Perfume Reviews by ericrico

TL pour Lui by Ted Lapidus

Simply great juice! I like the reviews here...a lot of positivity. This is a great scent in the vein of Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male and Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge to me, actually similar to both and taking the best out of each!

I have a fondness for JPG Le Male (it's part of my fragrance history as it came out the year I graduated college). I even bought a bottle in Paris that traveled a lot of places with me - it was one of my signature scents when I was younger. Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge eliminates a lot of the sweetness in JPG Le Male and adds some very nice incense and cardamom - excellent spiciness and a less cloying fragrance...sharper and truly wonderful.

TL Pour Lui has some absolutely wonderful vanilla (this is the key to the richness and warmth of this fragrance - superb!) The top notes come more from Le Male to my nose with the refreshing mint, great orange blossoms and lavender. However, there are also parallels to Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge as the smell is not overly sweet and the musks (both white and a little darker) add great notes to this fragrance along with the key mid-note of cedarwood. This keeps a "cleanliness" about the fragrance, yet somehow also enriches the great non-synthetic vanilla smell.

I will always have Le Male in my collection and Jacomo Rouge is now definitely one I reach for (and even bought a cool, red lighter flacon for my two boys who are building a shelf of fragrances they share!), but TL Pour Lui is something, by itself, simply fantastic! The vanilla in this is so pure, ethereal - yet rich. Somehow, the scent is both fresh and sweet (without being cloying) - remarkable composition. A somewhat unknown hidden gem in the fragrance world created by one of the greatest perfumiers, Monsieur Maurice Roucel (please correct the typo above in the fragrance overview as his first name is simply misspelled). You see...I have never come across a fragrance created by Maurice Roucel that I have not at least admired - I have many (as does my wife) that we absolutely LOVE! I will blind-buy bottles of Roucel's work - and yet to be disappointed.

Ironically, he also was the creator of Bogart Pour Homme in 2004...a fragrance that some on here have compared this to. I will leave that alone as they are both Roucel's work - I find them significantly different, by the way). I happen to love TL Pour Lui and it is a steal! Score - 8.8/10!!
29th February 2012

Révillon pour Homme by Révillon

My review for Vintage Revillon Pour Homme - I was very blessed to buy a large, mint condition (with absolutely perfect juice), 8oz flacon from a private estate sale! It is classified as a Woody Chypre (and it is a classic and excellent one that is nearly impossible to find)!

Here is the pyramid:

Lavender - Artemisia - Petitgrain - Rosemary

Carnation - Geranium - Pine needle - Cinnamon

Cedarwood - Moss - Fir - Tonka

The notes are absolutely true to form. It is a wonderful and aromatic fragrance with Fir and Pine being the two predominant wood components - mixed beautifully with a soft cedar. I would say this is a "sharp" and lifted fragrance with the lavender, artemisia and carnation along with fresh-cut rosemary on the top. The petitgrain is nice here - opening with a green and slightly herbaceous citric aroma. While the cinnamon is just a hint - nothing strong, it creates a slight dusty spiciness to the overall fragrance which is perfect. The Pine needle blends in almost immediately - and this is the key to this fantastic scent. It is as if you are in the middle of a coniferous forest - standing in a beautiful field of flowers (carnation and geranium are blooming alongside the well-integrated lavender), grasses and herbs. It is so very up-lifting for the first couple of hours of wear (again, very forest-like)...nothing synthetic at all here in the slightest. I get a drydown that is wonderful and harmonious that warms up, yet stays definitive.

The Fir/Pine needle blend along with the Cedarwood in the heart and drydown are what make this woody-chypre unlike any other I have tried. The Moss is definitely present, but it is not a heavy moss. The pine and floral keep it from becoming musty. I love moss - and it was used perfectly here to add the "forest floor" to the base notes. I get the fresh-cut wood, needles and even some pine resin - but nothing is too strong here, just refreshing and spicy. The florals intermingle and refresh the olfactory senses wonderfully, but don't dominate. What I like about this Woody Chypre is that a wonderful, fresh and invigorating pine is the focus of the scent - not lavender mixed with wood. Lavender is articulated nicely but not overly used. Like the Tonka, it makes a small appearance in the evolving drydown of spice (cinnamon) and wood - adding a sense of warmth and comfort. However, it does not change the fragrance or turn it into something else. This is simply awesome vintage juice, in my humble opinion! I get about 6+ hours out of it in moderate application (it is not overly strong - another plus), yet I find myself refreshing with a couple of dabs or spritzes from a decant I made, just to get to start the pleasure over after 4 hours or so! I prefer to put smaller amounts on several times during a day of wear - similar to how I wear Vintage Paco Rabanne Pour Homme and other classic scents with rich blended notes, so I can enjoy the Top-Middle-Base transition multiple times versus putting on a large amount and having it fade throughout a day. Vintage fragrances should be admired and adorned - pause, breathe, enjoy and even write a little (so we can all learn)...and then capture the essence again while the fragrance is on you by "touching it up". I find that I pick out individual notes better that way as well. For example, the artemisia and rosemary are very key here - I noticed that after a couple of wearings (each with at least two or more light applications). Those components really bring the herbal notes together in this masterful juice. I can now pick them out when I wear this very easily.

Revillon Pour Homme may be one that strikes some of you, at first, as a little different (as it is rather unique, but of truly great quality). It took me just two hours into wearing it for the first time to realize how good it is - I was in awe. To compare, I prefer this over Vintage Azzaro Pour Homme - period. I wore the two side-by-side. A small caveat - I love Vintage Azzaro Pour Homme (reformulation is a different story). However, this is a gem from yesteryear that offers a lot of olfactory pleasure!

