Sauvage by Christian Dior

If you're in the mood for something loud and brash, give this a shot.

This is the loudest fragrance I own. It booms.

Honestly it's not bad. It's quite nice. Snobs will deride it as mass-market junk, but it's very far from that.

Projection and longevity are excellent. I have the EDT.

I don't think you need to pop for the edp or parfum out of fear that the EDT won't perform.

Not disappointed with purchase.

Pineapple Vintage by Parfums Vintage

It's not Aventus, but it's very nice.

I thought it would be another disappointing clone, but the 50ml bottle I just got from Parfums Vintage is excellent.

Bright golden pineapple with enough musk, birch and vanilla to keep things Aventus-like.

Honestly by itself it's very nice. I enjoy wearing it.

Dior Homme Eau de Toilette (2020 version) by Christian Dior

I own the older one. I just bought this 2020 version. They aren't similar. The older one is a work of art. The 2020 version is not. However, I think the new idea is to actually sell a ton of fragrance, hence the reformulation.
I also love Fahrenheit, another work of art, but I don't think it flies off the shelves.

This new version is nice, performs adequately, but you can tell it's made to please the non-fragrance-obsessed.

Don't buy into the hate for hate's sake type criticism.

This smells nice, so I bought it.

Again, do I think the older version is more refined and a more original and sophisticated creation, without question, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the new one for what it is, a crowd pleaser.

Antaeus by Chanel

Other than Fahrenheit or Vetiver by Guerlain, this is the most masculine fragrance I own.

Toxic masculinity at its finest.

Beast performance. 2 sprays to neck lasted all day and then some.

Animalic, heavy castoreum,

I bought it in search for a good winter frag and this hit the spot.

Honestly, 10/10.

Reflection Man by Amouage

First Amouage frag post-creed-fanboy phase.
Blind Buy based on perfumer and note pyramid.
Initial blast is very floral powdery feminine. If you smell it carefully though you can smell the deeper elements that are eventually revealed in the drydown.
Very orris/iris heavy throughout. Vetiver and sandalwood deepen the base.

Slightly herbal, very floral, but not without its woody character.

Beast in all phases of performance. No worries there whatsoever.
I wore it today. Two sprays on bare neck got me through an entire day.

I suspect that similar to the other high price frags, like Creed, you'll have people who are seduced by price tags into thinking it's absolutely wonderful or absolute crap. Not a ton of middle ground from a lot of the reviews.

For me it's a total winner as I enjoy these fragrance notes and in my opinion they all work together well here.
Not for someone uncomfortable wearing something that leans quite a bit feminine. I wear what I like and it's still masculine enough for me.
I'm glad I bought it and I'm not disappointed.

Ultra Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

If you like Le Mâle, the original is still to be smelled amongst what is different about this one.

If the original had better longevity, I'd have purchased it.

I bought this one instead because Kurkdjian was still the perfumer and this is an absolute BEAST when it comes to projection and longevity. Holy crap.

It is sweet, but there's spice in there, too. And I don't find it to be necessarily juvenile. It's a pretty scent.

I legit would not use more than two sprays on myself and go out in public, and I'm generally not shy about being smelled.

Easy on the trigger, cowboy, I kid you not.

Viking by Creed

Wasn't going to blind buy this one. So, I drove the hour to the nearest Neiman Marcus to spray it on and walk around for a couple hours.

Do I think the ingredients are of great quality and provencance: Yes

Did the scent evolve throughout the dry down like a good scent construction should: Yes

Did the longevity meet and exceed expectations: Yes

Is it for me: No.

I couldn't wait to get back home and wash it off.
It's a great, quality, and overpriced scent, no doubt about it; but it so wasn't for me it's silly.

I'll take Aventus/GIT/SMW/RO/OV all hands down over Viking. But you might love it.

Virgin Island Water by Creed

Lime and coconut. Creamy. Nothing majestic here, but nothing bad either. Soothing beachy vibe. Most of the other reviews will give you a good idea of what to expect.

I'll give you the honest scoop on longevity as everyone dumps on creed longevity.

I got what I consider a full day out of it, solid 8 hrs.
I'd say I was projecting for 5-6 of those, but that's always hard to tell.

Overall performance. 8.5/10 with Aventus being a 10 for scale.

Ultimately I would have liked the scent to have one other dimension. I guess you could say sugary would be another dimension but I sort of automatically lump that aspect in with the coconut.

Also, I'm not exactly a big cocunut fan, but this one isn't offensive, even for someone normally put off by all things coconut.

It's a quality pick if you want a Caribbean/ lime/coconut scent.

In the end, I'll take my Millésime Imperial or Aventus.

