Bleu de Chanel Eau de Toilette by Chanel

What a disappointment! Bleu is a pleasant but very ordinary fragrance, which is neither original or anything special. Bleu's citrus (mainly grapefruit), sandalwood and subtle spice notes have been done many times before. Neither sophisticated or memorable; I would have expected more from Chanel.

cK In 2 U HEAT Him by Calvin Klein

I was really looking forward to trying this fragrance, as it's listed ingredients sounded very me. However, though it is very pleasant, I don't find it very different to many other fragrances: I don't know if anyone remembers a fragrance called Kindred Spirit (which only seemed to be marketed by Woolworths in the UK); it was very similar to CK1, but not quite the same: on me CK In 2 U Him HEAT smells exactly like it.For me this is a pleasant frangrance, but not a particularly special one.

Patou pour Homme Privé by Jean Patou

While I think that Prive is a lovely fragrance, it is possibly a little sweet and fruity for a fragrance intended for men. I have tried it several times, and am convinced it is Ma Liberte, in a different bottle.Sweet, with fruity and subtle vanilla notes, Prive is very different to the original versian of Patou pour Homme.

Liù by Guerlain

On me Liu is identical to No5. There's not a lot else I can say, other than I like it!

Teatro Alla Scala by Krizia

I used to like the Parfum version of Teatro Alla Scala: on me it was exactly like Opium, though a little less sweet. Such a pity it's been discontinued.

Paco Rabanne Pour Homme by Paco Rabanne

THE classic fougere men's fragrance. Paco Rabanne pour Homme has a mixture of green, fougere and subtle spice notes; it also has a note that reminds me of the smell of Christmas trees. Herbal, slightly bitter and astringent. Similar, though richer than Quorum.I have recently come back to this fragrance; at one time I thought it was quite boring, as it was similar to a lot of men's fragrances in the 80s.Nostalgic, elegant and a nice change from the sweeter men's fragrances that are so common at the moment.

Hypnotic Poison Eau de Toilette by Christian Dior

I have only tried Hypnotic Poison three times, and each time it has given me an instant migraine. On me it turns into a very sickly chocolate ice cream type smell.Needless to say, it's a fragrance I now steer clear of!

Chanel Pour Monsieur by Chanel

I love Chanel Pour Monsieur (I still think of it as "Gentleman's Chanel", as it was advertised during the 70s and 80s). It is a lovely mixture of aldehydic notes, lemon, chypre and subtle spice. The sweet lemon notes are more noticable when my husband wears it, but on my skin it is not dissimilar to No5. I'm not nearly as fond of the newer concentrated version, which I think is a different fragrance altogether, rather than a different strength. (Chanel seem to be in the habit of doing this: the newer Eau de Parfums of No5, No19 and Cristalle are all quite different from the original EDT/Parfum).My favourite men's fragrance, along with the sadly discontinued Monsieur Worth. I really don't think the formula changed when it became "Pour Monsieur" in the UK - it smells the same as it always did. A classic, and fare more elegant than the newer Chanel men's fragrances. Perfect

Cialenga by Balenciaga

I like Cialenga for the summer: it is a light, slightly slightly green and woody floral, which reminds me very slightly of Hermes' Amazone though it is much "cooler"; I have not smelled anything that is quite the same. It is lighter and not as rich as the other Balenciaga frangrances, and possibly not as elegant, but a lovely perfume for hot weather.

Cristalle Eau de Toilette by Chanel

I love the orignal EDT version of Cristalle, and usually wear it during the summer. It is a bright, sparkling and light; on me lemon, hyacinth and jasmine are most prominent. When I initially put it on, I get a very similar note to No19, but this fades within seconds, and the lemon develops. The jasmine and hyacinth develop within 10 minutes. I think Diorella is probably the nearest fragrance; Boots The Chemist used to make a perfume called Aquiana, which I remember as being very similar too.As with all the Chanels, apart from No5, the bath and body products have been drastically reduced: in the UK the range was almost as comprehensive as No5, but now is reduced to just Body Lotion. There used to soap, shower gel, talc, body cream, spray deoderant to name a few, as well as a lovely product called Refreshing Body Gel, which I used to love on hot summer days.There used to be a 15ml refillable EDT handbag spray, which looked very similar to the No5 and No19 parfum sprays, which you could refill from the larger bottles, which I used to carry in my bag - such a pity that's been discontinued.All the EDT bottles appear to discontinued in the UK (leaving just sprays). The bottles had a very elegant square screw cap, instead of the round one on the other Chanel frgrances.The newer EDP is sweeter and more floral than the EDT, and has a honeysuckle note, which is not evident in the EDT. I much prefer the EDT; I'd have liked Cristalle in the EDP had been a stronger version of the EDT, but it's definitely a different fragrance. I've always wondered what a parfum of Cristalle would be like!