I would rank this Vintage bottle of Revillon Pour Homme a shining 9+/10 - quantitatively, but it is to me, sublime and the qualities make the fractional score meaningless! Revillon Pour Homme is stunning, spicy and so intricately woven and harmonious...gorgeous! If I ever come across another flacon like it, I would be so grateful and pay virtually whatever was being asked - as this was preserved perfectly. Cheers!
26th February 2012


Molto Smalto by Francesco Smalto

Wow - fantastic juice! Discontinued sadly, but this is truly awesome stuff! I get the connection to Eternity to some degree (not Cool Water as much), but the juice is much fuller, less synthetic and very masculine than what Eternity is today (Original Vintage CK juice was very good). Bigsly hit this on the nail-head. I get a blast of coriander and lemon/orange (fresh-squeezed citrus) followed by clary sage and some nice warm florals but the strength and power come from the basenotes of great amber, nice clean musk and sandalwood (very rich). A scent that could be worn year-round, but would shine (and radiate) in warm weather! Terrific - 8.5/10 and a grin on my face. ;-)
24th February 2012

Mr Blass by Bill Blass

This is impressive juice - Shamu1 (as always) and SirSlarty nailed this down. Easily could have been made 25-30 years ago.

A rich, bold and smoky, leathery dark chypre with a great warmth and body to it. The blended tobacco (and I detect, patchouli) with the hint of spicy booziness reminds me of when I used to soak a rag in good brandy and let it sit in my humidor - with the cedar lining permeating the Cohibas and Montecristos I had saved for occasions.

Damn good body on this - the wood is there - some green, but also vetiver that is earthy. There is a slightly animalic note - with a nice rich musk giving this a nice lift. I detect a nice note of amber in the base.

I don't think this is "updated" or modernized - it is simply a cozy and comforting macho scent that is mature, sophisticated and deep (not mysterious, but dark indeed). Not intended for casual wear - this is a masculine and classy fragrance well-worth the price tag...hell, I would say blind that this is a $60 bottle of juice and most likely vintage!

I like that it is cozy and not a silage monster - it exudes confidence more this way. I am rather taken back by the sheer quality here...great notes, well-blended and a classic flacon. Hard to believe the price on this.

8+/10. Recommended to powerhouse fragrances lovers and gentlemen who enjoy a refined scent. Cheers.
23rd February 2012

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

I want to express my concern and discontent in the note pyramid above. Drakkar Noir is a true aromatic fougere - in both current and vintage formulation.

The note pyramid provided is missing very key ingredients (and adding some) that without them, Drakkar Noir would not be the classic fragrance that it is. Huge notes missing include Fir, Artemisia, Basil, Leather, Coriander, Cedar, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Carnation, Jasmine, Rosemary & Cinnamon. Lemon is somewhat apparent - a nice touch along with a little bergamot to add a sparkle of citrus on top, but this is a green and aromatic fragrance with a lot of wood, florals, and GREEN notes.

I cannot even discern what would be in a bottle of fragrance from the note pyramid listed - no offense intended to this truly wonderful forum at all - but Drakkar Noir has a very rich, potent and distinct history in male fragrance. Basenotes is a marquis site in the world of fragrance and I am a highly-devoted lover of scent. I just wanted to point out that a huge amount of notes are missing for Drakkar Noir. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the fragrance from Guy Laroche. Even in its reformulation, the notes are there and some even prefer it as it is now a less moss-heavy, leather-oriented throwback is actually a reformulation that I believe holds up well (definitely more lifted and "cleaner"), but is clearly different than the classic original.

My next review will cover my personal feelings of this classic, but I wanted to point out just how "off" the pyramid was so people who don't know the scent are not left in the dark. It's amazing how even current formulation is holding its value and is so highly sought-after.
21st February 2012

Capucci pour Homme by Roberto Capucci

I put this on after a shower a few nights ago and fell asleep smelling it, as did my wife. Classic, chic and a wonderful chypre in the Italian style! This is not modern, but that is why I like it more...authentic charm, yet totally fresh and invigorating! Could definitely be unisex on the right woman, but I think this leans towards being masculine. The burst of lemon (mostly) & some lime and bergamot joining in is fantastic on top - fresh-squeezed! Most people today, except for those who know fragrance, would strictly classify this as a Spring/Summer daytime scent that needs warmth and sunshine. Well, a well-constructed chypre that has good mid and basenotes is actually year-round, like Capucci Pour Homme...and could most definitely be worn in the evenings of Spring, Summer and even Fall days. Cold Winter nights is about the only time you couldn't wear this out. However if you're staying inside and just took a nice, warm shower and want to smell amazingly fresh, clean and chic - 3-4 sprays of this juice and you awake the senses ;-) ! The florals are very nicely integrated - lavender, jasmine...that play nicely with the drydown of patchouli, very nice musk and leather. Classy. I would say that this is a fragrance for the 35 & up crowd of men who are confident, sensual and know what a gentleman smells like. If you lived on the Italian Riviera (or have visited as I have), this evokes wonderful memories. It creates its own sunshine, as I am writing this review on a rain-soaked day. One good spray on the back of my wrist and Capucci Pour Homme is radiating. 8/10 and a strong recommendation for those who understand fragrance and chypres! I find this to be rather similar to a reformulated masterpiece, Gianfranco Ferre for Man...which Vintage is one of my favorite male fragrances. Capucci Pour Homme captures the freshness and brighter top notes of the more recent, black metal bottle of GFF for Man, but with definitive Oakmoss.

