Perfume Reviews by furrypine

Coco Figue by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Yes it's sweet but it's not a gourmand; it has a dry sweetness and they've managed to give it some air. I get a lot of coconut, not much fig. Pleasant vanilla drydown. A summery, suntan-lotion-y kind of scent.
30th October 2012

Santal Majuscule by Serge Lutens

It has a dry sandalwood on top, pleasing, realistic sandalwood, but dry, nothing creamy going on here. Soon notes of dry fruits appear; dates, prunes, raisins? They add sweetness and roundness to the scent, but they also take over and dominate completely, where did the sandalwood go?

The fragrance is now highly diffusive to the point of being overbearing, at this point I got a slight headache if I tried to sniff to sniff my arm too closely.

40 minutes in, things have calmed down, the mix of fruits and sandalwood are in balance, I can again smell the dry rasp on the sandalwood, the fruits are hovering but not trying to take over. It stays that way for the rest of the drydown.

Interesting to try, but this is not for me. I like sandalwood to be a little creamier and the push-pull of sandalwood and the sweeter notes was distracting.
6th August 2012


Secret Oud by Caron

This is a rose fragrance, through and through. Where is the oud? Taken as a unisex rose with spicy undertones it's not bad at all, but I came for the oud and was left wanting.
23rd July 2012

Eau Sauvage Parfum (original) by Christian Dior

I don't understand the reviews saying this is completely different from Eau Savage EdT. To me, the original notes are clearly present for most of the progression; it's like looking at the original through a piece of dark amber, the structure is intact. The parfum has great longevity and a stealthy but huge projection, go easy on the trigger.
20th July 2012

Jasmin 17 by Le Labo

A lovely orange blossom fragrance. Jasmine and vanilla are supporting players and keep the orange blossom sweet and non-indolic. Great longevity, huge sillage. I like it a lot but you better love orange blossom if you consider getting it.
20th July 2012

Love Les Carottes by Honoré de Prés

Carrot and iris in a festive mix! Thought the combination seems odd it works very well, but you (obviously) have to love the smell of carrot since it's front and centre of the fragrance. For a 100% natural fragrance is has good longevity.
1st July 2012

Lasso by Jean Patou

I am testing the parfum, and it's deep, rich, sweet. It's herbal and floral, something slightly mentholated (or peppery?) floats by, then the leather smooths out everything. It looses most of it sillage after about an hour and becomes a skin scent, though the far drydown lasts for many hours. A real treasure, don't miss the opportunity to try it if you like old school chypres.

Edited to add: I've changed my mind after testing it twice: I don't find it to be a typical chypre, on me at least, Lasso is more of a floral leather.
27th June 2012

Blask by Humiecki & Graef

Blask has a sparkling, radiant top, and deepens into a warm, sweet, slightly murky, maybe even pungent, heart. It has a wine-y quality, not boozy but more like the the ghost of hearty red wine. It has good projection and last all day.

Though I like it, it is right on the edge of not being wearable. If the red wine "aura" had been a tab more prominent it would have made me queasy, and I can't imagine wearing it in hot weather. It's certainly unique, I can't think of anything to compare it with.
26th May 2012

L'Eau Froide by Serge Lutens

It seems the good people at Lutens got together and said: Guys, we are missing a marked segment, namely the customer who absolutely hates every product in the Lutens line, who has a great disdain for the Lutens signature. We need to satisfy that customer. And that they did.

Froide is a sweet musky scent with a discrete incense hovering over it. Not disastrous by any means. It's pleasant enough, it's office friendly, hangs around all day, doesn't make a statement, doesn't get in your way.

If you thought Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker was just too raunchy for its own good, this is the "proper", sanded-all-the-interesting-bits-off version.
19th May 2012

Turtle Vetiver Front by LesNez

Very monochromatic, it's vetiver front, back, up and down. And little else. It's a little too one-note for me.
2nd May 2012

Fils de Dieu du Riz et des Agrumes by Etat Libre d'Orange

It's a little bland, but pleasant enough. I get toasted rice and lime, a touch of vanilla. You could do worse if you are looking for a soothing summer fragrance. It's certainly the most commercial scent I've tried from ELDO, wouldn't be surprised if it sold quite well. I give it a neutral rating for lack of originality and not very good longevity.
13th April 2012

Núvol di Llimona / Lemon Cloud by Roca Perfums

The scent has a sparkling lemon opening, fantastically realistic but gone in a flash. The heart feels cold and airy, I get the lemon (still quite bright) and milk, though musk is getting through more and more.

30 minutes in, the musk and milk/custard have the upper hand. It's soft, only slightly foody, not particularly sweet.

It's an interesting experiment, not sure I would recommend it to a citrus lover, since the lemon seems to bow out midway. If you are looking for an airy, "non-food" foody scent, this one might please you.
30th March 2012

Té Nero / Black Tea by Speziali Fiorentini

Te Nero is a simple fragrance with notes black tea and a touch of lemon. It's refreshing but short-lived, perfect for a hot summer day.
24th January 2012

1697 by Frapin

Its' Drunken Dzongkha!
Take Dzongka, another scent by Duchaufour, and marinate it in cognac and rum and you've got 1697. The iris fights with the alcohol but neither wins, no one yields, and the different elements never quite come together on my skin. Worth trying if you want a different take on iris, but it's not wholly successful.
14th May 2011

Citrus Paradisi by Czech & Speake

Sigh...quite, quite awful on me. The civet stays too dominant and tips over into the smell of urine. I guess it could work if your skin type brings out more of the sweet/tartness of the scent.
20th April 2009