Lapis Lazuli by Galimard

expected this to be a dreaded aldehydic floral but can't see aldehydes in the listed notes and definitely does not leave that impression. Instead it is a classic fruity floral = not übersweet and fleeting like modern fruity florals but much better behaved and great lassssting powerrr!

Galimar by Galimard

Wearing Galimar on a dreary rainy day at the end of December is a real pick-me-up.
after the blast of citrus in the opening this one warms up and feels like a warm cashmere shawl that wraps around you and feels very comfortable all day long.
Great longevity (as most Galimard scents) and decent but not overly loud sillage.

A Demi-Mot by Galimard

Wearing this one for the first time on a grey gloomy December day , which matches the fragrance perfectly as it is a floral oriental.
Galimard doesn't list plum nor cedarwood and sandalwood, but I can believe those are present due to the sweetness of the smell and also a base that does remind me of sandalwood.

Somehow I'd swear to have smelled this particular perfume before but can't say which one. In any case it smells like a classic 80s oriental fragrance as sillage is large and it lasts like forever.. like many other Galimard perfumes.

Yavana by Galimard

Had been looking forward to this one as it is almost the same as my own first name and the notes made it look interesting too.
Sillage is enormous and one of the notes is truly off-putting. My best guess is that it is the carnation (and/or moss) because while carnations are beautiful flowers and one of my favourites to buy (they don't wilt within 2-3 days so you can enjoy them for a long time after buying them) , they don't smell pretty!

It is funny to see comparisons with 4 other fragrances: trikkirikki above comparing it to Youth Dew and Dana Tabu. but elsewhere to Opium (vintage/new formulation?) and Coco (Chanel). It would be interesting to make a side-by-side comparison.. alas all these 4 fragrances are missing from my current (semi-vast) collection.

PS: quite impossible , yet it seems as if Yavana is getting stronger not weaker over time.. tremendous sillage and longevity! In that vein I'm quite pleased as it reflects a personal trait. I hope Galimard will be able to maintain this quality, in the light of the draconian rules the EC is making and banning nearly every fixative fragrance ingredient in existence.

Sportissimo by Galimard

Working my way through all the Galimard fragrances , Sportissimo is one of the last for now. A confusing contradiction is seeing how Galimard claims to be active since 1747 (there's even one fragrance called 1747) , but according to other sources (Fragrantica), their first fragrances in the database are from the 1960s. How can that be?

SOTD: Sportissimo , a gym frag for men, at least the name suggests this. "Mugwort, bergamot and rosemary topped with mint tremble around a luminous heart weaved of lavender and orange blossoms; the base is built on rich materials, sandalwood, cedar wood and musk revealing an irresistible seduction."
It doesn't smell bad at all. Nothing remarkable but sometimes that is not necessary.
Drydown is actually quite alluring.. I'd definitely say this is unisex, despite it being targeted to men. Quite traditionally, Galimard doesn't do 'unisex' .

Songeries by Galimard

SOTD is Songeries.
A bit too sharp in the bergamot and patchouli notes to really enjoy the floral heart. According to another parfumista this is reminiscent of Miss Dior Chérie .
During the drydown this turns into a patchouli monster I can no longer enjoy.

Lotus Rose by Les Parfums de Rosine

A delightful lotus fragrance with a woodsy sweet base. It's hard to find the rose, may smell the other flowers though. In any case.. loving it!

Cléa by Yves Rocher

After having read positive reviews of Yves Rocher perfumes while having disregarded them as 'too cheap to be any good' I bought a lot of them at once (they aren't that expensive). This is the only truly HORRIBLE among them.. me & aldehydes don't get along very well.. also abhor Chanel No. 5 which is a best selling and highly regarded perfume.

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