Update - full wearing is overcast and cool, but not windy. This is so vibrant and refreshing! While the citrus gets the attention here in reviews (and holds throughout the fragrance), it is the heart of florals and nice green notes the make this a wonderfully balanced chypre with the nice moss adding the touch in the base that enriches the entire scent (as Grottola pointed out). The leather is fresh and the musk is a just a hint past white - again adding touch more clean, warm depth. But, this never gets heavy (it is truly "fragrant" and uplifting) and retains its beauty and citrus/floral chypre vibe throughout. Yes - and Capucci Pour Homme could be an everyday office scent as pointed out. Created 45 years ago and as invigorating as the fresh-squeezed, juicy citrus sitting on top of this chypre! After getting more light wearings before today (including just a few spritzes after showers), I was more and more impressed. This full wearing today brings my score up to 8.5/10!
21st February 2012

Davidoff by Davidoff

A bottle of potent, refind juice - best ever from this house...and there are plenty of other bottles that Davidoff has put out over the years that are staples in fragrance lovers' wardrobes. It is a true aromatic fougere with an old-school masculine vibe. If you don't like sharp carnation, fresh-squeezed lime and warm leather blended with green notes (basil and artemisia) - then don't even consider buying it. The drydown has nice patchouli and moss coming in, but Davidoff retains its freshness and sharp notes throughout. The amazing castoreum used in this beauty is one of the finest examples of the animalic note's use I have ever tried. This is a classic...a fragrance from yesteryear that can only be worn by someone with class and attitude. You could wear it as a formal fragrance or even dressed down - but you MUST wear it with attitude, or it will wear you.

I put this next to some very special bottles of mine. Davidoff stands up well - in fact, it surpasses some that I hold in very high regard. Refined, powerful, masculine and classic. It has been reviewed very well here and I like what shamu1 said...very MACHO indeed, and rare. 9/10!

**Update** - After multiple wearings and comparisons to scents of this era (and anything in this world that is considered fragrance), I come back to the shirt-staining green juice and take a knee. I bow in admiration - this is a masterpiece among scents. My updated rating is, humbly...perfection. 10/10. Epic.
19th February 2012

Francesco Smalto pour Homme by Francesco Smalto

I was a little hesitant at first to buy this - although I am a powerhouse and aromatic fougere lover, I was worried it would be overly-done or perhaps a shadow of another scent. I was also concerned if the bottle I got was a good one as there are threads on other forums of cheap (possible immitation) bottles. I got the real juice from a reliable source and have very serious affection for this fragrance - excellent & MACHO!

Shamu nails this - I got hit with the smoky opening full of rich artemisia and florals (similar to a Drakkar Noir base but with added smoke), which sort of floored a good way. It is not as tarry as Jacomo de Jacomo (which can be over the top for me) as the smoke blends very nicely into this - it is not over-the-top, but well-integrated. I would have to say that it is an Aromatic Fougere with a lot of leather, lavender, moss, patchouli, musk and other green/floral scents. The citrus is minimal - this is a rugged scent, not "fresh" - but in your face macho. It is not the tough guy at the bar - it is the bouncer who will throw him out!

I recently have reviewed the reformulation of Drakkar Noir and feel it is very good (lighter than before). Ironically, this is like Drakkar Noir "Black" - ;-) ! The notes are very well-blended here...impressively so. The smoke stays, but other florals come forward and the fresh top green artemisia (which is a key ingredient in DN as well) keeps this from becoming dank or musty. This is the perfect smoker's fragrance...and yet there is no tobacco note. Apart from Drakkar Noir, I would have to say that this is actually fairly unique. It doesn't remind me of Azzaro Pour Homme (neither vintage or current formulation) - as I don't get a strong anise note from this (although it is mentioned). It is far too green and floral - I do get a hint of tarragon and some nice rosemary, so herbal indeed. I have a large collection of Aromatic Fougeres and this one just found a home in my rotation! Excellent.

Throw my hat into the ring of really, really like - damn near love. I am curious for a full-wearing of this, but I can tell it is a powerhouse. For now, I give it a solid and respectable 8+/10 and a recommendation to buy (I have worn the latest Drakkar Noir several times lately and increased my rating to 7.5+/10 - I would say they are very close, but slight nod to Francesco Smalto Pour Homme for the depth and not reformulated that I can tell). I would reach for DN to be less-offensive/daytime scent. This bottle to hang out, evenings and just to feel I got a bigger pair. Great bottle of juice and only to be worn by men, not boys.
19th February 2012

Witness by Jacques Bogart

Very interesting bottle of juice - classy, old-school vibe with cinnamon and sandalwood blended with pine and aldehydes on top. A very lifted scent - fresh and invigorating. This was created in 1992, but it could have easily been 1982. A lot of notes peek through - some pine, green (artemisia & basil), patchouli, along with some oriental undertones...vanilla and benzoin/amber in the base. Wow.

I love complexity in fragrance and this is a bottle of juice that I may notice different otes every time I wear it. I'm getting nice floral notes intertwined, but this is more spicy and woodsy overall to me this wearing, but there is a bouquet of flowers in this little bottle!

Great bottle...8+/10. Something about this that has a macho swagger, a hipster vibe and love the retro splash bottle I got. This rating may swing a full point up or a bit down, but I think it wears according to your mood and right now, I'm relaxed on a Sunday afternoon. Next time, I am wearing this out with a button down shirt and a nice coat. No one would think of making juice like this today - just self-confident men who have taste would wear it with a grin!
19th February 2012

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

Azzaro Pour Homme is a classic - period. It, like its predecessor (Paco Rabanne Pour Homme) has stayed relevant because it is both plain good fragrance and a bottle of history. Let me start this review by saying - if you don't like Anise as a note, then you will not like Azzaro Pour Homme. I happen to like it, so the point is moot. Also, like Paco Rabanne, current formulation has been reformulated - although maybe not to such a noticeable degree to some. I happen to own both vintage and current and will write my review from the context of knowing both. The vintage formulation goes on warm with great anise, lavender, leather and nice petit grain and some floral - not bright. The transition into the mid and basenotes happens within 20-30 minutes and you get the sandalwood, musk, oakmoss (very key), slight hint of vetiver, patchouli and ambergris. Definitely the vintage juice has an old-school vibe - one that I really like, but is much more wearable in cold weather. Maybe light application on a summer evening outdoors or at a dinner party. There are so many components that individual notes don't overpower. The leather up-front is simply great and the oakmoss here brings a comparison to Paco in mind - but, the distinct anise note keeps the two fragrances apart (perhaps the one note that does separate this aromatic fougere). Very good longevity and does not need to be heavily applied, but as another thread discusses - one must "wear" Azzaro Pour Homme as it is an aura/body scent. Apply to chest, backs of hands and arms along with a nice dousing on the neck. You need to have pulse points covered - but on your body to. I also like to spray my shirt with at least a couple of shots as this does wear well on fabric. This does not shout - it radiates...if you want to smell it in its true form, let it blend with you natural chemistry. Vintage formulation is very, very good juice indeed - 9/10.

