Angel Nova by Thierry Mugler

A brand new exotic dirty/musky accord of red fruits and rose on a woody oriental base. Completely different from the Classic Angel (just in common a - on here just vague - "icy"/cool aura) which is a sort of gourmand patchouli "frozen" (yummy-gourmand kind of slightly almondy/chocolatey) bomb. As opening a "synthetically realistic" raspberry note mixed with a fizzy musky litchi-presence. Definitely musky-acid and "red" as olfactive introduction. Rose emerges gradually almost ominously and commanding. The main fruity accord is settled on a basis of this redolent super rosey rose, woody/resinous notes and a oriental "junction" of vanilla/ benzoin. The note of rose is modern in its fruity/bright yes "cosmic" cool-vaguely icy rendition. With a double extraction/distillation process the perfumer has created a quite modern, bold, bright and almost animalistic musky-fruity rose (intense, vibrant and sensual). The woody presence affords a sort of patch-vibe while benzoin and hints of vanilla provide a sensual final touch. Angel Nova is the fragrance for a bold ultra-feminine contemporary woman. It seems the long lasting durability and powerful sillage of the fruity juice are intensified by the warmth of the wearer's body and sweat (highly interacting with his/her individual chemistry). With this fragrance Mugler reinvents itself by re-interpreting in a modern (tachnologically and conceptually updated) key a classic timeless bold success as Angel. Angel Nova is pretty sensual (a "sweaty/musky" sensuality a la Cartier La Panthére) and hyper feminine in a modern "blatant" way. Synthetic erotism in a bottle.

Beau de Jour by Tom Ford

A modern barbershop aromatic fougère which is next to perfection and a perfect solution for the contemporary (modernly tailored though in a classic way) gentlaman with a vein of traditional slightly old-school mannerism. A perfect harmony of lavender, faint citrus, cold geranium and amber/patchouli with (perfectly calibrated) hints of spicy aromatics (mint and rosemary) and florals. Lavender and aromatics imprint a marked fougère stamp laced by oakmoss and geranium in a classically mossy-aromatic-leafy way. Patch is a key note as in Zino but in a freshly calibrated drier/greener/muskier way. A great orchestra of fresh/warm notes calling partially on mind (as an ideally perfected combination of those classics) pillars a la Zino, Rive Gauche or fresh aromatic fougère a la Drakkar Noir or Azzaro PH but overall in a exquisitely "cleaned" essential modern way (despite the Beau de Jour's depth and complexity). Energically recommended to all those lovers of a daily aromatic fresh/warm "serious" aura with a rich charge of style and sobriety.

Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Baccarat Rouge 540 is probably ingenious but is definitely a "not for me" fragrance. A great success combining spicy-metallic, mineral, fruity, medicinal, woody and earthy/boisé elements with a solid virile (ambergris) animalic basic presence (in a balanced mild way). I detect similarities with "damp" scents a la Penhaligon's Juniper Sling (or partially with Rouge Bunny Rouge Tundra) which smells equally woody but finally sweeter and less boisé. I detect by soon peppery spices, earthiness and aromatics (juniper, angelica?) with a main woody/earthy presence linked with something mineral and undiscernible. What I appreciate is the general virility which is anyway overly dissonant (with weird "bloody accents") and audacious for my full pleasure (vaguely a la Zoologist Bat). The opening provides a sort of sugary metallic note as well, quickly linked (in a weird way) with mineral/woody patterns and with ambergris in a sort of fresh/fluidy boisé cedary way (fir and cedar combined with ambergris in a light fluidy way). The effect is sophisticated in its mineral/boisé juxtapositions but is frankly too paradoxical for a worshipper of (at most revisited) classic alchemies as me.

