Ironman by Avon

Nice fresh Melon scent from avon , I agree it does smell expensive for an avon fragrance and its reasonably priced as well - Nice coloured juice and bottle is very tactile I like it !

Fahrenheit Fresh by Christian Dior

This fragrance is okay . Its a lot lighter than the original fahrenheit . I bought this along with fahrenheit 0 degres (which im very dissapointed in as its totally lacking on every level ) This one I would best describe as Fahrenheit stripped down . It stills smells similar to original but less heady and more citrus.

Twin for Men by Azzaro

I like most azzaro fragrances but I have to say 'TWIN' is a total let down. there is a cheap synthetic berry smell and when inhaled causes my nose to burn -thats where it reminds me of a metallic scent. There is also a summer flanker for this one 'twin summer'; Needless to say I bought both whilst on holiday untested ..........If you like black xs /1 million/calum then you will like this one

1881 Black by Cerruti

I think this smells very sweet and powdery after a few hours . I dont think this fragrance is strong at all - somehow I was expecting more from this . A total letdown

Wrangler by Wranglers

A very easy to wear casual daytime fragrance .Smells like citrus but unfortunately doesnt last long on my skin , I find it similar to paco rabanne xs but i find this slightly sweeter

Inverse - Kylie Minogue for Men by Kylie Minogue

This smells so similar to 'calum' by calum best /or '1 million ' by paco rabanne - i dont like either of them . very sweet and sickly yuk! i bought the bottle a few days ago and will be throwing it out shortly -total waste of money , bottle is very plain and uninspiring

Montana pour Homme by Montana

cowboykenny27 Excellent fragrance Very citrus - almost lemon sherbit (but not in a gourmand way )perhaps lemon verbena would be a better description . It smells refined and It is totally unique when compared to other citrus fragrances . and most importantly it lasts !!!! Lovely lovely fragrance .A definate favourite in my wardrobe

Jasper Conran Man / Signature Man by Jasper Conran

Yeah i agree its ok as a day to day scent - compliments the smell of smoke (if ur a smoker ) clean and crisp -but ultimately forgettable . Pass.........

Jasper Conran II Man by Jasper Conran

Jasper Conran II Man is a aromatic green fragrance for men. Top notes are lemon verbena, petit grain, grapefruit and lavender; middle notes are banana leaf, tea and neroli; base notes are vetiver and musk. This is a truly lovely fragrance WAY better than jasper conran man . Its opening is very fresh -lemon or grapefruit i cant decide and the citrus scent stays on the skin which i like . Its amazing that it was this version and not the origional that was discontinued . Jasper conran man 2 is a very fresh clean smelling fragrance and NOT as synthetic smelling like the origional . I really like this one a lot and for me ranks as one of my favourites for a fresh citrus fragrance .

Story by Paul Smith

Very dissapointed with this one I have to say . I could barely smell anything at all after 10 minutes , foolishly bought the 100 ml bottle . I can smell grapefruit right at the beginning than nothing - at least on my skin . for me a total waste of money

Paul Smith Sunshine Edition for Men 2009 by Paul Smith

Very Nice fragrance indeed :) I love the grapefruit opening so fresh and citrusy - its definatelky a summer fragrance . Get it if you can , and avoid paul smith story - its awful!

Versus Time to Relax by Versace

Its a unisex fragrance but definately more suited to women then men . Its nothing special as its a very plain scent after 10 min it smelt quite sour on me so its a definate no from me

Calum by Calum Best

This smells very simmilar to joop jump or paco rabanne 1 million on the drydown i cant seem to make up my mind on that one. It opens up quite fruity/floral I dont really rate this one

Yellow Jeans by Versace

Such a shame about this fragrance (i collect all of the jeans range ) I thought this smelled like those cubes of toilet freshner in mens urinals -honest!for that reason a no no from me

I am King by Sean John

Like all of his fragrances absolute rubbish ! my granny's lily of the valley is fresher than this muck !

Fahrenheit Absolute by Christian Dior

I really wanted to like this one based on the origional fahrenheit I had such high hopes for this fragrance . Unfortunately it didnt live upto the origional which for me is far superior . Theres no 'tar' or 'gas' scent from absolut - i do smell the oud which to me is a very over rated scent . Its not as bold as the origional but im glad i bought it over fahrenheit 32.

Iquitos by Alain Delon

A lovely masculine rose scent - a shame it doesnt last all that long but nonetheless a very nice fragrance pity its discontinued - why ?

Old Spice Fresh Lime by Shulton

Well I have found a supplier in india through ebay who still stocks this and has LOADS ! I ordered it and I have to admit i love the fresh scent and you really can smell the lime ! very clean , very masculine and very under rated!!!!!!love it !

Touch for Men by Burberry

Light, woody and powdery. A nice breezy scent easy on the nose. Like a lot of Burberry male scents, this has poor longevity. Unfortunately linear - I don't get much development from this. Pleasant, but a little too light and easily dispensable.i prefer the origional

Nicole Farhi Homme by Nicole Farhi

Well I love this one !Its very unique , It reminds me of a heavier and slightly sweeter balldessarini.I just love citrus scents - especially ones that deliver the goods!!!!!*****

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

AWFUL ! made me feel ill and i still gag at the thought of smelling it ! too sweet too sticky gave me a sore stomach - smells like candy floss and cheap chocolate this is probably the most awful male scent i have ever smelt DEFINATE NO NO

Agua Brava by Antonio Puig

Yeah i love this one too very woody herbs love it !just wish it had more staying power and i wish it was more readily available in shops its very hard to track down in uk !

Baby Blue Jeans by Versace

A very nice complex scent with citrus and bergamot top notes - love this one had it when i was 18 -I still wear this one both day and night lovely lovely scent much better than blue jeans i think

Black Jeans by Versace

This really does remind me of fahrenheit 1 I love this scent its very masculine and lasts for ages the sillage is good as is the bottle design . I always get noticed when im out wearing this shame its discontinued

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