Current formulation is not as good, like Paco Rabanne Pour Homme - the oakmoss is virtually gone (still a listed note along with tree moss - but a more 'hollow scent'). You get sharp and bright anise notes, no strong leather and more sharp citrus and floral notes up top (lavender is sharper too). The mid notes are there, but lacking the depth and overall vintage vibe - like the base notes. The vetiver is sharp and with the geranium and anise, there is a slight 'chilliness' to the aromatic fougere in current formulation. Gone is the warmth of Vintage, but it is still a decent bottle of juice. In the base, it's almost all sandalwood, musk, ambergris with some patchouli. It does warm over time, but the depth of the heart is missing. Not bad. Not offensive, but if you know vintage juice, then you realize the difference. Again - you must really wear this. I find the secret to getting the most out of Azzaro Pour Homme is to use the After Shave Lotion (splash it on as a base), let it absorb and then 3-4+ shots to my neck (front & back), 1-2 for the back of each hand and 3-4 for the body, including at least 2 on my shirt. With new formulation, that will give you a strong and heady anise top that smooths out over time and eventually gives you the shadow of what Vintage smelled like. Good - nice, actually. Current formulation - 7/10.

I agree with other reviewers here - Azzaro Pour Homme is nothing like Paco Rabanne Pour Homme. Paco is green, herbal, fresh (and my all-time favorite man's scent) - the other is a complex anise-flavored fougere with lavender and some great wood and musk in its vintage form...current being 'hollowed' out. Both have suffered from reformulation, but they were never the same. Anyone can blind smell the two in any formulation and know exactly what they are and how different they are. At no point do these fragrances overlap. I believe having a bottle of Azzaro Pour Homme is essential to anyone into fragrance - it is a part of history and will allow you to understand how a lot of fragrances came into existence.

A must have for a man's wardrobe. A true classic.

14th February 2012

Eryo by Yves Rocher

Good fragrance from Yves Rocher. One of the first I purchased from it with the very good shower gel and after shave balm (which has almost no scent). To me, this is a good, natural male fragrance that does more than one thing - it starts off bright with the bergamot and mint with green notes of crisp/sharp rosemary and then the dash of patchouli transcend it into a nice oriental-tinged vanilla/benzoin drydown. Not excellent but somewhat unique as it is a clean and lifted top (excellent as wonderful shower scent with the body/hair shampoo) with a warm bottom - I think it would be good for work as it is definitely not offensive or loud at all. I enjoy the blend - and feel YR did something decent here. People try to compare Yves Rocher fragrances to mainstream and it's difficult. I find that YR is usually about QPR and it almost always is very good - Eryo being another one that you should buy just to try. Like I said, good fragrance (6.5-7/10)...short on longevity for me - only 3-4 hours for me, but I don't like to heavily apply it.
27th January 2012

Vetiver by Guerlain

*Note: The review is for Original Vintage Guerlain Vetiver Eau De Cologne

I have several contributions to make here to the "Guerlain Vetiver review page" - an homage of sorts. To preface, I must first say that I am a huge fan of vetiver and my collection of vetivers is broad and deep (I have far more bottles than what is in my wardrobe). Second, I believe Guerlain's Vetiver to be the basis point from which all vetiver fragrances should be considered. It is a classic, a true masterpiece in fragrance. I will begin in chronological order. I just purchased a large, Original Vintage 6oz Flacon of Guerlain's Vetiver Eau De Cologne (that came in the black & white zig-zag/zebra box). Stunning. Amazing and mesmerizing juice. This is over 40+ years old and was kept perfectly - I bought it from an online dealer with a great reputation. The EDC is the essence of vetiver - clean, crisp, invigorating and deep without the tobacco from the EDT. It is Vetiver in its truest form...only a bit of citrus seems to be there, but most of that is gone. There is absolutely nothing synthetic at all - this is apothecary and perfumery in harmony. As old as it is, in no way does it feel musty or dated. This is actually fresher smelling than bottles over 30 years younger than it! It is almost like wearing the oil of fresh vetiver root that has been diluted enough to not be harsh in any way. It does go on sharp (a bit pungent, but rich and awe-inspiring), but it dries down to its fantastic and true form quickly (10-15 minutes or so) as the composition, to me, evokes the images of squeezing the essential oil of fresh vetiver root and then blending it with fresh spring water flowing in a beautiful green is almost ethereal. There is nothing more pure than Guerlain EDC from Vintage stock that has been kept perfect and cared for. My bottle was still sealed. It does not last as long as I would like in cold weather (50 degrees today and overcast), but it is so fresh I couldn't help but wear it - and reapply it. This will be a show-stopper in the spring, summer and warmer fall days. Overall - 10/10 for a pure, linear scent! And, one that has established an entire world of fragrances from its creation. A timeless bottle to enjoy for years to come...magnificent!!!!
21st January 2012

Citrus & Wood by Yardley

Well - what is this...Yardley? I find your bar soaps to be fair when I can grab one at the Dollar Store. But, this bottle of juice is something else - entirely. I give you a round of applause. I read some other online reviews of this and went blind on a bottle as it is relatively inexpensive.

Very, very natural smelling! I love how the citrus has a soft and warm element with the wood immediately - there is no sharpness here. Wonderfully smooth and harmonious.