Dior Dior by Christian Dior

I loved Dior Dior! After not having seen it on sale for several years, I contacted the Dior boutique in Paris a few years ago, and they told me it was no longer available.Dior Dior was a beautiful smoky floral; difficult to describe, though I can remember exactly what it was like. I think the nearest fragrance around now is Caron's Infini.

Lily by Christian Dior

I only smelled Lily once when it was first released in the 90s. I can't say much other than I could see no difference between it and Diorissimo. A lovely perfume, but no different from the one that has been around for decades.

Aramis 900 by Aramis

Several years ago I bought a bottle of Aramis 900 for my husband, after smelling some on a paper strip at my local department store, when it had smelled woody and slightly herbal. When my husband wore it for the first time, I really couldn't believe how much it smelled like the parfum version of Jean Patou's "1000", which I wear regularly.I still think Aramis 900 smells similar to"1000", though it is definitely more woody, with a greener background. I think it's very elegant, and far more distinctive than many contempoary men's scents, and a change from the fougere fragrances of the same era. Women could easily wear it too; on me it becomes soft, sweet and slightly powdery.

Monsieur Worth by Worth

Monsieur Worth really was a wonderful fragrance! Fairly light and elegant, with subtle green, citrus and spice notes; it also had an unusual note, which I have rarely smelled (it's there in drastically smaller quantities in Chanel Pour Monsieur and Worth Pour Homme). It's very difficult to describe this note, but it was slightly sweet, and reminded me of the smell in an old fashioned tobacconist.Monsieur Worth was available in various sizes of EDT and Aftershave, as well as some lovely bath products, including soap and talc. If I remember rightly the EDT was sold in 56ml and 112ml bottles. The packaging was very elegant, with a blue-green design; I could never work out the design, but I think it was possibly coloured rocks or crystals.Along with Chanel Pour Monsieur, Monsieur Worth was my all time favourite mens fragrance. Very elegant, and far more distinctive than contempoary scents. Such a pity it was discontinued, especially when the pleasant, but rather boring Worth Pour Homme is still being made.

Bel Respiro Eau de Toilette by Chanel

One of the disasterous Exclusifs. Too green and very sickly. Meonbn has summed it up perfectly in her review. Nasty, cheap and too green; I can't really say any more about it.

Vent Vert (original) by Pierre Balmain

One of my friends used to wear the EDT version of Vent Vert during the 60s; on her it smelled very similar to Blue Grass, which I loved.I didn't smell Vent Vert again until the early 80s when I bought a bottle of Parfum. I think this must have been old stock: I have never smelled anything so awful! Rather than being the grassy fragrance my friend wore, it smelled like the water peas had been boiled in. It actually made me reach!I am assuming that this bottle had gone off, and that it is not how the Parfum was supposed to smell. However, on this experience I can only give it a thumbs down.

Ivoire (original) by Pierre Balmain

I didn't expect to like Ivoire when I first saw it in adverts and reviews; however it has become one of my all time favourites.Ivoire is a perfect blend of green and slightly sweet floral notes, against a subtle spice background. Subtle, understated and a classic.Sadly the Parfum (which was my favouite) and the bath products have been discontinued.

Balmain de Balmain by Pierre Balmain

I am not going to list the ingredients and individual notes of Balmain De Balmain, as this has been done by several reviewers here. This fragrance has fruity, floral, chypre and musky notes against a subtle spice background. It smells familiar, reminding me slightly of Y and Armani. Though I like the fragrance very much (particularly in the Parfum version), I do not think it is individual or distinctive enough to be a classic like Jolie Madame.Definitely suitable for men to wear, particularly the EDT version, in which the chypre is more evident than in the Parfum, and has less ephasis on the floral notes.

