Lanvin L'Homme by Lanvin

I instantly loved this fragrance. Mr Mookie has the note progression exactly right. I enjoy each stage, but the drydown of lavender folded in between Bergamot, Violetwood, and Amber is absolutely sublime. This elegant fragrance would be right at home in a wardrobe of the exclusive and expensive. As mentioned before, it's projection is understated after the opening and this seems to suit the overall personality of the scent just right. It is not very often that a fragrance can blossom among 3 very distinct stages without feeling synthetic, but Lanvin makes sense of it beautifully.

Beverly Hills Polo Club Classic for Men by Beverly Hills Polo Club

Wood, orange, clove, and sandalwood mixed together poorly to make an unpleasant chemical mélange. Tried to like this, but it was offensive from first blast to the end of the day.

Beverly Hills Polo Club Sport for Men by Beverly Hills Polo Club

The pleasing floral ingredients are washed out by poor quality cedar and sandalwood, making this scent (as with all of the BHPC fragrances) unpleasant and synthetic.

Paradise for Men by Alfred Sung

I neither understand nor agree with the poor reviews of this fragrance. It is a very pleasing citrus scent with a warm quality underneath that lasts 4-5 hours on me. The sandalwood and musk in the bottom notes present themselves together with the papaya and grapefruit, then settle back into a glow of citrus in the drydown. I get no resemblance to Issey whatsoever and the tropical sense lasts much longer for me than is being reported here. All of the great qualities of highly-rated aquatics are present in Paradise, with that additional oceanic greenness that helps this fragrance feel warm and sun-kissed. During the drydown stage, the base is similar to Polo Blue, but with the papaya replacing the cucumber. Wonderful.

Old Spice by Procter & Gamble

If we set nostalgia aside, memories from a time when men's fragrances were manly because they were soaked in musk, we have to face the fact that they do not smell very good. I continue to receive these scents-Old Spice, Brut, Aqua Velva, etc. -as gifts and remember in the 60s and 70s when these were worn by virtually every man around. They are rugged and manly, but it seems that they ADD to the masculine aromas we would prefer to counteract (body odor, sweat) rather than compound. I have never found any pleasing qualities in these fragrances and have witnessed countless instances when men wearing these fragrances pass by and folks assaulted by the scent wrinkle their noses or cough.
There are some excellent manly fragrances from this period; Aramis, Halston Z-14, and Lagerfeld to name a few.
In summary, Old Spice and Brut need to go away because they are simply awful.

Lucky You for Men by Lucky Brand

The ratings have this right. The first 30 minutes, this is identical to Curve. As it dries down, it improves to a more pleasant sweet, grassy character. I detect the bamboo and teakwood rising as the scent moves past an hour. The duration and projection I receive from Lucky You are exceptional. I did not find this synthetic or offensive, but it isn't one I would wear often either. Nice, but not special.

Grass Oil for Men by Jovan

I wore this in the sun when I was young and everything was sweet. It smelled like making love outdoors.

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

This is loved far and wide and I am at a loss to understand why. To my nose, the notes produce an unpleasant and almost antiseptic character. It seems to me to represent all things bad in cologne; it is cloying, synthetic, harsh, and poorly mixed.

Bené by Ben Rickert Benandre

This was an absolute marvel as a scent. Sold by Ben Rickert, it was a sublime mix of sandalwood, spice, amber, and floral notes. One of many unique and manly fragrances that seem gone forever now, along with Cellini, Grass Oil, Andron, Allyn St. George, original Perry Ellis, etc......

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

Polo Blue is certainly a polarizing scent, and I have to say that I agree with all of the comments, because I have felt all of them while wearing it; there are times it feels crisp, fresh, and sophisticated, and then there are times it comes across as cloying, synthetic, overly strong, and I feel shame at wearing it. I have come to the opinion that body chemistry and mood play a large role in its wearing. Also, I have noticed times when the cucumber lays on top of the scent (bad) as well as times when the cucumber lies in the middle (good). My overall review is a solid neutral and I would not purchase it again. My recommendations for "blue" scents include Bulgari Blu, Gap No. 655, Bleu de Chanel, and Samba Ice.

Rich Suede by Stetson

For fans of leather scents, this is a must-try. Smells just like its name; pure suede with a little powder, woods, spice, and a small touch of vanilla to keep the leather up front. Manly, linear and long-lasting.

Royall Lyme by Royall Lyme of Bermuda

Every comment here has it nailed pretty well; a very nice, refreshing lime on top of some musk. Disappears so quickly, I cannot endorse it as being worth the price.