The notes don't lie - there is Birch wood in here (I know - I used to work in a wood shop). The warmth of the amber enriches the base here so nicely with the cedar and sandalwood. A slight touch of Moss, but just enough (a dash is perfect here and, honestly, an unnecessary but very welcome addition).

A solid scent, but it is one you need to be close to, or on the skin to admire. Longevity...we'll see, but about 30 minutes in and this is fully integrated. I am going to the back of my hand repeatedly - wow!

This is a great little creation and one that I will wear in warm weather to see how it develops...I think this will shine at 75 degrees or warmer and radiate more. But, it smells awesome and warming on a cool, crisp winter day - so wear it whenever. Surprised me more than a little - even though the other reviews (by people whose noses, know their scents) brought me to buying this...cheers!
6th January 2012

Worth pour Homme by Worth

This is for the Haute Concentration formula in a blue & red paisley box. It is not related at all to the original or reformulation and is in no way similar to Paco Rabanne Pour Homme. I, personally, put Vintage Paco Rabanne Pour Homme on a pedestal - it is suave, fresh, sophisticated, green, warm and harmonious. It is the best scent ever created for a man and the essence of what an aromatic fougere will ever attempt to be.

This is a strong, slap-in-the-face scent. Haute Concentration for sure! Wow! The sinuses were cleared by the initial only took one on my wrist to realize this could be used for huffing if one wanted an olfactory high. But, then the scent warmed up on my skin and after about 30 minutes of a sharp lavender/carnation-clove/pine needles nose-bleed - Worth HC hits a nice point of smoothness as the lavender softens (due in part to the citrus burning off and heart notes coming through), nice rich moss and rosemary (fresh-cut, not dried) cloud around you that softens up into a nice soapiness (a good thing - almost a lather of leathery moss with lavender and a blend of soft floral and green notes). This inviting fog has allure - we are now in the early 80's and polyester has a place in our attire. Driving a Mercedes 450SL convertible and the late days of disco and early club music is what this smell evokes images of...along with, somehow, a sense of being in London in cool weather (there is a British pompousness to this that I like - I think chaps in London's gentlemen clubs and pubs wore this...and the true gentlemen still do). I would not wear this in warm weather unless I wanted to offend somebody. The paisley box is obnoxiously retro-cool...I like it along with the bottle itself. This has a vibe to it.

This is serious and not for the faint-of-heart: 8+/10. It has a place on my shelf and one of admiration. I will come back for more slaps in the face by Worth Haute Concentration with a smile. Wear this with a 'hipster attitude', retro clothes with style and panache...or, it will wear you. Great stuff.

I have Vintage Revillon Pour Homme, Vintage Paco Rabanne (Original and New Vintage) and Vintage Azzaro as well as Current formulation Worth Pour Homme (as shown above) - which are all "True" Aromatic Fougeres. None are like this bottle of Haute Concentration! Truly "Worth" every pence...cheerio!

**UPDATE** - this 2nd review is for the reformulated blue box bottle (Made in England), shown above, that is clear with blue block print - which is an entirely different scent from any other Worth bottling (Vintage and Haute Concentration). This is true classic, aromatic fougere captured in a bottle. Shamus1's review (along with alfarom's) and a few others led me to this blind-buy purchase. I am very happy I did! The top notes of lavender and herbs are sharp and pronounced - a blast hits your nose...and old-school vibe - this is what I look for and find! Great note integration as the pyramid fills in - note separation in a well-made aromatic fougere like this is excellent (and I took my time really examining this on my arm - 2 full sprays):

Top notes are rosemary, nutmeg, cinnamon, lavender, mandarin orange, petit grain and bergamot
Middle notes are carnation, green notes, brazilian rosewood, pine tree needles and geranium
Base notes are leather, tonka bean, amber, musk, oakmoss, balsam fir, vetiver and cedar

The notes are all there - wonderful composition. While one "element" is missing and cannot be listed and that is the classic slightly-soapy vibe that Worth Pour Homme offers (and I mean that in a good way). A gentlemen scent that transcends time...I don't think I would want this to be a "louder", more powerhouse fragrance. One the opening warms up, this actually wears very gentlemanly - a bit retrained, but a long-lasting skin scent that creates a nice aura. It is meant to be applied liberally, yes, but also the refinement and class this has means one should not try to overly-project it, in my opinion. It layers fantastic with the splash after shave lotion...adding more top notes and richness to the fougere/old-school vibe.

The base notes of great leather, balsam fir (which transcends from the pine needles in the heart) and musk are truly wonderful, albeit a touch soapy (fine, french-milled soapiness - that is). The green notes are there, but not as prevalent as Paco Rabanne Pour Homme - neither are some other base notes, but in place is the rich leather as pointed out by Shamu and others. The pine needles and fir in the heart and base of Worth Pour Homme are definitely reminscent to a rare, treasured composition in Vintage Revillon Pour Homme (1977) - excellent choice of notes for this composition that further separates the magic in the current formulation from Paco Rabanne PH. And, everything is turned down here...once it settles, it gives you comfort and a sense of place & purpose. This is a bottle of great fragrance unto itself, all comparisons aside.

I don't believe this is outdated at all - it is classic Aromatic Fougere and a bit understated. Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, Azzaro Pour Homme, Worth, and a noted mention to Patrick (from Fragrances of Ireland) as well as other numerous Aromatic Fougeres do not go out of my opinion, they exude class, sophistication, taste and knowledge of fragrance. To not have these (among other great fougeres) in my wardrobe would be simply unimaginable.

Excellent fragrance - 8.5+/10. I cannot say I like this more than the Haute Concentration (in the blue & red paisley box) by much, but I give it the nod because it is imminently far more wearable and chic. It is a more classically structured fougere with a great composition. What it lacks in macho, it more than makes up for in class & taste. A scent that can be worn by a gentleman or someone who simply enjoys classic fougeres...regardless of attire, but you will feel better wearing this with a button-down shirt or a polo.
6th January 2012

R by Révillon

Nice "ultra-clean" aromatic with a wonderful blended composition by Maurice Roucel! I like what he did here - and see it almost as a throwback scent, but there is something decisively modern about it. No dust - there is a super fresh feeling one gets with a bit of a soft powdery vibe along with liquid/ozonic notes mainly from violet.

