Kim M.

Jazzelle by Bourbon French Parfums

I love all things chocolate. So, this is a natural scent for me. Best used in the autum and winter.

Jazmine by Bourbon French Parfums

I purchased Jazmine in a sample pack. (The bottle and website spell the name with a Z instead of an S). It's a long lasting perfume. I only smell jasmine. I think it's an oriental type of perfume. Women would likely be candidates to use it.

Jazz Royale by Bourbon French Parfums

Purchased Jazz Royale as part of a sample pack. When I sniffed the perfume and put it on my skin I smell one of my favorite things....chocolate! No where is it noted that chocolate is one of the notes. It is a dense, heavy fragrance. Thinking fall or winter for this one. I would agree that this is masculine but I think that women could use it as well.

I Am Trash : Les Fleurs du Déchet by Etat Libre d'Orange

Have this sample in my sample tune. I Am Trash kind of sounds like a turn off, I was delighted to find out it was very floral, roses, apples and more. I tested this on several times, I liked it several times. It doesn't have a long longevity or sillage. That's something to consider since the cost is moderately high and you will have to reapply. Would I purchase this perfume? Yes I think that I would. And telling friends the name...wouldn't that put them on their heads spinning for a moment? LOL!

UPDATE 10-8-2021: I went for the full bottle puchase and I love this fragrance! Often I'm asked what I'm wearing. I happily reply "I Am Trash". And as I suspected people look as me puzzled. :>)
Next full bottle from EDLO is La Fin Du Monde. It is often sold out on the EDLO website.

Jasmin et Cigarette by Etat Libre d'Orange

I purchased this as a sample. First time the scent was so cigarette. Waited a couple of weeks....maybe my body chemistry had changed. Nope, I smelled like a cigarette ash tray in a bar. I'm a never smoker so maybe that's why the scent doesn't sit well with me. I want something unique but this isn't it.

La Fin du Monde by Etat Libre d'Orange

This is my second fav perfume. Who knew that the end of the world would smell nice. I can smell the popcorn and the gun powder. Some may see this as leaning toward masculine but I can definitely seeing myself using it as a woman.

Sì Passione by Giorgio Armani

This was a blind purchase of a duo package of Armani Si and Armani Si Passione. I found the Passione version to be rather nice. It was a deeper scent. I'm considering a full bottle purchase. Neiman Marcus will etch something on the bottle with no extra charge. So if you're looking for a special bottle for someone special you might consider it.

La Petite Robe Noire Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

I purchased this fragrance for one note that jumped out at me when I sampled it....licorice. I'd never had a perfume with licorice. It is such a unique smell in a perfume. I reach for this fragrance most often when it's cool outside. I think it's a fall/winter and night fragrance. I recommend this if you like the smell of licorice. I don't eat licorice but I like the smell of it.

Coach Floral by Coach

Coach Floral was a Christmas gift from my oldest daughter. She knows my perfume craze. The fragrance is exactly what the name implies....floral. There are supposed to be several fruit tones in it but I pick up the rose and gardenia. It's a very soft fragrance and is appropriate for spring/summer and daytime.

Kus Kus by Bourbon French Parfums

This is a very oriental style fragrance. As mentioned before it's old school. It has great longevity and silage. I revel in the thought that this concoction is one that began in 1843. Even though it's old it's not something that you'll find many women wearing. I think they just don't know about it yet. I purchased this online and haven't been to the store in New Orleans. I'd probably be a kid in a candy shop if I got to go to the store. So, online will have to do for now.

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