No. 5 by Chanel

I used to wear No5 during the early 80s, when I thought it was wonderful. Though I usually wore the Parfum strength, I liked the Eau de Cologne (which had a more noticable rose note) for summer. The EDC has now been discontinued, along with some wonderful bath products. Strangely, the EDP (which was released in the UK in the late 80s, at the same time the EDC was discontinued) goes to nothing on me within 20 minutes of putting it on, even though the EDT lasts for a few hours. I have not smelled the Eau Premier, and am not in a great hurry to.No 5 is a strongly aldehydic mixture of rose, jasmine, musk and sprices (not dissimilar to Coty's L'Aiment and Givenchy's L'Interdit); it developed into rich and heavy scent, which I kept for special occasions. It's quite difficult to describe exactly what No5 smells like, as the aldehyde changes the other ingredients drastically. Once smelled though, you'll remember it.Today, though I do not dislike No5, it has not aged well (I feel the last 20 years have not been very kind to No5), and is actually a rather boring fragrance (especially when compared to the largely discontinued No22). Not a fragrance I am likely to buy again.

Miss Dior Originale Eau de Toilette (previously Miss Dior) by Christian Dior

Miss Dior is a beautiful, classic fragrance, particularly in the Parfum version. The EDT is lighter and not as rich; the Esprit De Parfum was nearly as rich as the Parfum, but it appears to have been discontinued.Miss Dior has an accord of chypre, rose buds, jasmine, frankincense, and spicy notes; there might be some leather in there too (more evident in the Parfum), but it is muted, and not in any way a main note, as in Diorling. It is soft and warm, and suitable to wear all year round.A very elegant and beautiful fragrance.

Diorissimo Eau de Toilette by Christian Dior

Diorissimo is a beautiful and classic floral fragrance, based on Lily Of The Valley. Added to the Lily are green, animalic and very subtle spicy notes.My friend wears Diorissimo and standing next to her is like being in the middle of a huge and beautiful bunch of flowers. Unfortunately on me Diorissimo changes and soapy notes appear, which taint the perfume, making it smell like gone-off Lily Of The Valley. Strangely, I can wear Caron's Muguet De Bonheur (which I think is very similar to Diorissimo) without this happening. My friend, who buys Diorissimo regularly, tells me that the Parfum (her favourite) is still available, as is the EDT. Apparently the original Esprit De Parfum (which she always wore during the summer) has recently been discontined and replaced by a version called Eau De Parfum. She doesn't like this at all, and says that it smells cheap and nasty in comparison to the existing Parfum and EDT (and nothing like the discontinued Esprit De Parfum).I really have to give Diorissimo a thumbs up, as it is a beautiful fragrance; not one I can wear, but one I love on other people.

Tendre Poison by Christian Dior

I tried Tendre Poison in the early 90s when it was first released: I thought it smelled like diluted version of the original Poison, and very much like the cheap copies of Poison that were around in the 80s. All my friends thought so too. A lady on the Dior counter let slip that Tendre Poison had been produced to try and boost public interest in the original Poison, which had lost its popularity and aged very badly.I tried Tendre Poison again recently and found it to be light, sweet green floral; pleasant by rather non-descript. It was nothing like the original Poison, so I think the formula must have changed since it's release (especially as original Poison has become more and more dated).

J'Adore by Christian Dior

I really couldn't believe J'Adore when I first tried it: brash and aggressive, it smells more like hair lacquer than fine perfume. I'm sorry I really can't find anything positive to say about J'Adore. Nasty and aggressive, it gives me an instant headache

Climat by Lancôme

I used to like Climat; though I haven't smelled it for a number of years, I can remember exactly what the Parfum version smelled like; therfore my review is for the vintage version: a clean aldehydic white floral, which I tended to wear for work during the warmer months.I wouldn't have said Climat was the most disctinctive of fragrances, but it formal and elegant (easily the most elegant Lancome fragrance). I think the Parfum has been discontinued, which is a pity.

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