My notes are: Top - splash of light citrus - bergamot mostly, a sprig of lavender with both the floral and herbal/green aspects (creating a light and breezy accord, not heavy at all as lavender can be), and a dash of some "liquid" notes - a slightly ozonic quality that stems from the violet - very nice!

The middle warms up along with the spices...with a hint of cedar, but there is very little wood in here - and I find a nice bit of artemisia (and possibly other light herbal notes) adding some greenery. The spices are fragrant, and intermingle nicely - they warm up the composition a touch...pinches of cinnamon, nutmeg and coriander is what I can detect. Nothing is loud - just a bit of sparkle, then warmth. Violet made a nice entrance and is with you throughout, but is not overly-dominant. It blends with the wonderful lavender on top and spices in the heart.

Base - this stays light and wears relatively close with a clean white musk and very fresh, powdery vibe that I love. Also, after wearing this a lot (I've used a total of over half a 200ml bottle) - I have found that nice light cedar/fir balsam note in the finish - with the violet staying present into the dry down as well. It is clean and adds a bit of depth.

Last notes to mention is ambroxan with the white 'laundry' musk and a crisp, clean leather note that comes in at the base. I have found longevity (with a nice, liberal application) to be fairly adequate. Layering with the Splash After Shave is when this shines - this never gets cloying. If I want to touch-up, I just reapply a bit more Revillon R and enjoy the fragrance from top to bottom again before leaving the house (or bring a small decant along with me and put on a few spritzes any time I feel the desire). Also...this is a great out-of-the-shower scent and will allow you to go to something different (without needing to wash it off) after just a few hours, if you so desire.

This is a really great, relatively unknown fragrance from a true master in the perfume world in Monsieur Roucel! The price is great - and since it is light and wears like an EDC or even splash after-shave, I like to apply it liberally. I get compliments when I wear this, especially from my wife in the first 30 minutes or so...she loves the top and middle especially (but it is never at a point where it changes dramatically). Longevity is adequate/moderate, around 3-4 hours (at most) leaving a non-obtrusive and clean base you can put virtually anything over (and for me, that may actually be nice - as I find myself wanting to wear or even layer a couple of fragrances during the day). Pick another aromatic fougere with nice lavender in the top and put it over this at midday - no worries.

How to apply is key for me. I bought a 200ml splash (big bottle) for a great price. I unscrew the cap and pour a fair amount of Revillon R either into my cupped hand or, preferably, into the cap itself...probably 2/3 to a full cap and "splash" it on my neck, face, hair and a few wet palms on my shirt. It creates a very nice aura - now you know what Revillon R is all about. Awesome scent for the price. 8/10 overall (due to moderate longevity), but 8.8/10 for the scent and price tag. Settle at a 8.5/10 and a strong recommendation to buy. Year-round simply cannot over-apply this and the more I wear it, the more I come back to it. Cheers to the Revillon house and Maurice Roucel!
2nd January 2012

Vetiver Hombre by Adolfo Dominguez

Wonderful, clean, uplifting and natural vetiver! This smells so very different from the dark and brooding scents that have taken a large portion of the vetiver market. I love a lot of those dark and brooding vetivers - don't get me wrong - but this is almost like the "essence of vetiver" that would shine in warmer weather (but could be worn year-round). It is a mood changer - and will bring a smile to your face.

This is so pure, clean and simple - yet that is what makes it shine. Buddy97's review hits all the points...I am not going to compare this to the benchmark of Guerlain, because it is not a composition of citrus, vetiver, tobacco, and other notes like the "standard" of all vetivers offers.

It is so fresh and pleasant - kudos to Adolfo Dominguez, who is putting Spain proudly on the map with this offering in the "ocean" of vetivers. In a way, this fragrance sets a standard this case, "less" is more. Wow! 8.5+/10 and a strong recommendation to anyone who wants to simply smell good and not have to think about scent pyramids.
30th December 2011

Uomo? Moschino by Moschino

I absolutely love this fragrance! I bought it when it first came out - and it's been a staple in my wardrobe since 1997. I used to think it was a warm weather scent, but I love this year-round.

It is so fresh, invigorating yet masculine. One of the greatest Italian male fragrances on the market - and the price is great! Some of the reviews here get it - this stuff is simply awesome. If you don't like it, then I will not speak to you ever again (or even pretend to know you). The question mark in the label (for me) is asking, "Am I man enough to dose myself in its glory...?"

This is not generic - my apologies to anyone who said this is not original, but I will have to disagree with you. Dose yourself in it on a warm summer day at a nice patio lunch wearing some nice clothes. Relax, breathe deep and let it create an aura around you. Then, reapply some more for going out at night to a club. It works equally as good! This is the essence of what a fragrance should be - and not be niche. I respect, own and collect some niche fragrances. The problem is, you can only wear them at very specific places, time and weather (and attire). This is get up and go - any day, night, weather (although it radiates in sunshine)and clothes (suit to t-shirt & jeans)...have fun with it!

4.5+/5 stars...and something that I don't grow tired of - and always get compliments on. Awesome stuff! Italians get it - we live life to enjoy...and this you can get a "taste" of what Italy is in a bottle.
20th December 2011

Zirh Ikon by Zirh

Extremely good bottle of juice - well worth double the sticker price! I love the incense notes from this fragrance...blended with some clove and a dash of bitters on top (lemon peel, ginger root). A few good reviews here, so I wouldn't bother with tedium and be redundant. I highly agree that if you don't have a cold weather/winter scent yet - and you don't want to spend a lot to find out what's out there, then blind buy and indulge. This is a little synthetic, but, again for the price - I cannot be happier. I prefer a little headshop incense-heavy drydown for $11-12 or so on a cold winter day from this elixir than a lot of what is out there for more.

