Guess Seductive Homme by Guess

There is a lovely warmth in the heart of this where the violet, pepper, and the cardamom are like an umbrella, with the orchid and orange-amber lounging beneath. The mixtures are strangely arranged and this is so close to being sublime that I enjoy wearing it for the surprise moments when the notes form together, like catching an occasional glimpse of a beautiful woman at a distance in a busy marketplace. Overall it is enjoyable and I will buy it again.

Guess Seductive Homme Blue by Guess

Purchased because I enjoyed Seductive Homme so much. There are several pleasant notes in the construction of the blue, but there is something at the top that is heavily acidic and bitter that gives off a "bug spray" layer that hangs over the pleasant blue notes and won't go away. Curious as to what causes that, but it offsets what could have been very nice.

Freshwater by Bath and Body Works

Reminiscent of Polo Blue, with a warm and resounding base.

Mahogany Woods by Bath and Body Works

This is so near to being very good. The wood, sage, and cognac are promising, but there is just too much sweetness inside the scent. The sugary subtext overpowers the woodiness. It's a shame, because it's good. But it is oh so close to being wonderful.

Midnight by Bath and Body Works

Magnificent stuff. Deep, masculine, and I would sweat there is a touch of lavender in the base along with the cedar and amber. The pepper is a light touch that gives the other notes clearer shape without ratcheting up the spice.

Brut by Brut Parfums Prestige

This stuff is and has always been disgusting. If someone gives you this, they don't like you.

Brut Actif Blue by Fabergé

This was a beautifully executed fragrance. This was every bit as good as the original Brut is bad. The apple, pear, and mint were a lovely layer over a big-throated aquatic Aria. If you mixed Chrome with the juice from a fruit cocktail, it would probably be pretty close to this. I will always be perplexed by what fragrances stay and what fragrances we lose.

Marc Ecko Blue by Marc Ecko

Really well balanced and pleasant blue scent.The fruit, aquatic notes, and florals laying across a soft citrus and oakmoss base make this one of the better constructed blue fragrances. Whereas Eau Fraiche, Bulgaria Blv, and D&G Light Blue have a considerable amount of powder in the base that offsets the potency and freshness of the "blue" character of those scents, Marc Ecko Blue has a well-roubded sweetness that remains prominent throughout all of the layers. It's true that longevity and sillage are underwhelming, but this is very nice and half the price of most blue fragrances.

Fujiyama Private Number by Succès de Paris

This is a very pleasant, dignified blend. Of course, one would expect it be start with the base of Fujiyama Homme and build some more exotic tones on top of that (just like the Miyake scents do, as they are so similarly developed). The top has that lemony-citric component balanced with iris, and a touch of vetiver laying across a darker body of a soft aquatic note, a dash of ambergris, pepper,and tobacco that appear without taking over the fragrance, and several floral notes creating a delicate floral base that is formal, yet whimsical at the same time. If I had to give an example, it is like combining Issey, Polo Double Black, and about 2% Swiss Army Mountain Water that serves to hold the others togehter. The quality of the notes lean toward being slightly synthetic, but this is still very nice. Longevity and sillage are sub-par, which might not be a surprise given the price. However, if anyone gets close enough to sniff this, it will get compliments. I do not know if this is still in production, so beware of a bottle that might be older than 5 years, as these tend to concentrate and become offensive. This is lovely, but there are definitely drawbacks.

Samba Sport Man by Perfumer's Workshop

Such a beautifully balanced and unique fragrance! The lychee bonds with the bergamot and are supported by the heart notes, where the Davana flower, driftwood, and watercress (fused to represent a smell like a mixture of wine, fresh breezes, and cotton) and the overall impression is a sweet, very light, and airy fragrance. This scent gives the impression of shared smiles among flowerbeds in Spring. Sillage and longevity are very good, lasting throughout the work day. Superb offering from Samba. I remain impressed with Samba's blending of woods, fruits, and floral/herbals for $10-$20 each.

Cuba Green by Cuba Paris

It seems that most "green" fragrances are centered around the use of vetiver, and this hay/grass aspect isn't always pleasing. Cuba Green does not use vetiver, but the lemon and florals and the very light touch of musk are lovely, rich, and sweet. They do form a pleasant, clean and fresh-soap fragrance that leans slightly toward a honey type of sweetness, and it is reminiscent of Horizon, but thinner and not as heavy. I received a number of compliments on it as a daytime, workplace scent.

