Corrado Finardi

Drakkar by Guy Laroche

Pearl from the past. Lavender centered in one of the classiest possible ways. So sad it Has been discontinued. A wealthier relative is nowadays Sartorial by Penhaligon s, with enhanced complexity however.

Grigioperla Essence by La Perla

Far better than terre d'Hermes, even if in the same line. Spicier and greener. For those finding TdH too cloying this could be a better alternative.

Legno Amaro by I Profumi di Firenze

After the initial blast of lemon-bergamot, this fragrance turns into the realm of classic cyphre-leathery colognes (Aramis, Capucci, Bel Ami....).
The execution however is quite nice, with aromatics and herbs (bitter orange, lavandin, salvia sclarea?) balancing and making translucent what could be the otherwise childish-dull feeling easily experimented with "great classics" of this kind.
The result is luxurious and the base note impressive (both oak moss and tree moss sustain the composition). Highly reccomended. As for other scents of this line, the "green" vibe is here, so you'd better like this interpretation, that as I noted - is frequently referred as "italian".
I agree with other comments that the entire line is not an "easy wear" (Cuoio di Russia, Patchouly Rosso, Muschio dell'Hymalaia...), but is rewarding for the purpose which every perfume should accomplish with: to please senses, and spam them into other dimensions. I Profumi di Firenze seems quite succesful in this.

Worth pour Homme by Worth

Hojji77 told everything. Having recently purchased on the web a couple of inexpensive bottles of this, I was completely deceived by good comments. The version I have, which is the modern one, is not good.
ONly a short lived blast of laundry, tonka musk and whatever, gives it a old fashion style, very similar to the baseontes of the yardely's lavander.

Eton College Collection by Taylor of Old Bond Street

At the intersection of many, eventuallly unique.
It reminds me a lot of nice memories: Jaguar for men, Lacoste Original, and due to the floral character, sometime of CK one.
well cooked indeed :-D

Vetiver di Giava by I Profumi di Firenze

Head: Sicily Lemon, Pine, Calabrian bergamot, cumin
Middle: Lavender, white flowers, lily, violet, jasmine, thyme, nutmeg, cinnamon
Base: Vetiver, Patchouly, Cedarwood, Mhyrr,
Oakmoss Gurjun balm

this is the official pyramid.
First of all, just few words about I Profumi di Firenze. You can find them in Via della Vacchereccia, Florence, just in front of Palazzo Vecchio. The whole range of fragrances is impressive, and are available as EdP.
I found many of them really appealling, and due to contacts with the "creator", I can say that many of them are really intriguing.
Vetiver di Giava is a solid construction build around the classic vetiver accord (similar to another italian creation, Vetiver and Rum, Helan). Here the contrast between vetiver and spices is great and exotic, while lavender and lily gives a gentle touch.
Great drydown, with mhyrr, gurjum balm and oakmoss (noticeable: if you like the oakmoss+vetiver accord, you find easily here!).
I Profumi di Firenze offers other wonderful fragrances, if you have the chance please try Hymalaian musk, Cuir de Russie (Cuoio di Russia), Mirto Imperiale, Legno Amaro, Mysore Santal.

Roadster Sport by Cartier

nothing original, but probably a more wearable version of the original.
Very nice product indeed.

Eau de Rochas Homme by Rochas

Some time may elapse before you rediscover really good fragrances could not notice... this is the case!
Brilliant opening, tripudium of energising citrus and agrumes, after the verbena cypress combination starts to get out,,, wow!!!this phase in my opinion is REALLY WONDERFUL.
longevity could be greater but it's a perfet cologne.

Pheromone for Men by Marilyn Miglin

You have to consider the Miglin Institute note on that: made up of 100 natural oils, it is very complex and fascinating. More complex than Antaeus too (supposed of being a sum of up to 92 compounds!). I'm really fascinated with this. The perfume is dark, persistent, natural not in a semplicistic way. I do not detect the synthetic note supposed to be here. May be that the "hair spray" touche at the very beginning is something to be considered in the fair light.
It somehow similar to Nino Cerruti pour Homme of the 80es, which was outstanding stuff. The bottle is not so nice, but if you are the kind of man able to wait to make this perfume grown on you, please try. It could be a BIG SURPRISE.

Sergio Tacchini by Sergio Tacchini

simply wonderful. Difficult to find the right words, but this one is perfectly fresh without being neither green or oceanic, the juxtaposition between sandalwood and styrax on one side and cedar and lime is a masterpiece.
After 15 years having considered it good, I keep on the same opinon. Which is not the case for most of the perfumes around. It is definively a CLASSIC. EXCELLENT QUALITY AND MATERIALS TOO.

Sieste by Fragonard

As Fragonard claims, this is a very ancient recipe used to give relief, green and balanced but somehow balsamic. Not difficult to wear, and let's say, unisex but not in a bad way. differently from other Fragonard perfumes, the balance between opening, middle and basenotes is excellent. big thumbs up!!!