Lettre de Pushkar by Ella K Parfums

Whoah!! The poetic vein and artistic inspiration of the Ella K's talented nose-performer Sonia Constant is immediately evident under my profane nose (with all its legacy of exotic visited lands, new olfactory alchemie's research and gypsy travels). This dreamy juice is truly exotic and silky by its opening. More over Lettre de Pushkar succeedes where "same league" (but diverse quality) initially intoxicating (then balmy/chic) creations (a la Dior Hypnotic Poison for instance) artistically failed (despite their commercial success). Lettre de Pushkar despite its modern urban-chic spark do not fail in order to lift in the air (and root inside the soul) its touch of spicy meditative ambery orientalism.This juice opens quite intoxicating and super ambery-spicy-kind of heliotropic with evident fruity accents, a rosey dominant aura and a wet/boisé undertone provided by vetiver and cypriol oil. The evolution carries the wearer towards a less dusty but more soapy-oudish floral/musky volatile creaminess (a la Heeley Agarwood). The oudh's rendition is airy/musky and balmy, indeed. Overall the perfume is suave and silky, quite balanced and well calibrated in sweetness a la Etro Heliotrope (unlike many overly sugary and cloying musky scents of the current market). There is a secret (by now more classic) chypre rosey/musky spark under the exotic spiciness and I appreciate a lot this link with the urban musky-chic aura. This fragrance is evocative of far lands, spicy alchemies, spirituality and poetic experiences but is at same time easy to wear, down to earth, joyful, dynamic and versatile. Recommended.

Perfecto Fino by Czech & Speake

Perfecto Fino is simply perfect according with my taste. If you ideally combine vintage Trussardi Uomo, Zoologist Rhinoceros, the classic Quorum and Etro Vetiver (with their charge of tobacco, frankincense, earthiness, mossiness, smoke, woodiness, starkness, rootiness, uncompromising virility and spicy exoticism) you l'll catch the essence of this stout Czech&Speake-creation. This fragrance opens with a notable blast of birch tar combined with angular bergamot, grassy patterns, hints of frankincense and peppery spices in order to morph gradually down towards a "boisterous" but "literary" (in a caribbean way) accord of leather/tobacco, smoky sandalwood, smooth labdanum and earthy vetiver. The note of tobacco conjures me the bottom of an unlit pipe's aroma. Leather is a stout high quality "seasoned" leather but as combined with vetiver, labdanum and grass (cypriol oil?) produces a quite silky olfactory "tail". Dry down is still robust on woodiness, toasted tobacco and seasoned woods but at same time surprisingly smooth, cool on greenness and silky on leather and mossy grassiness. The bottle's packaging conjures effectively an american cigar-box or something apothecarian in a old-school way. Absolutely stunned by this "gentleman exotic" fragrance.

Bulgari Man Glacial Essence by Bulgari

A modern mainstream woody-fougère (basically not so distant from scents a la Gaultier le Beau Male, Byblos Uomo, Carolina Herrera 212 Men, Parfums de Marly Percival or Bond N.9 Wall street) with an icy aromatic added spark. Anyway on my skin this is more a warm fragrance than an icy one. Morillas effectively enriches and crystallizes a basic floral-cedary-musky-boisé accord by implementing a balsamic synth calonic icy-glacial "molecule" (Alaska Essence Clearwood) but the aroma tends finally to smell more restrained and warm on me. Geranium (violet leaves as well?), juniper, musk and woods are dominant under my nose. The juice is cool, frosty-metallic, calonic, finally woody-spicy, vaguely ozonic and dynamic. Dry down is more rounded and soapy but still virile and peppery (and powerful on intense sandalwood).

L'Anarchiste by Caron

A complex musky/aromatic/boisé fragrance combining a sort of initial old-school radiant neroli-centered spicy (mostly cinnamon)/waxy-nectarinic/aldehydic/floral accord with a futuristic darker minty-metallic vaguely surgical aura (the central part of the trip) sliding down towards a muskier/woodsier accord quite musky and drier (with a sheer sandalwood-presence). Fresh, apothecarian and vaguely dandish/exotic L'Anarchiste strikes for audacity and peculiarity. Points of olfactive connections with Ck Eternity and Givenchy Insensé but L'Anarchiste tells an its own particular orangy/minty/medicinal story. Dry down pushes up a sort orangy/woodsy vibe with dominant vetiver and hints of suede, powdery tonka and musk. Mint waves throughout around. Perfect for "white-linen" south-american seasons

