Perfume Reviews by Jon_Remy

Wonderful by American Beauty

A beautiful white floral with a sharp note. Smells like fresh-cut flowers (including the flower stems). It's not that sweet, but a very beautiful fragrance that lasts all day. However, I think I like Wonderful Indulgence better (the one in the purple box) as it's a little more floral. Nonetheless, they are both GREAT!
29th May 2019

Wonderful Indulgence by American Beauty

I think I like Wonderful Indulgence just a tad more than Wonderful. It is not as "dry" as Wonderful and has a slightly more present floral note. Don't get me wrong, I love both of them and wear them interchangeably. I wonder if they would smell good layered. I'll have to try that. I love layering Charlie (the original blue) and Jontue. I give both Wonderful and Wonderful Indulgence five stars each! A+
29th May 2019


Oscar de la Renta pour Lui by Oscar de la Renta

Smells great, but did it really come out in 1981? I remember smelling this on a coworker in 1980 and complimenting him on it. Nevertheless, I love it. Has anyone smelled or tested the new Oscar Pour Lui Fresh?
28th May 2019

Burberry for Men (Version #2) by Burberry

I loved it while it was available. It was actually called "Burberrys." I wish they would bring this one back in its original concentration, as well as the original Burberrys for Men (the first original with the gold liquid and offset cap on top). Why do they always seem to discontinue their BEST fragrances???
22nd May 2019

Achille by Vicky Tiel

I smelled this at Perfumania and was quite surprised. It smells like an expensive citrus fragrance a la Acqua di Parma. Will likely purchase a bottle in the future. Smells nothing like Ulysse, which has more of a vanilla sandalwood scent. I think Achille will do very well once people start wearing it and it becomes better known. It is in the same category as Viking by Royal Copenhagen and Hollywood For Men by Fred Hayman.
2nd May 2019

Black Pearls by Elizabeth Taylor

I love Black Pearls by Elizabeth Taylor. I also love True Love by Elizabeth Arden. When Black Pearls is no longer available (because it has been discontinued but still relatively easy to acquire), then I will use True Love in its place (assuming it hasn't also been discontinued by then). True Love is similar to Black Pearls, although it doesn't have such a heavy powdery note. I still love Black Pearls a little more than True Love, so I guess I better stock up so I can sell them for $200/bottle on e-Bay five years from now. PS-Why did they EVER discontinue Fendi For Women (the beautiful original) and Fendi Uomo???
19th April 2019

Diamonds & Rubies by Elizabeth Taylor

I love Diamonds & Rubies. It is my favorite of the three (Diamonds & Emeralds, Diamonds & Sapphires, and this one, Diamonds & Rubies). I do, however, love them all and they are all quite unique and different from one another. The Emeralds version does smell green, kinda like Emeraude. The Sapphires versions smells sparkly and classy, unlike any other fragrance out there. The Rubies version smells like redwood and roses, also unlike any other fragrance out there, and is perfect for the cooler/cold weather months. Again, I love them all and hope they are all available for quite some time until the merchants online run completely out of stock. PS-I remember being able to purchase the Mystic Impressions version (manufactured by Belcam in Rouses Point, NY) of Diamonds & Rubies, which smelled identical to the original.
19th April 2019

Diamonds & Emeralds by Elizabeth Taylor

Definitely a "green" fragrance. I would say this is best suited for spring and early summer, whereas Diamonds & Sapphires would be great for late summer and early fall, and Diamonds & Rubies for late fall and winter. All three versions are great, and I am saddened to find all have now been discontinued. I heard White Diamonds Night is wonderful (with apricot note), so I'm wondering if it is similar to Yvress by YSL. If it is, I will purchase several bottles. I give Diamonds & Emeralds a thumbs up. All Elizabeth Taylor fragrances deserve a thumbs up rating because they are all very unique and they last all day! A+
19th April 2019

