No. 5 Eau de Cologne by Chanel

The original No. 5 is simply one of the greatest scents ever created,one of the reasons french perfumes have such an exalted reputation.for when perfumes were perfumes.there were a handful of very famous perfumers and all ( Dior, Chanel,Guerlain, Patou...) were french.there were planty of thriving cheap American drugstore colognes,to be sure,but the market, inasmuch as there even was a "market", was still decades away from being cluttered by flankers and lame reformulations for which no perfumer with any pride would ever have allowed their names to be attached...then.Chanel No. 5 EDC is very old,yes,but a beautiful a women who perhaps didn't have it all,but knew who to appreciate every moment in life.her place to relax would be a wooden vanity,with her face powder,and a gas eminds me of Simone Simon as Irena in Cat People,Veronica Lake in I Married A Witch,Kim Novak in Bell,Book & Candle,Catwoman,witches and night creatures.

It's aldehyde civet begins with soapy overtones that burst with little floral explosions.the florals spring forth from the opening in classy ladylike fashion.the dry down grounds you with it's musk,woods and gentle civet.real rose de mai and jasmine,four authentic musks to attain is powderyness.the powder here is not as powdery as Lanvin Arpege but the musk can feel a tad powdery.the dry down it's musky-woodsy.the vetiver is quite strong.there might also be's chypre in some ways and a civet in others.sensual attraction, with no frili,girlish notes that say,"No,I'm just kidding."this is something to wear accompanied by silk or satin in the company of someone you want to tempt into coming closer.a gorgeous,classy, vintage beauty.
Jan 22, 2022

Carven Homme by Carven

These days young crowd seems to like only modern banal snells such as Dior Sauvage or Versace Eros.don't be trapped into thinking these type of scents like Carven Homme "old fashioned ",think of them as timeless, classic,enduring.this is very masculine, subtle and manly at the same time smell.i imagine Gordon Gekko wearing this. gentle without being soft. woody but not harsh.nearly all classic notes are here,blended into a magnificent, ever changing aroma.a masculine very refined presence.

It opens fresh but immediately special blend of spices,floral notes,creamy woody notes with a soft touch of powdery amber-vanilla and smokey tobacco arrive to hit your nose in a pleasant has a similar wearability to Jaipur which i really enjoy wearing in quiet romantic times.Carven Homme is a fragrance for those who appreciate the good things in life.It is cozy red coat and wore a sharp and commanding black suit with a dark red tie and a calm white shirt.
Jan 22, 2022

New-York by Nicolaï

The absolute epitome of a timeless might be you as a child,a slight ribbon of the scent from a passing stranger in another could be you feeling the thrill of new love or the satisfaction of nailing that new's that quiet moment when you feel aware that there is so much more to you than even you imagined. there is a richness of sensual experience here that is rarely experienced with modern fragrances. it's just really classy woody-aromatic scent that exudes good-guy,tough-guy.

What starts as a green lemony-lime zesty opening kind of gradually goes into an extremely exotic spicy mid adding a touch of lavender and stays that way becoming richer as time goes on and a bit heavier and spicier.a nice touch of amber and the citrus notes recede into the background.there are other fragrance in this general time but here the ingredients smell like quality,and it's all blended beautifully.this is just a masterfully crafted fragrance that anyone can wear,and nobody should feel discouraged from doing so. performance is quite good.
Jan 21, 2022

Profumo e Gusto in Libertà : CiocoRosissImo by Hilde Soliani Profumi

Love is in the air.CiocoRosissimo is like a dream,out of a romantic scene. warm and deep,where the main protagonist is a pink and bright rose wrapped in cocoa powder and a pinch of pink completes the's like when you give away a bunch of roses with a box of chocolates but this time the gift is for your own skin. very beautifully composed and well made scent indeed. there's a thread of strong emotion woven through this beautiful perfume.