Oriento by Jeroboam

Oriento strikes immediately for its dominant rosey vibe firmly rooted on a bed of spicy/musky resins. Saffron is the absolute protagonist alongside this rosey rose. Oriento is definitely well appointed but basically unoriginal. The "musky-rosey" ideal connection with Montale Black Aoud is evident but while the latter is more properly oudish, mossy and woody (with its initial hardly approachable potpourri/medicinal whiff) Oriento is gentler (though quite powerful) and much more focused on subtle spices and sophisticated fruity floral patterns (which makes sure it turning out kind of modern and more approachable with its super chic saffronish ylang-ylang's spark). The juice is profoundly resinous and amberish (a la Xerjoff Kind of Blue) on my skin (with a secret incensey undertone), overall rosey and kind of lipstick (with a super spicy/floral sophistication which renders it more suitable for a feminine taste unlike the more properly masculine Black Aoud). In particolar styrax exhales this intense balsamic/resinous "steam" (with herbal nuances) which tends to smell delicately sweet, floral and feminine. I detect similarities with scents as Dueto Parfums City Oud (for its main accord of saffron, resins, patchouli, woods and rose) and Tiziana Terenzi Ecstasy (for a quite similar olfactory backbone and for the kind of inebriating spiritual spark). Along the way sandalwood is more promiment. Dry down is extremely rosey/mossy and soapy but still retaining a floral-spicy subtlenness quite glamour and chic (and with a emerging undishernible spicy fruitiness rounding up the whole olfactory fatigue).

Hauto by Jeroboam

Hauto is a powerfully exotic fragrance combining in a markedly sultry accord three main elements: spicy musk, tuberose and pineapple. All the rest is accessorial despite I detect citrus and a rosey whiff along the way. Tuberose in particular is redolent, "kind of almondy" and vaguely minty. I wonder if a touch of heliotrope has been included in the mix. Pineapple is amazing, "sunny", juicy and "bright" (kind of projecting its fruitiness with a long tropical jet). You can figure on mind caribbean shores, floral crowns, dance competitions and exotic coconutty cocktails. Along the way the muskiness smells more and more restrained, warm (with hints of balmy/rosey/woody resins), organic, dry spicy and unisex (while opening smells kind of properly feminine, "old-cologney" and naif with a sort of old-school and vaguely stuffy/chypre floral hesperidic blast). This fragrance finally amalgamates its sexy warmth perfectly with my skin smelling itself properly as a sort of floral organic potion (quite erotic and "tanned as a tanned perfumed skin"). A more than appropriate choice for all those artistic spirits loving shows, nocturnal spectacles, a far lands break-out, summer-resorts and sultry ambiences.

La Panthère Noir Absolu by Cartier

A dark dusty gardenia infused in to a musky/resinous carnal fruity blanket with a final woody/smoky soul. Really a dark and sultry oriental appointed for the oriental (Middle Eastern) market waving out in a smoky mysterious way. This formula adds smoky/dusty mistiness to a classic organic (landmark-La Panthére) exoticism (fruity/musky sultriness). I detect classic chypre elements and a really exotic enigmatic oudish aura. A leafy royal gardenia tames and civilizes (in a classic european way) this purely oriental steamy mélange. Muskiness is kind of warm and carnal but the general structure is wisely balanced by a western classic chypre mastery. A sort of initial soapy-spicy gardenia is quite soon embraced by a warm musky mantle which is finally nuanced by hints of smoky and dry spicy/woody resins plus cooler (lightening and balancing) fruity floral patterns. Pure oriental felíne beauty by the eminent jewelry brand and classy Cartier's craftsmanship.

Origino by Jeroboam

Origino represents my first approach with the Jeroboam's olfactory "silent" universe. Inhaling a sniff of Origino from my skin is a supremely musky experience quite sophisticated, dark and enigmatic. Burning aromatic candles and cozy salons overlooking a Venetian canal are "in the air". I have to say that this enigma is not kind of ancestral or spiritual but something significantly urban and glamour in its musky vaguely lipstick fluidy soapiness. There is a silent super chic aura all around, something smelling about museum's halls, lounge refined restaurants, tea salons and posh cultured metropolitan ambiences. I finally imagine dark rooms (inside health clubs) filled by the "elixir" aroma of aromatic candles and soaps. Opening is super spicy (pepper and nutmeg in particular) and "watered" out by hints of citrus and aromatic greens. This cool-fluidy vibe is working throughout. In a while a warmer embrace of precious woods and enigmatic musks takes the scene with its enveloping mysterious soapy/silky blanket. The evolution is not particularly laborious (as usual for super musky accords) while the final twist is more and more subtle and refined. Probably hints of vanilla or balsams are implemented in the spicy/musky recipe. I pick up finally a sort of saffronish rosey nuance in the general aromatic "ambience". Along the dry down a more fluidy/soapy/musky virile woody-aromatic vibe a la Bvlgari Blv PH (but richer and "fuller") waves its twist in the air. Origino is the initial Jeroboam's composition and the original emblem of the brand's supremely musky-urban conceptualism, something vened by quite subtle spicy nuances and a balmy woodsy warmth. Great job by Vanina Muracciole. Thumbs up.