Dior Homme by Christian Dior

I sniffed this on the strip at Sephora a few times. The top notes smelled carboardish to me and I walked away from it on each occasion.
Then one day I gave myself a good spray and left.

About a half hour later I got out of my car and a breeze picked up the scent and sent it swirling about. I was like, oh wow, this is beautiful.

The worst thing I can say about it is that the scent does have a bit of lipstick-ishness. But if you can get over that, I was able to, this scent is a real gem.

This is the best designer/mainstream fragrance that I own.

Longevity is great for an EDT. Sillage is mighty, too.

This is a 10. What a surprise.

Millésime Impérial by Creed

Green, salty, melon, the idea perhaps of an under-ripe watermelon.

One of the more unique creed creations I own. I may have previously smelled melon-ish things slightly similar in lotions and so forth, but the quality of ingredients, I believe, makes this scent shine. And it's the salt and musk that lifts it out of the mediocrity of some bath and body works watermelon body spray.

As with ALL creeds, some claim disastrously short longevity, others claim that they sprayed it on a shirt 10 years ago and that it's still there, projecting.

I find its longevity to be moderate to good. Certainly not a disappointment in that department. I think a lot of people, because of creed's price tag, demand and expect a longevity outside of time itself. If Jesus wore it, they'd want the shroud of Turin to still reek of it. This is due to a misunderstanding of ingredients and chemistry.

In any case, a solid thumbs up.

Edit: I like this scent more and more each time I wear it, and I find myself going to it more frequently.

Edit 2: Creed is my favorite house by far, and I never thought anything would come close to Aventus, but honestly I've never had a scent grow on me like Millesime Impérial. If it had the longevity of Aventus, there would be a sure tie for first place in my wardrobe.

Royal Water by Creed

Royal Water is my tenth creed frag. I bought it because I was looking for a new addition with good longevity after neroli sauvage proved to be 9/10's a skin scent, though it is really beautiful.

What an underrated gem Royal Water is. I buy blind because I'm not paying retail at Neiman Marcus, the only brick and mortar creed retailer in my vicinity, and I'm too impatient for the ordering of sample vials. I'd rather just wing it and hope for the best. Needless to say I am a big creed fan and trust the brand.

I was hesitant about the peppermint note because I didn't want to walk around smelling like some sugary peppermint life-saver all day. I can say that the peppermint is there, but wonderfully restrained.

The note pyramid is pretty much right on. And you can smell that wonderful creed ambergris base that I fell in love with. And as for its longevity, it's terrific. In those terms it holds its own with Royal Oud, Aventus and GIT, among others.

It is a pretty scent, not terribly masculine to be sure, but I'm more or less a guy's guy and I have no problem wearing it.
Some have said that it smells like something an old lady would wear. I don't find it to be that at all.
The citrus opening is similar to the neroli sauvage opening, and you can smell the musk in it which usually gives me confidence in the longevity of any creed.

I will agree with others in that it seems to fall somewhere in the midst of other creeds, sharing different parts of different creed scents. And I wouldn't call it ground-breakingly original.

Overall, I'm very happy with it.

Edit: Do not overspray. It's cloying as heck and downright suffocating and unpleasant if overapplied. In my opinion, two sprays max.

Chergui by Serge Lutens

Not necessarily my taste, but very beautiful and interesting.

Sugar, tobacco, syrupy amber, incense.

Very dry, but rich.

And for the price you can get this at, you'd be silly not to go for it.

It's really gorgeous.

Performance is powerful.

Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme by Gucci

Leather, leather, leather. Beautifully done. Nice patchouli.

This was not something thrown together to appeal to frat boys. This a gentleman's scent or a niche fragrance lover's scent.

It feels niche.

Great longevity and projection.

If Guilty Black (which to my shame I own and used to think was great before I really knew what a fragrance should deliver) was the baby the Spartan father was dangling over a cliff for inspection before finding his offspring unworthy, Guilty Absolute is the Spartan Father.

Néroli Sauvage by Creed

Extremely pleasant orangey, lemony effervescence on top. Short-lived. Creamy/ambergris base.

My suggestion, though it runs contrary best custom: spray it on your clothes. My skin burned right through the best of it in well under an hour, though, like the other of my notoriously short-lived Creed possessions, Erolfa, I am getting subtle whiffs of it a few hours on which tempers my frustration and my ultimate willingness to totally discount its performance.

By no means a beast. But it is a very pretty citrus.


Encre Noire by Lalique

Dracula's castle dungeon, with ashes and smoky vetiver. Medieval.

Not for everyone. But it's a cool take on vetiver.

This can be had for dirt cheap online so maybe worth a go if you're feeling spunky and are currently reading Bram Stoker's novel.