However, I do have say to Mario-K: while this was my daytime scent today and wore well in casual clothes...I put a nice dose of Gucci Pour Homme on over the top (after 6-7+ hours or so) with a nice hip, button down shirt, dress pants and a top-shelf peacoat and I was in another level of olfactory heaven with my family at our school's Christmas celebration in church. My boys liked it so much, they each put a couple of shots on - the whole car was alive with Gucci PH driving to and from...and what a difference! So, I say, don't try to find Zirh Ikon as a replacement for Gucci PH or any other incense-laden scent. I feel it deserves a place on the shelf in its own right. But, in all honesty, you cannot deny that Gucci PH is nothing short of a masterpiece!
16th December 2011

Krizia Uomo by Krizia

Interesting and unique - definitely an 80's fragrance. It is heavy in pine tree needles, green herbs and floral notes...but all in a sudsy-soapy bucket. Not a bad thing, but not great at first - it takes a bit of time to come together. A little sharp at first, like a lot of 80's scents. I give Krizia credit for continuing production of this scent and from what I know - it is has never changed. Maybe the oak moss was taken out due to regulations, but I'm not sure more oak moss would make this composition better - just "heavier".

I like it for what it has to "say" and the drydown is where you get the best part of the scent's message. It goes on loud but becomes calming and soothing. Let it settle for 30 minutes or so before making any judgement. Someone said air freshener - and the top notes (if pulled alone out of the composition) equate to that, but this is actually a decent bottle of juice. After two hours, the scent hits on the best part of its evolution from the bottle. It doesn't shout and it doesn't whisper. It is medium in projection, but you (the wearer) will smell it. Good stuff. Overall rating - 7/10. A little short on longevity, but the uniqueness makes up for it.

Wear it casually in cool weather - jeans, pullover/thermal and a jacket. It will make your mind drift off to an image of coniferous forest and field of greens and flowers...and it doesn't get too dark.
16th December 2011

Encre Noire by Lalique

I have to preface my review by saying that I am a huge fan of vetiver as a "note" - and have a good number of vetiver fragrances. From the first spray, I knew I found what a lot of people have in Lalique's Encre Noire...a lot of deep, dark, and rooty vetiver not for the faint of heart. There are no top notes - read the pyramid and go into the experience knowing that. The composition is simply awesome - niche quality. I tried to remove the flacon from the olfactory notes, but it is hard as we all taste and smell with our eyes first. There is an inky-note here, but not harsh or toner cartridge at all. I think of it as the essential oil being squeezed from the vetiver root mixed with some wood chips and fresh dew in a forest. Brooding and maybe too honest and unforgiving to those who don't like vetiver, but this is pure heaven to me. Very introspective scent - and makes those around stop for a moment. I liken it to Edgar Allen Poe's writing - dark, mysterious and not for the faint of heart. Not uplifting in any way, but you are left with imagery that captivates you. This fragrance is worthy of a very solid 9/10, in my humble opinion.
14th December 2011

Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

Still has something special for me...after all these years. I got it when it first hit the shelves in 1995! People would not stop asking me, "What are you wearing?" It was truly a bombshell of a fragrance. Well, as my tastes have refined - I come back to it almost (oxymoronically) as a "comfort" scent...but, only because I am so comfortable wearing Le Male. This is not for everyone...and I understand the negativity directed towards it today - and, yes, it is definitely far more main-stream than ever before with loads of knock-offs. But, at the end of the day, I realize it simply feels good going on and it always lifts my spirits.

A fragrance that has been with me many years and has always been a part of my wardrobe. Most likely, but not for sure, I will buy another replacement when this one is done. I have said that about 5 times and I have never been without Le Male in my wardrobe (along with after shaves, deodorant, etc.) to compliment the infamous torso of fragrance! A rating is pointless - we all know what it smells like...the question is, do you want to wear it? I do.
13th December 2011

Jack Black Signature Black Mark by Jack Black

odysseusm and darfoo offer good perspectives below, albeit a little different. TropiRock touches on something important as well. My perspective is that this fragrance is composed of truly high quality, natural ingredients that do take you to a different place. Extremely well-crafted and near minimalistic...the red cedar is dominant, but the saffron offers a nice warmth and special touch. This is real saffron - the small strands that are ultra expensive and you just need a dash in a large cooking pot, and that's what you get here.

The issue is not the scent - just judging that, I am feeling that this is a niche fragrance that is both unique and masterfully poured into a bottle. 4.5/5 stars!!

The longevity and sillage (and this is an EDP) are not much more than a dilute EDT or even EDC strength. The aroma for the first 20-30 minutes is fantastic - you are in a grove of cedar trees in the spring time and you just so happen to have some saffron strands in a small glass jar. You lay back and look up through the canopy and see the warm light in your favorite leather jacket...and then, suddenly, you come to and realize that you were just daydreaming. The smell is now just a skin scent and you keep going back to your wrist for more and it drifts away within a couple of hours almost entirely. I would love to find something to layer this with - but I cannot imagine degrading the beauty it offers, even if short-lived. I can appreciate that natural materials are not as potent as synthetic, as I've said before in this forum, but there needs to be a better balance. I cannot reapply this more than once (and that is with 5+ shots each time) and not go through a bottle in the blink of an eye.