Rosa / Rose by L'Erbolario

Violet leaves (musky, dark and presenceful in its role of co-star) and "haunting" rose mastering a musky vegetal "victorian in style" rich floral bouquet. I don't get in particular jasmine. Freesia and geranium provide structure, assertiveness, "leafiness" and hints of greenness. Incredibly well appointed fragrance for its cheap cost. Sweetness is absolutely balanced. Rose increases gradually its presence along the way. L'Erbolario Rose is a languid super-floral creation really poetic and refined (exuding a deep sense of soapy cleanliness and measured timeless class). Longevity and projection are impressive on my skin. A resolute thumbs up by me.

Silver by Louis Cardin

This Louis Cardin's creation is really "way too much". A sort of Paco Rabanne Invictus on steroids with a quite fizzy, soapy/musky and haunting relentless oversized spiciness. Really unbalanced and pungent. Silver is a leathery/musky accord bombed by citrus and spices (supported by floral pattens, geranium, jasmine??) and flanked by a marine sporty synthetic accord (with a gym-like soapy patchouli a la Badedas Noir but far spicier). Synth ambergris provides resinous dusty sweetness (really over sweet) and a manly dynamic spark (a la Prada Luna Rossa or stuffs like that). Sweetness from balmy/dusty ambergris is juxtaposed to a waving salty/floral marine accord. Dry down is bombastically musky with a shower-foam sort of sporty synth soapiness and hints of plastic leather (but the real star is again this atomic citric salty/sweet spiciness). Pass by.

Oud & Rose by S.T. Dupont

The Kain's review is exhaustive on this umpteenth Oud&Rose fragrance. All I get is a synth generic saffronish flori-oriental connection of rose and resinous musky/soapy oudh with (minimal) hints of smoke from the woods and a ghostly touch of greenness. Faint evolution, the drydown is pleasant and more subtle (with a spark of floral-spicy-woody sophistication). Kind of "Montale/Mancera" in style (I detect connections with Montale Black Aoud which is muskier and greener). Long duration on skin and more than good projection. Nothing new under the sun, dark spicy rose opening + central rosey/spicy stage with a soapy/creamy oudish-woody drydown

Rose des Bois by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

A languid rose complemented with green/leafy woodsy elements and yes, several tea-like aspects with hints of lime and may be a jasmine's support. Opening is sharp and green like several Aqua Allegoria from Guerlain or Roger & Gallet's. I detect hints of neroli and probably petitgrain or something similar in vibe. Overall is frankly boring and pale. As the juice enters its middle and final stage I pick up hints of soothing balsams and woods supporting the starring rose. Duration is almost zero on my skin (ten minutes and all is pratically faded). Frankly a poor olfactory experience with this whashed up aromatic water on my skin.

Derring-Do for Men by Ineke

Citrus, lavender, pine, aromatic spices, ozonic elements, patch, cedarwood, dry florals and musky synthetic ambergris, we know well this type of formula. Ineke Derring Do for men opens with a typically 90's sparkling "blue" fougère angular spicy/floral/citric semi-ozonic blast a la Byblos Uomo, Aramis New West, Nautica Blue, Chopard Heaven or (partially) Creed Green Irish Tweed (actally being this kind of opening at same time not distant from the one of more contemporary creations a la Bond n.9 Wall Street or Chanel Blue edt) in order (through a fleeting floral transition) to settle finally down in to a (still "sporty but) slightly muskier-sweeter-soapier affair a la Le Beau Male or Bvlgari Blv Pour Homme. Finally the salty note is kind of acid and dirty (kind of warmly organic) and I appreciate its warm virile ambery sensuality (with a minimal hint of leather) despite originality and performances are all in all not at very top.