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Toilette by Chanel

I have to admit. At the very beginning, being disappointed so far. After, and having the chance to better study this frag, it grows and adcquires and unbeliveble quality. If you stay tuned on the "old" aquatic framing, no doubts you'll be disappointed. But in the end, this is a really great fragrance. Time will say, but I'm pretty sure. This frag makes allure chanel edition blanche to seem surpassed, it encompasses all the precious qualities of Edition Blanche but in a more intriguing way. Duration is great, and the soft trail around the typical Chanel trademark. A WINNER.

Vetyver by Fragonard

MY SIGNATURE SCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have a 200ml bottle but I fear to finish it soon.. excellent, superb, the combination fo pine and cedar is well balanced and the vetiver aftertaste give elegance.simple but not simplicistic. a first sight love. I highly reccomend it. sometimes it has been defined as dark but no, better to say green

Herrera for Men by Carolina Herrera

while the original yellow pois box of Herrera Man was in my opinion a more flowery stuff, the actual edition is more tobacco centered. What a pity. the original frag probably was discontinued due to the launch of 212, which matches somehow the marke segment of the original Herrera (please, tell me if I' wrong..). Indeed, Herrera is not bad, in this version, but i prefer other similar fragrances such as Burberry Man

Beau Gosse by Fragonard

I recently purchased a 200ml aluminum bottle, and here my Opinion:it's a perfect, aquatic and flowery masculine perfume, in the same family of acqua di Giò, and to certain extend, l'Eau de Issey. My wife adores it. I really like Fragonard, 1. the do not use PLASTIC (!!!!!!)2. the scent are simple but not simplicistic3. the erogation is very smart, and you can decide the amount of cologne you may want to wear. The Fragonard's staff furthermore is superb, very nice guys with a real commitment. definitely vote for A BIG THUMBS UP!

Concerto by Fragonard

Whille there are other Fragonard's frags more appealling to me, I recognise that Concerto reveals its character, with the astringent feature of tea taking the leap in the basenote. Sure, it has similarities with CK One, but it smells more natural and in my opinion, a little bit less airy note.

Blu Mediterraneo : Cipresso di Toscana (original) by Acqua di Parma

to put it honestly, one of the freshest frags ever made. I like it very much, and despite the complexity of the pyramid, it appears relatively simple at nose. Compared to other cypress fragrances (I quote Dr Taffi I Macchiaioli, Acqua Energizzante) it is more marketable. Only limitation in my point of view: no so evolutive. The concentration also could be better, we are in fact speaking of an eau de cologne.

Quorum by Antonio Puig

It is incredible..last month in the duty free perfumery at Brussels airport, I could find Quorum. I remember a sample of 10 ml when I was a child, and I tried after many new, "buy me, buy me!" edt all around (elixir azzaro, silver black azzaro, cartier pasha and other oriental/fouogeres). In the end, I was forced to buy Quorum, fa better than newly released dozens of other perfumes. the price was furthermore very lower (27) but the quality is over average. not by chance, on the puig website, it is supposed that Quorum is for those men able to detect and appreaciate quality... SUPERB COMPOSITION. I'm also stroke by the convergence of opinions among other members, sign that real quality can be appreciated by common consumers. what a nice surprise. I DEFINITELY LOVE PUIG! GREAT

Gold Medal by Atkinsons

Consider the following things: - this eau e cologne was released in 1799- after 100 years (1878) won the Gold Medal as superior EdC in the Universal Paris Expo..and actually is one of the leading aromas in the perfumery (see the relaunch of 1417 EdC, Mugler Cologne, Creed Original Vetiver, and so on..).Simply, a must-have.

Vetiver Hombre by Adolfo Dominguez

everybody living in madrid knows well this scent from long time. very spanish. after the first disappointment, and entering the adolfo dominguez paradise, you can really enjoy it.

Classic Collection : Vetiver Bourbon by Monotheme

not bad. discrete. fair dry down, not expectacular but very wearable. balanced. very affordable and enjoyable for casual waearing too.

Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford

made under new extraction rules, this one is really a sophisticated perfume. very intense, due to the EDP concentration, is not so earthy while maintaining its prolonged warmth. very contemporary, a quality is difficult to add to vetiver. Even Creed original vetiver takes advatage of new rule of extraction, using the leaves instead of the roots. the results are very different. Tom Ford is top quality perfume. you can never doubt on that. if this cannot ensure you to appreaciate, is further a matter of tastes. but believe me: lasting, evolution, complexity are at the top.

Zino Davidoff by Davidoff

All can be said: forget the other davidoff low-quality and coty distributed colognes (adventure, cool and hot water, etcetera) and enter a really different world, made of luxurious ingredients and complex construction. I realised that zino davidoff is distributed by lancome, differently from the others colognes. I think that it is not only a matter of name. But comments are welcome indeed on this point. definitely high quality old school: different from other synthetic davidoff around.

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

for men which love women which love men.. is the pay off for the ads of Azzaro. It is true. Azzaro embodies the idea of these perfumes able to seduce immediately a woman. The true power of a perfume. deep and luxurious, but still elegant. dated but still actual. a classic.

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