be mimicked, how it smells in the bottle and on your skin. I'm certainly now interested in smelling the other scents similar to this. Sillage is low, but longevity is at least 3-4 hours on me.

Aqua Allegoria Rosa Magnifica by Guerlain

Totally new here and new to fragrances, so please be gentle with me and my beginner's nose/vocabulary! As for this Guerlain fragrance that I received from TPC, along with 4 other Guerlains, this is the only one that agrees with my skin and, I believe, smells as it is supposed to. Although not my favorite scent, the rose here is definitely a lovel singular floral, and more modern than others I have tried. The name is absolutely perfect, as it does remind me of an "aquatic" rose garden...maybe a pond nearby or something. It did not have many "transitions" for me, so I guess that would be called "linear"? But, it was rich and absolutely pleasant smelling all day. I received numerous compliments from my hubby and people at work. Too bad it is discontinued, as I might have purchased. I still may order a small decant just to wear occasionally.

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