SEPT. 21.1966 by Rundholz Parfums

Rundholtz Sept.21.1966 opens with a fresh/liquid dose of floral resins, citrus, herbal elements and fizzy pepper. This introductive phase is particularly crude, spicy, bright and aqueous (on its fresh pepper/rhubarb-sparkling accord plus herbal maté and citrus) despite you can immediately detect hints of almondy mildness, frankincense and woody resins rising up from the back in order to imprint spicy thickness and woody/musky consistency on the whole olfactory affair. In a while the real melancholic soul of this (in its intimate soul and conceptual approach) "eastern european" Berliner juice emerges with its charge of deep resins, sweet spicinnes and woods (a la Marc de la Morandiere Cozmic Oud, Les Liquides Imaginaires Fortis, Carner Barcelona - Cuirs or Acampora Nero), civilized by spicy floral notes, fluidy/hesperidic/peppery elements and subtle almondy heliotrope. The main woody/resinous accord is not particularly original but definitely well calibrated, balanced and finally "intimate". Dry down is intensely woody/spicy (in a nostalgic melancholic way) but finally rounded out by the sweetness of balsams, exotic heliotrope (in its landmark accord with resins and spices) and spices (I suppose nutmeg and cinnamon). A sandalwood heavyweight. Another introspective creation (mirroring out the brand's urban creative assertiveness) which is finally less saturnine (but equally assertive) and avantgard than the darker (and more original) 03. Apr.1968.

Musk Rose by The Rising Phoenix Perfumery

Indian-distilled champa flower (champaca, noble and royal), rosey indolic rose and natural musk are the main elements of this visceral resinous attar affair. The Rising Phoenix Perfumery Musk Rose attar is a immensely redolent and nuclear "cosmic" musky floral aroma so deep, sensual and inexplorable. You finally end sliding down a profound aromatic chasm of radiant natural muskiness, deep "nectarinic" waxiness, arcane soapiness, softly whispered frankincense, sticky resins and rosey nostalgia. Agarwood oil enhances the general sense of waxy/apothecarian exotic soapiness. Muskiness is supreme and supremely floral. Addle floral serum (super intense) and animalic tales for us. Aphrodisiac and hounting potion. No more to be added.

Mon Paris Intensément by Yves Saint Laurent

Depressive soapy- "pinky" olfactory littleness. I detect raspberry, bulgarian rose, a vaguely tart accord (orange and peony/freesia) and musky vanilla combined in a synth soapy bath-foam like type of formula. A musky-soapy "cosmetical" juice, really overly sultry synthetic and soapy. Mon Paris Intensement opens with blackcurrant and red fruits "from the forest" fading soon into something musky-soapy and jammy-rosey with the dominant raspberry's fruity note in the middle of a musky-soapy vanilla. Frankly is depressive approaching these new generation soapy poor formulas, in the middle between jammy-bubble odours (with zero class and elegance) and bath foam-like structure (which means zero structure). Pass by.

Valentino Uomo Born in Roma by Valentino

Valentino is the italian haute couture top brand, it is based in Roma (Piazza di Spagna the main sartorial head-quarter) and this is a fragrance created in order to celebrate the Ethernal City. The juice is not bad di per sé but is somewhat "common" and easy-going, just another simplistic piece of cedary/aromatic virile accord (woody, salty and cardamomish, a olfactory boredom overly "abused" and redundant today), not enough to enhance and represent the enormous charme of this enchanting worldwide capital (better represented by creations as Valentino Vendetta and Valentino Vendetta Pour Homme - classy, austere, superb, decadent). Valentino Uomo Born in Roma is a decently appointed nowadays mainstream woody/salty/aromatic fragrance based on a main synth salty/cedary/peppery vetiver-theme (with hints of smokiness and aromatic greens) and retracing the aromatic trends orienting the formulas of many previous or following (anyway contemporary) olfactory appointments as the following Boss Bottles Eau de parfum (equally salty but sweeter on spices and earthier), Bottega Verde Nero d'Ambra (equally salty/mineral/woody/aromatic), Azzaro Wanted and many other recent releases. The juice is focused on fresh woody notes surrounded by aromatic spices (ginger and cardamom), hints of acid fruit (green apple), sage and mineral saltiness (a well known recent olfactory twist - woods-cool spices-mineral saltiness). The aroma is virile, spicy-salty-woody, dynamic and elegant, quite urban and perfectly suitable for warmer climates. While longevity is more than good on my skin the projection is in the average.