Silver Mountain Water by Creed

boozy black tea.

I don't mind it.

Good performance for me.


Himalaya by Creed

Tied for my second favorite Creed after Aventus with Green Irish Tweed.

I love it.

Crisp, almost metallic freshness.

Great performance.


Green Irish Tweed by Creed

Iris and verbena. It's the essential Creed if you don't want to pop for Aventus.

yes it resembles cool water, but it's obviously more well constructed. If you can get over the cool water thing, you'll love this.

Performance for me is great.


Aventus by Creed

Bought a sample vial months ago. Finally ponied up for a 4oz flacon.

I'll admit right off the bat that I'm quite a creed fan. Let that fact shade my comments how it will according to how you feel about this house.

I do believe in batch variation, for my sample vial was a bit smokier than my own bottle, 16H01. Mine is fruitier. However, I don't think the severity of variation is as extreme as others hold it to be.

This is the finest fragrance I've ever put to my nose. Smoky pineapple, apple, birch and that lovely creamy ambrox you find especially in Original Vetiver. Honestly, when it arrived I considered my creed collection complete.

The three that follow relatively closely behind for me are Himalaya, Original Vetiver, and, of course, Green Irish Tweed, all great performers as well.

When I smell this fragrance, I smile. I can't help myself. Is it worth the money? It is for me.

Also, buyer beware. I told my friend about this fragrance and he bought a bottle for $250 from some online source. Not sure which. About a week ago, after he saw some internet posts/videos about fake Aventus he texted me for pictures of my bottle and lot number, batch number etc.

His was fake.

If you're gonna drop this kind of money on a fragrance, buy from a reputable source.

Projection is excellent. Longevity is excellent as well, though I do believe this fragrance lends itself easily to noseblindness for the wearer. For me, after about 5 hours it feels like a skin scent, but today at the seventh hour mark I had someone ask me if I was wearing something new. So it was still projecting.

This is the only creed fragrance of which I bought a sample vial first, and the one of which there was the least need to do so; in fact, none.
C'est le meilleur de tout. Ne laissez personne vous dire autrement.

The Dreamer by Versace

This stuff is delightful. It's not hyper-masculine. I'd call it a pretty scent of iris and tobacco, but not smoky, more like the plant itself. And you can find this scent for cheap at most discount stores like Ross/tjmaxx/marshals. Don't pay department store prices for this.

Solid longevity
Good sillage

I give it a 9/10 with the cheap availability giving it that extra boost.

Erolfa by Creed

I own BdP, GIT, OV, RO and now Erolfa and I can honestly say that Erolfa is the best 15 minute fragrance I've ever owned.

The scent itself is lovely.
The longevity is inexcusable.

Edit: I take it back. A testament to the fickleness of the ofactory sense. Applied liberally this morning, I just got a solid 8 hours and it's still going. Weird, cuz this one really pissed me off. But the musk is what's letting it power on.

L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme by Guerlain

This has a quiet austerity to it. It's mature, but comes off very well made and quite beautiful.

I typically detest gourmand fragrances, but this one is my exception.

The individual notes are detectable for me. The best thing I can say about LIDG is that it's a fragrance that teaches you about fragrance. It has layers, they're all there. The longevity and projection are well above satisfactory.


Bois du Portugal by Creed

I wouldn't recommend blind-buying this as I did.

I hated it at first. Was extremely disappointed. Then I spent most of a weekend trying to get to know it. Now I like it, in a limited sense.

Realize that what you are hit with at first is a very bitter citrus, not a sweet one IMO. I usually associate a citrus with some sweetness so this was tough for me to get right away. I just didn't like it. But once I realized what I was smelling, and that it was new to me, my frustration subsided a bit. I began searching out the citrus in this scent, getting used to it. After that I enjoyed it much, much more.

The cedar is strong as well. If you don't like cedar, or bitter bergamot, stay far away from this one.

However, there is a definite smoothness to this scent.

It's a powerful scent with what I imagine very good sillage and projection. The longevity is better than average as well.

It does smell old, like barbers talc in areas. I doubt very many women would be seduced by this. But if you're like me and you wear scents that you like and that challenge you, then I'd recommend Bois du Portugal.

I would be unlikely to wear this in hot weather.

Overall 8-9 out of 10.

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

I feel like this is a really unique scent beyond my ability to describe in any helpful way. I smelled the orange, the gunflint and the vetiver. It's elemental, earthy.

The more I smelled this and wore it, the more I liked it and came to appreciate its quality.

If you're like me and you expect your scents to last, this one gets you through a whole day easily. Really terrific longevity for me.

It's very unique IMO, but not something I imagine women falling over themselves to smell.

However, this one gets a 10 from me.

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