Adidas Ice Dive by Adidas

This isn't an entirely unpleasant scent, but it is certainly misnamed, and I feel that folks should be aware of this before buying. The notes and musk make it a short-lived herbal scent, where the musk and tonka tends to overpower
the floral notes. I have difficulty recognizing any citrus.

Canoé by Dana

Smells remarkably similar now to the scent of the late 1970s and 80s. Starts out smelling like Brut, which is bad. During the drydown the offending patchouli-moss-cedar mixture goes away, and this fragrance becomes a lovely, dignified stroll down a lane lined by lavender, geraniums, and heliotrope in full bloom.

British Sterling by Dana

The version from the 1970s was broad, sweet, and dominated by the top and heart notes. Just purchased the current version and the beautiful interplay of those notes now seem drowned out by musk. This is still the manly classic, just somewhat diminished-as are we all.

Life by Nautica

Finally, after having worn 8 other sub-par fragrances from Nautica, I find one that is truly magnificent. The canvas/sailcloth undertone present in most Nautica scents is thankfully absent. The light and beautiful shape of the aquatic tones on a finely honed woody bass give this fragrance an undeniable seafaring spirit. This gives an impression of taking in the sun, the wind, and the salty seaspray at the helm of a sailboat. Every element is here.

Cuba Wild Heart by Cuba Paris

This is pleasant, but unremarkable. It has a common citrus-floral-wood shape and smells similar to about 26 other fragrances on the market right now. Very nice blended and linear, but longevity and sillage are only marginal. This is quite nice, but I doubt it will turn any heads.

Halston 1-12 by Halston

There are light, sublime touches of lemon, basil, juniper, carnation, and jasmine that show through the cedarwood and mossy base. This smells like laying beneath a large oak while each note appears like sunlight shining through the leaves above you. Distinctly masculine, green, and powerful. One of the very few 80s masterpieces that still smells the same now as it did back then.

Curve Chill for Men by Liz Claiborne

Much respect to this sophisticated niche scent. I expected the citrus to dominate the scent, since the citrus features so prominently in so many fragrances these days, but there is a beautiful interplay going on here where the citrus combines with the bergamot and violet and lays just underneath them. The aldehydes, white pepper, and a tiny drop of green tea are like a binder that holds together the top and bottom layers. So achingly wonderful. I'm unsure what season Chill was meant for, but it is Spring now and I adore hearing and seeing Vivaldi's "La Primavera" during each whiff of this throughout the day.

Old Spice Bearglove by Procter & Gamble

Apparently bears keep lots of melon in their gloves. I mean, a lot of melon. All kinds. These woods are covered in melon. Not bad if you like that sort of scent.

Oscar de la Renta pour Lui by Oscar de la Renta

This is the modern version. Nothing positive to say. Far too syrupy sweet, moderately synthetic, low-rent floral.

Perry Ellis Night by Perry Ellis

The first few times I wore this, it seemed to me to be another generic citrus scent, and that the "night" moniker was amiss. During a contemplative moment on a gloomy day when I was wearing it, I took a deep breath and a realization dawned upon me like a lightning bolt; it was a pure moment where a work of art hits home, like getting lost in a Van Gogh painting. During the middle of Night, the citrus retreats beneath a rich, dark, repining cedar and amber blanket laid out under a sensual canopy of bergamot stars in a cloudlit Night sky.
Yes, it is a Night fragrance, and these moments in the middle are sublime.

Reserve for Men by Perry Ellis

This is Eternity For Men. How has nobody noticed this?

Christian Audigier For Him by Ed Hardy [Christian Audigier]

Do I have the right fragrance? I don't get any leather from this, but the scent overall is remarkably similar to Givenchy's Xeryous Rouge. The base seems constructed of the rum, vetiver, and pomello in place of XR's kumquat body. The berry does not go away for me, but lurks beneath the top layers of rum and vetiver and touches of saffron and moss. Stays close to the skin and lovely if you like the weirdness of XR, you'll like this also.

Mediterráneo by Antonio Banderas

This starts out as a pleasant citrus, albeit with an ambiguous tartness inside. This heart is peppery and slightly reminiscent of fig, turning the blend with the citrus into an odd, green-olive-tinged summer scent.
Perhaps this was intended, but I'm not a fan of it.

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