After the freshest top notes subside,it starts to get warmer and deeper,while the two opposite elements blend into each other.the good quality bittersweet chocolate filled with gentle rose, candied roses imprisoned in sugar,roses buried under thick pannacotta or the brûlée that hasn't yet been burnt.the rose gives us the hint of sweetness, softness,touch of femininity,class and physical attraction that we are all drawn to in people.the dry down is cozy,with a slightly powdery vanilla.i do see this as a unisex fragrance that leans toward the feminine side. good performance and wake is a perfect fragrance for rainy days and nights gets a thumbs up because i like the idea.
Jan 20, 2022

Ambre Précieux by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

Ambre Precieux is a sultry cabaret singer with a deep voice setting on the piano with her red sequin gown,high slit,and even redder lipstick,looking something like Rita Hayworth or Anita doubt there are many good amber fragrance in the market,but this can be considered an amber reference to be comparable with any other by the high level of expensive and complexity in implementation.I am a wary of ambers that can get too sweet or too gourmandish,but i love ones that are more balsamic an smokey or herbal,like Ambre Sultan,Ambre Aurea,Ambre Fétiche, etc.and this definitely seems closer to those types although a bit more vanilla-y.

It is cozy,comfortable,easy to wear,but still spicy and elegant and not super sweet.i love the spicy nutmeg and lavender opening as well it has that herbal/spiciness to it.this is amber wrapped in vanilla.there are lots of vanilla,myrrh and tolu balsam in the background.but still the main player is amber.the amber here is very cuddly and warm.there also is almost a powdery effect to this fragrance,but it is more of a hint rather than the wallop many powder accords amber fragrance for people who find them too heavy or cloying-the amber here is more of a concept.absolutely delicious.
Jan 20, 2022

Libre Intense by Yves Saint Laurent

A date night with high heels sexy,tight and skinny Levi's blue jeans,a black low cut top,some black suede pumps or strappy sandals and a black faux fut jacket.smokey eye and glossy lips.a cool bar with her handsome date. another's flanker that is very similar to the original. for anyone on the fence between two fragrances-Libre and Libre Intense,i recommend getting the intense version, so long as you're a vanilla lover (since there's more of it in this one).there is more sex appeal with this perfume for sure.

I really did not like the initial spray at was surprisingly synthetic plasticky blast. it has that slight initial zest with the orange blossom note in the opening.if you are picturing a generic floral orange in your head,you can probably smell it already.after a few minutes,that aggressive masculine edge with lavender,if you don't like the opening wait for the dry down-just wait about 10/15 minutes.the perfume then transforms into a sweeter, warmer sensual with just a right amount of warm vanilla and roasted tonka bean.the original has a subtle vanilla,while the intense encompassed so much more while still holding vanilla as the main note. the result is a thicker deeper version than the original and makes you want hug your boyfriend while looking through the window to the snowy scene out there, feeling warm and loved.totally it is just a like for me,not a love.
Jan 19, 2022

Anne Klein II by Anne Klein

I picture a late 1980s businesswoman with short,red hair wearing an emerald green pantsuit with shoulder pads,with her big brown leather briefcase strutting into a conference room full of men with her head held high and an air of unflappable confidence.this powerful eighties scent reminds me of of Liz Claiborne and Must de Must amber prevails together with galbanum, rosewood,leather,sandal, musk,vanilla and Anne Klein II the amber is supported mostly by civet,orris,benzoin, carnation and is gorgeously warm, balmy,powdery,and quite frankly very sexual smelling.

It opens with fresh,citrusy spice,then the oriental notes kick in,giving a feeling of flavoured tobacco handled with plush velvet gloves,and carnations smelled really close up,their stems snapped.the powdery dry down starts early,to then create an aura of sexiness which surrounds you and lasts for many is a bit animalic but not so skanky.It is a delicious scent yet with enough mystery and sharpness to keep it from gourmand or spice cabinet is a minidress worn with broken-in engineer boots,the ones that gives you that ass kickin's all heat.
Jan 19, 2022

Santal Noir by Christian Dior

Sandalwood,musk,rose,what could better?Santal Noir smells so dainty, that it will make any unattractive girl seemingly beautiful.i don't think it's possible for a woman to dislike this fragrance.for a man,this is like sex in broad daylight.don't dismiss the feather like quality;for it is like a luxurious duvet on your smells like classy french liquer with a hint of rose.the star of the show is the dry,dusty is goes head-to-head with Chanel's Bois des IIles for me.