Halston Z-14 by Halston

Halston Z-14 is a darkly virile herbal fougère (along its run longly bitter/hesperific and darkly mossy a la Ferrè Pontaccio 21 which is a darker and more "acrid/bitter" beast). Virile, powerful and crisply herbal this is a cypress-centered glorious spicy/exotic juice with stout bergamot and mossy patchouli and a softer leathery/mossy/cedary sharper base quite balanced and serious. The powerful opening is focused on citrus, culinary vegetables/weeds and fresh spices which gradually, through a central stiffly spicy-floral (mostly geranium)/rooty/smoky phase, open the doors to a mossier/woodier "forest-stage" with leathery/cedary accents (laced with milder spices) which is well balanced and more restrained. There is a slightly medicinal/rubbery/smoky (but never intrusive) herbal bitterness around. Mild spices (cinnamon and cloves) and aromatic spices (coriander as perfectly connected with the herbal/boisé elements) are masterfully laced eachother and connected with the rest of the woodsy elements. This final phase is rich of earthy patchouli, oakmoss, labdanum, citrus and green/herbal notes, overall well balanced, mossy and restrained (in a classic boisé powerhouse way) but soothed and harmonized by hints of tonka. A complex fragrance with a slightly "powerhouse" crisp soul anyway rich of soothing and civilizing boisé/soapy elements. As for the assumed resemblance with Tom Ford Italian Cypress I'd say Z-14 is more complex in its articulation of spices, leather and woody elements while Italian Cypress smelling more properly minty boisé (and more strictly focused on the main coniferous/aromatic note of cypress) on my skin. As for the assumed resemblance with Valentino Vendetta Pour Homme I definitely prefer the great Vendetta on Z-14. Vendetta is more aldehydic, aristocratic and stronger on leather, lavender, resins and sweet spices while Z-14 is wilder and more focused on the note of cypress, the moss and the aromatic spices (coriander), anyway there is a common moody forest-vibe but Vendetta is more sophisticated and "palatine", less woodsy and more properly baroque, kind of "liquorous" (in a semi-oriental way) and decadent.

Splendida Jasmin Noir by Bulgari

At first sniff I detect for a while olfactory connections with the great Costume National Scent Intense (in particular on the main - kind of suedish - dark synth patchouli/cashmeran/sambac jasmine/amber-accord) and definitely with the original silky Jasmine Noir (on the main floral chord - sambac jasmine and gardenia - rooted on a silky almondy base of tonka beans and warm cashmeran). Splendida smells muskier (due to cashmeran), warmer and sultrier than the original (more balanced and softly licoricey) Jasmine Noir 2008, in a way I get a more marked resemblance with scents a la Eliee Saab Le Parfum (warm, somewhat cloying and unwearable during the hot seasons of the year). I tend to find the note of cashmeran overly sultry/musky for my "brighter" mediterranean taste, anyway Splendida is after all well appointed by Sophie Labbé and smells sensual, creamy/soapy/suedish and feminine. Better enhanced whether worn along cold seasons and in frosty climates.

Eau Parfumée au Thé Blanc by Bulgari

Eau Parfumée au Thé Blanc is
a simply perfect accord of light spices, green tea, soapy balsams and white musk. The latter is dreamy and ethereal (kind of victorian, as in a Doris Lessing romance), dominant on the side of a white tea-accord (tea note and soapy resins). A "white linen kind of" fragrance of left back languid english afternoons around the gardens of a royal court, a scent of far southern summers, rich of nostalgia and enchantment. A Jacques Cavallier's sleight of hand for Bvlgari Roma.

Sauvage Parfum by Christian Dior

To my nose Dior Sauvage is a pleasant boisterous piece of sport virility full of aromatic/soapy/woody/leafy/herbal synth dynamism but lacking a real spark of class and elegance. Same speech for this even soapier Parfum-version (turned soapier by a enhanced dosage of tonka bean I suppose), which is stronger on the sporty side (I still detect fizzy hesperides, soapy "shower foam like" lavender, pepper, sporty soapy patchouli and ambroxan). The dominant floral note it seems I detect is dry geranium well combined with pepper, acid citrus, lavender and woody ambroxan. Dry down is still "pungent" on spicy fizziness, shower-like sporty soapiness and final woody/"ambroxy" peppery virility. This is finally a likealable "metro-boy" fragrance and not a distinctive aroma under my profane nose.

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