Stetson Sierra by Stetson

Lovely powerful, woodsy, well-rounded, and masculine. I maintain this has the same quality as many of the high-priced "black" fragrances. Reminds me of what one would get if they wore Drakkar and Polo together.

Beverly Hills Polo Club by Beverly Hills Polo Club

This may have many notes in common with popular fragrances, but this comes off as harsh and synthetic. When I wore this, there have been several unkind comments made regarding what it smelled like. The other BHPC scents were slightly better, but not much.

Big Pony 2 by Ralph Lauren

I was prepared to hate this, but after a few wears, I have to give this a thumbs up. Yes this is an unusual melange of chocolate and musk and fruit and florals together, but they do blend in a dark and seductive way. The drydown is lovely and brooding with the cocoa, amber, and an edge of cinnamon under it.

Rose Noir for Men by Giorgio Valenti

Rose, berry, sandalwood, some light spice. Linear and unique. The notes combine and feature pleasingly. Projection is very good, so be careful with application. What's not to like?
Update: I have worn this almost exclusively for several weeks and continue to discover things I really like about it. I have always been a fan of the rose accord in my colognes, and this accomplishes it very well. The use of berries seems to join with and heighten the rose while the musk and sandalwood stay in the background. Most often rose scents include leather, but thankfully no leather is present in this. There is a citrus in the middle and this mixes with the berry to lift the overall rose character of the scent. Curious that a scent with very little rose in it can pull off such a wonderful rose impression.

Lomani by Lomani

Very goodThis is very similar to Drakkar with the exception of a subtle berry note under the main players. Longevity was very good as well. It helps that mine was 1/3 of the price of another bottle of Drakkar.

Xeryus Rouge by Givenchy

Loved!Was given this a few years ago and came to truly love it. It is an acquired taste, since the blend hits so many notes and tones. The woods and the lighter notes (kumquat and fruity, sweet red pepper) balance each other in a beautiful way. My only cautionary advice is a warnign that this blend will not work for everyone, but it mixed wonderfully with my strange body chemistry. I see the comparisons to many other red fragrances and have to say that this stands well apart from them. Pros: Unique, MemorableCons: Unusual "

Samba Sexy Man by Perfumer's Workshop

Very Nice!This is a woody fragrance, but the overall note is a well-crafted vanilla. I don't usually care for vanilla-based frragrances, but the manner in which it is blended here makes it palatable. This is my 5th Samba scent and all of them infuse soft florals into masculine notes to great effect.Pros: Projection, warmthCons: Medium longevity, snob factor"

Yacht Man Blue by Myrurgia

This is a very refreshing and unique recipe for an aquatic. There is a very pronounced "fresh air" quality to the scent. After having worn this for the past year, I truly love this scent. There is some salt in the middle to keep the sweetness in check and makes this the purest "beach" I have ever owned. When Kramer thought up his idea of a cologne that smells like you were at the beach, this is the result. It smells exactly like cotton linen that has dried in fresh air. Drydown is light and powdery, but be aware that the criticisims of how quickly the scent disappears are accurate; much like fresh air, the scent is gone in an hour or so. If this were a $100 bottle, people would be raving about the complex balance of notes in this juice.

Samba Heat Man by Perfumer's Workshop

This is a lovely scent, but is so very sweet that it may be more feminine than masculine. To carry off this fragrance one should be very confident. The green tea is not solely prominent, but arrives packaged inside a geranium torso together with cinnamon and cypress. The woody base lasts much longer.

Mustang Cologne by Mustang

This is such a criminally underrated scent! You can detect every note, each of which folds neatly into the others to make the perfect and sophisticated blend of woods, florals, and tobacco. I challenge anyone to wear this during the Fall/Winter months and NOT receive compliments.

Samba Ice Man by Perfumer's Workshop

I cannot discern the notes that make up the scent, but this is glorious! Well-mixed and bright, cold-natured summer scent that seems to have a brash shining dose of everything good; some greens, some floral, some fruit. It has proven to be strong, so apply carefully.
Update: After recently wearing this and OP Juice on consecutive days, I have discovered that the scents are nearly identical. Samba Ice is better because the notes blend in a more natural way than in OP Juice and it is not as overpowering as OP Juice. I imagine their note pyramids to be similar, however.

Lagerfeld Classic by Lagerfeld

Recently owned a bottle and noticed that it is NOT the wonderfully sweet recipe of the 80s. This is still good, but the emphasis now is on the powder and tobacco whereas the 80s version placed the emphasis on the rose, orange, and bergamot. Now it just makes me smell like I wet myself while wearing lederhosen.

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