Diamonds & Sapphires by Elizabeth Taylor

Diamonds & Sapphires smells sparkling and lovely. It reminds me of a clear blue sky at the end of summer and beginning of fall. The fragrance lasts with you all day, and gets many compliments. It is definitely a classy fragrance. Although an eau de toilette, it wears like an eau de parfum. I love all three of the "Diamonds &" fragrances. It's too bad they are discontinuing them. I would purchase them all every once in awhile. I suppose I had better stock up now before the online retailers' stock runs out (and you'll end up paying $300 per bottle on e-Bay when supply is running low. A+ for all three versions!
19th April 2019

Cabochard by Grès

Since that great actress Rosalind Russell was a lover of chypre fragrances, I wonder if she wore Cabochard. Anyway, it is a beautiful fragrance. Since Bandit has been reformulated and isn't as strong or leathery/petrol-like, I think I'll be wearing Cabochard EdP now. I have the original Bandit EdT and the newer EdP, and the EdT lasts longer than the EdP and the sillage is a monster for the EdT. I've got two bottles of the vintage Bandit EdT left, and I will be using those very sparingly and on special occasions (or a night of partying on the town). Although Cabochard may not be the sillage monster that Bandit EdT is, perhaps it will become more concentrated with time and will reach that level after spending a few years on the shelf. That's why I bought 11 bottles of Cabochard EdP.
27th March 2019

American Classic by Avon

This was the BEST men's fragrance that Avon ever created. It is green and it is masculine and beautiful. So sad that they discontinued it because it was my signature fragrance and I got so man compliments! My next favorite Avon fragrance was Everest, which has also been sadly discontinued. Others that I used to wear that have been discontinued are Tamerisk and Quattro by Mary Kay. Those, too, were great fragrances!
25th March 2019

Gentleman Eau de Parfum by Givenchy

Why did they have to name this "Gentleman"? They already have a "Gentleman"! If this were the parfum version (stronger) of the ORIGINAL Gentleman, then I might purchase it. But it sounds like it smells completely different from the original Gentleman. Who the heck is in charge of naming fragrances at Givenchy??? They are obviously misleading people and can expect a large number of returns because people are going to expect a stronger version of Gentleman. It serves them right. I hope they get a deluge of returns for trying to called this concoction "Gentleman."
6th March 2019

Colours for Men by Alexander Julian

Why, oh, WHY did they discontinue this??? It would've been my favorite until the end of time!!!
23rd January 2019

Womenswear by Alexander Julian

They should have NEVER discontinued this. It was such a clean and refreshing fragrance! I remember wearing this on summer nights and getting compliments by the dozen. It was so unique and there is nothing out there like it. Too bad they discontinued it. Perhaps they will relaunch it in the future. It is truly one of the BEST women's fragrances I have ever smelled in my life!
23rd January 2019

Dolce & Gabbana by Dolce & Gabbana

First Lady Melania Trump wears two fragrances, Chanel No. 5 and Dolce & Gabbana (red cap). It's no mystery why because they smell wonderful. I love the prominent orange note in D&G. Absolutely beautiful. It is sweet upon first application, but dries down to a classy one-of-a-kind unique fragrance. Upon searching for it now (November 2018), it seems to be hard to find, and e-Bay has listings for $160.00 per bottle. Has this really been discontinued? It would be a shame if it has. I was so sad when Fendi discontinued Fendi for Women and Fendi Uomo.
10th November 2018

Bill Blass for Men by Bill Blass

I remember this!!! I just realized it has been discontinued. :( Why, tell me why would Bill Blass discontinue their namesake fragrance for men? This was the ABSOLUTE BEST of ALL the Bill Blass fragrances. Bill Blass for Men was PURE CLASS. I was very saddened when Calvin by Calvin Klein (in the dark blue bottle) was discontinued. I wish they'd bring them both back in their original concentration (strong and long-lasting). Too many fragrances today are watered down, only using the minimal amount of essential oil, gone in five minutes! Come on, the public wants fragrances that will last, not spray their hard-earned money into the air to disappear in five minutes.
12th July 2018

Jess by Jessica McClintock

How does this compare to the new "Modern Jess"? Do they smell alike? I love Jess with its notes of honeysuckle and jasmine. I hope the new "Modern Jess" smells similar with the same notes.
25th June 2018