Overall, I recommend this for connossieurs who want to sample and savor something special, but not worry about the longevity and sillage. Let it evoke a memory...however, for people wanting a true EDP-strength woody scent (or potent EDT), this is not it. My rating, in my personal context, is a solid 4/5 stars - I just wish beautiful moments and scents like these last longer.
12th December 2011

Tabaróme Millésime by Creed

I like this a lot - it is my absolute favorite fragrance from the Creed house. It has a distinct, refined, gentlemanly sense - but also uniqueness. Definitely not an everyday scent for me, but wonderful for a special occasions, a night out, a cigar, reading a classic book, or watching an old black and white film with Bogart. Jack_Hunter said that this is Sherlock Holmes with his pipe - I pictured it, and it is not far from the truth and a great review. A very solid offering from Creed (and I am not a huge advocate of the house) that I absolutely look forward to wearing. I am finding it to be a year-round scent. At first, only cool weather was my initial thought, but this blends so well with my body chemistry...and it does not get cloying at all. This exudes class & taste - not for boys, men only (and those with refinement).

I really like the ginger here - the opening smells fresh, sharp and so brilliantly aromatic. I don't know how many people here have tried smelling and eating raw ginger (yes, the root), not the pickled stuff on a sushi plate - but this is very good in the top and true to smell. A nice splash of citrus - mainly bergamot opens the scent for a while and it is beautifully lifted and seems to sparkle. This is not a deep and brooding scent - but a clean, vibrant and masculine one. The top notes segue into the green tea, which is perfect with those notes. The heart of the composition is the beautiful Virginia tobacco leaf blended with that slight herbal green tea and a touch of ambergris. What this scent is ALL about is the tobacco - mainly fresh green leaves, and a pinch of pipe tobacco and a nice luxurious cigar (in the drydown - not smoky, but that beautiful aroma of a hand-rolled light-to-medium bodied Churchill). This is where Tabarome shines for me...and I have to say, that when you wear this and smoke a nice cigar, it is truly exquisite. I get compliments when I wear this - everytime. The ambergris, like all Creed Millesimes is present, and it used to be the only thing I didn't like about this fragrance - now I find it as an interesting note in the composition (common in Creed Millisimes). If that accord was left out and just sandalwood and the clean vetiver intermingled with the warm musk on the drydown with the tobacco, then it would be outstanding. But, it is still very, very good to excellent nonetheless. The fragrance is wonderful on skin - so warming, natural and inviting...I love the tobacco blending with the musk and nice smooth sandalwood, lifted by the light vetiver accord, which keep the green notes well integrated throughout (green tea, a slight greenness in the tobacco leaf and the vetiver that is accompanied by just a touch of patchouli, which comes at the end of heart into the warm dry down - not a key note.)

*Update* - the ambergris has settled into my olfactory perspective more and I find it very well-integrated (especially with this scent, among others that have it). People say musk is prominent. True - there is definitely some great, warm musk here in the dry-down, but, for me, it is the ambergris that could be off-putting to some people not familiar. Similar in many ways to one another, but ambergris comes from whales and musk from deer (in nature - synthesized molecules in most fragrance houses). The base of this is warm, but fresh and the tobacco reigns king throughout, while being enhanced with citrus, ginger and a light vetiver note (clean, not dirty) that I didn't find too strong - further wearings have shown it more pronounced and what enhances the green notes, but the drydown is so warm with the tobacco, sandalwood and musk.

Don't buy blind - as the price point is not cheap at all. I would rate this a solid 8/10 for sheer quality and genuine composition, which is remarkable. Longevity is decent and sillage is a touch strong at first (with the sharp Bergamot and Ginger) - which I like, but it dries down to a nice skin scent. For gentlemen and regular guys who want to feel like one - good stuff, indeed!

*Updated Score* - 9/10. Very classy and excellent fragrance - very refined. More special occasion and dressed up scent, but one that I look forward to wearing! Creed, while highly-regarded and sought-out, is not my favorite house - but this bottle of juice really does a wonderful job with several accords I love and others I have grown to admire. A dandy bottle of superb juice in a classic flacon that exudes sophistication, taste and distinction. Cheers!
7th December 2011

Antidote by Viktor & Rolf

Excellent fragrance - and so truly unique!! A lot going on here, as pointed out from many other reviews. I have really liked Antidote since first purchasing it and feel it is both remarkable and special - not an everyday fragrance, yet it could be as it is so inoffensive and provoking. The freshness is astounding - I get a wonderful crisp mint with citrus (mandarin and grapefuit prevalent) along with a dash of cardamom that gives an immediate clean with an earthy and spicy edge, yet remaining a light, airy freshness rarely found. Awesome! After a while, it wams on my skin and brings out a baking spice (nutmeg/ground cinnamon) and violet middle that is so intoxicating - probably my favorite phase is during the entire experience. I don't get a lot of lavender, but a hint of geranium and freesia (yet remaining a nice warm minty note even now). The mint never leaves - it just warms up. The stages blend together seamlessly. In the drydown, I don't get a heady incense, but one that is refined (a nice quality stick of fresh and unburned sandalwood as opposed to a heavy lit/smoking scent) along with a nice white cedar/white musk and iris (with a hint of tonka bean) - while still retaining (amazingly) a sense of freshness from the top through the middle. Antidote shines as a truly well-concocted potion of perfumery - astounding is a good adjective. A full palate is displayed - but no one one color is too loud. The "tree" of olfactory notes sounds like there is almost too much going on and one would think it could be muddled - but that is where I find my fondness and true love for Antidote. Antidote was masterfully blended with a pinch of this, a hint of that, a sprinkle of something else and a dash of absolute brilliance! I find that this love potion will wear different depending upon climate, skin chemistry and even mood, you could get something different almost every time (but something always impressive). It is so amazing in all its subtleties, yet is noticeable and draws attention (very positive)!. I wore it today with the After Shave Balm and didn't feel it was a particularly strong scent - in fact, I sprayed a few extra shots being that it is a cold, crisp day and wanted it to last. I encountered a college-aged girl on the way to an afternoon occassion. She was never closer than 5 feet away from me and she said, "You smell so good!" I said thank you and returned a nice warm smile. I got several more compliments even hours later. Fantastic stuff and definitely a top-shelf choice from Viktor & Rolf...kudos! This is modern perfumery done incredibly well - magical! I give 4.5/5 stars and two thumbs up.
5th December 2011