Séville à l'Aube by L'Artisan Parfumeur

I have never encountered an orange blossom fragrance which I liked. That is, until I met Seville a l'Aube. It is softly sweet and deliciously creamy, a perfect happy spring scent. It doesn't match the story behind it, there's nothing passionate about it, it is just simply beautiful.

Les Nombres d'Or : Rose Etoile de Hollande by Mona di Orio

Another masterpiece from Mona di Orio. With her last scent she bridges the difference in style between her Signature and Les Nombres d'Or collections. The opening of Rose Etoille is very similar to the familiar opening of most of the Signature scents: I am smelling something but I am not sure what it is and I am definitely not sure if I like it. As with her old collection, you need to be patient for the first one or two hours and let the magic do its work.

And MAGIC it is! A soft, slightly powdery, slightly lipstick-like rose emerges. I do have a soft spot for lipstick-like rose scents, enjoying FM Lipstick Rose, HdP Moulin Rouge and L'Artisan Drole de Rose. Drole de Rose is the closest to Rose Etoille of the trio. Oh, but Rose Etoille adds a subtle new dimension to the concept. It feels as if it were constantly changing and staying unmoving at the same time. It envelops and delights, softly whispering her presence. It is mesmerizingly, almost heart-wrenchingly beautiful. Just like her Oud, Mona's Rose feels also very personal and very much alive. It is not a product, completed by the artist and then become impersonal after being put on the market. The great master is very much present in it as if she were still delighting herself in the finished composition while I am wearing it.

Cumming by Alan Cumming

This smelled like glue on me and waiting for the drydown did not help it.

Sexy Angelic by Honoré de Prés

It started of with a strong blast of almond paste conjured by a whisper of white flowers. So far so good, but it was gone literally in 5 minutes. I couldn't detect anything afterwards. So thumbs down.

David Yurman Eau de Parfum by David Yurman

A light fruity floral with rose, pleasant, soft, easy to wear, more for a girl than for a woman. Did we need it? Definitely not - we already have Laura by Laura Biagiotti, Echo and Cool Water by Davidoff, Eternity Moment by CK, ..., I am sure everybody could add more to the list. You can get the same experience for a fraction of the price. I find it a shame to bring out such a non-descript first scent and to be asking such an outrageous price for it...

Balmya by Pierre Balmain

Imagine a bouquet of flowers with a cup of steaming capuccino placed next to it - you have Balmya! It is undeservedly understated - a beautiful modern Balmain. Round and enveloping. Good, but not screaming sillage. Great lasting power.

My Glow by Jennifer Lopez

Utterly boring aquatic floral.

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