Hollywood for Men by Fred Hayman

I love the freshness of Portfolio Elite by Perry Ellis. It lasts all day. I love wearing it in the winter! I love the dark-blue winter evening sky color of the bottle. What a great fragrance for the holidays! It reminds me of Hollywood by Fred Hayman, and although they are different, they both last the entire day and you can smell the fragrance on your clothes the next week when you're doing your laundry, lol! A+!
14th May 2018

Fendi Uomo by Fendi

I don't understand it. How can Fahrenheit still be around and not Fendi Uomo. I wore Fendi Uomo on a daily basis. The few bottles I have left I use very sparingly, I suppose for old time's sake. What a pity Fendi discontinued this, as well as Fendi for Women, which was a beautiful rose/amber fragrance. I couldn't be that they didn't sell well, because I know MANY people who think it was a big mistake to discontinue those namesake fragrances and are hoping that the marketing people at Fendi comes to their senses and bring back these beautiful classics!
22nd February 2018

Passion for Men by Elizabeth Taylor

I love Elizabeth Taylor's Passion for Men! I think it could be considered a gourmand. It reminds me of Angel Men by Thierry Mugler. I've worn Passion for Men ever since it came out and I give it to those friends of mine that love it and will actually wear it. I get compliments on it all the time. I'm so glad it is still in production.
22nd February 2018

Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is a wonderful masculine fragrance that I absolutely love and wear all the time. I compared the 3.4 oz. version and the 6.8 oz. version, and found that the 3.4 oz. is "Made in U.K.," and the 6.8 oz. is "Made in Italy." So, if you prefer the "Made in Italy" version better, purchase the 6.8 oz. size. I haven't tried Intenso, but see that it is made in an eau de parfum concentration. How does this compare to the original "Made in Italy" version? Does it have a stronger peppery/soapy character and how long does it last. From the description, it sounds like the original, but a more "intense and concentrated" version. If I love the original, would I love Intenso? Thanks to all who reply.
19th February 2018

Green Jeans by Versace

Why do they always seem to discontinue the ones I like. Since I've only got two bottles of Green Jeans left, I will use them sparingly and for the purpose of bring back smell-related memories. Nevertheless, I find it similar, although not really, to Sud Est by Romeo Gigli, and Bowling Green by Geoffrey Beene. I love green fragrances. I think my favorite "green" fragrance is Polo (the original), as well as the likes of Portfolio Green by Perry Ellis and Calyx by Prescriptives. I find Devin by Aramis and Aramis 500 to be "green," as well as Eternity, Truth, Lauder for Men, One Man Show (original), Jivago 24K, Duc de Vervins, Eternal Love by XLouis, etc.
19th February 2018

Nu Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent

I actually love Nu by YSL. It smells a lot to me like Addict by Dior. Nonetheless, it is beautiful and one-of-a-kind!
15th February 2018

Halston by Halston

I was given a miniature of Halston in 1976 by a classmate in high school. I fell in love immediately with the fragrance. It reminded me of a fragrance that Sharon Tate would have worn (she was in the news of consequence that week, thus the correlation). Sharon was beautiful, and this fragrance is beautiful. It reminds me of Bel-Air, Holmby Hills, and Beverly Hills; it just smells that exquisite, unique, and affluent. Over the years, I have noticed slight changes to the formulation. The original was beautiful with a slight musky, cedar-like quality. However, of late, Halston is starting to smell more and more like Bijan for Women. Also, of note, the "Halston" logo has been removed from the front of the bottle itself, and it comes in a box without the "H" Halston design in the lining of the box. Is this being mass produced with corners being cut, and are they screwing around with the formulation at Elizabeth Arden? Why don't they just go ahead and make this in a pure perfume edition for those of us who enjoy our fragrances strong and long-lasting? Can anyone tell me the difference between the two Halston's, the one with the logo and the one without, and the one with the plain white box lining and the one with the "H" Halston logo box liner? Thank you. I did, however, find the 1 oz. EDT spray with the "Halston" logo on the bottle and the "H" design lining the box. I compared the two, and yes, the newer version without the logo on the bottle does, in fact, smell very similar to Bijan for Women. I better purchase more of the "Halston" 1 oz. before they're sold out. I couldn't find any of the 3.4-oz. size with the "Halston" logo on the bottle.
12th February 2018