The sweet strong opening phase gradually calms down and the sandalwood morphs into a sumptuous creamy note with the emergence of the rose and musk.the hint of rose adds a bit of mystery, like seeing a person and being attracted to them but can't place your finger on exactly what it is that makes them so.the sandalwood adds in the down to earth qualities which is a sought out quality in many people. sandalwood here is strong yet handsome.the mix of warm and cold accords is harmonious.
Jan 19, 2022

Oriental Lumpur by Les Néréides

Have you seen the film Vanity Fair?this reminds me so much of the scenses from india,in that colonial time,with ladies riding on must wear this one watching that movie.or a Bollywood film lots of music and crazy dancing. this is a very well-rounded,dry spicy oriental scent.strong,but it also has a mother-earth-like love and softness to it invites you to travel the world,but requires you to focus on the east.this is a scent for a woman who is highly intelligent,sensual,interesting,confident and deeply erotic.

The opening is a very strong dry spicy, aroma,really quite powerful.not unpleasant at all to my mind,but certainly a different and unexpected aroma. and very potent and exotic.the medicinal quality mellowed quickly, leaving the cloves tempered by nutmeg and saffron.the dry down is deeper yet it has an almost creamy quality that reminds me of a rich masala chai.the patchouli is stand out here.mostly it reminds me of Bohemianism in a unfavorable way-like patchouli turns a spicy perfume into something Burt Reynold's would've worn in the 70's.when it blended in perfumes like LVEB,it makes an otherwise light blend, unpleasantly thick and heavy.
Jan 18, 2022

Rêve d'Ylang by Van Cleef & Arpels

It smells like table decorated in fragrant cloves,and freshly picked ylang ylang flowers...laden with a feast of hot cardamom pudding...a stick of gently burning nag champa incense gently wafting through the windows. autumn in a bottle.warm,sweet,deep and spicy but more like comforting Christmas.this is definitely not an everyday scent,and absolutely never office appropriate.

The opening is heavy handed,evoking a 1990s cardamom and clove makes this a lovely incense-like's a burst of them screaming we are here to stay!the ylang ylang picks up about 30 minutes in and is also very strong.after more than an hour on my skin now,they're still there in the background,but patchouli and vanilla are trying to peak their heads up from their her sisters.actually the vanilla is there the whole way through but i find that it comes into it's own more towards the end once the other spices die down and smells like extremely good quality vanilla extract.
Jan 18, 2022

Musc Eternel by Mizensir

Think of beautiful,feminine,dusty, dreamy,semi-sweet face powders come in gorgeous,luxurious packaging.Musk Eternal is not a scent that i find particularly beautiful in itself,but it evokes timeliness,and sometimes a perfume that works magic is even better than one that's only is a perfume of angels. i imagine that snow white would smell like this.clean,fresh, intimate,elegant.

The opening is floral,a sweet spot,here and seen as characteristic of this fragrance is that agreement atalcado a cocktail of musks,everything feels very soft,white,warm and comfortable, exactly as if you were lying on a cloud with a down pillow.the fragrance feels fairly jasmine,rose,and tonkabeans come together to create a intense powdered blend.the performance is good.
Jan 17, 2022

Cléa by Yves Rocher

I picture the horse race scene in My Fair Lady,women in outrageous hats and beautiful dresses.there's something very vintage and very alluring about this exquisitely elegant,ladylike aldehydic floral.a beautiful thing about this scent is that the aldehydes are never overpowering.the sharp blast that comes from some aldehydes is much softer this beauty dries down, the florals continually develop and intermingle.

It started very bright with aldehyd transitioned to a white floral with jasmine and gardenia and ylang ylang as main notes but still crystalline due to the remaining aldehydes and gradually a bit sweeter and deeper due to the amber/vetiver and a bit of is not the dry,smoky,heavy kind of is so comforting,like a pretty wooden cabin in the middle of forest straight out of fairytales.she wear it when she is out doing her chores on the farm while dresseed in jeans,irrigation boots and a wide-brimmed hat.
Jan 17, 2022

Salvador Dali pour Homme by Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali PH is an example of why i love classic fragrances-the good ones can take you back in time to get a glimpse of a bygone era.this is another throwback to the 80s powerhouse era,definitely a lot going on here.the name says for itself - very classic.perfect fit for men like Dali himself.this is as far from today's freshies and out-of-the-shower men's fragrance as you can get-and surprisingly attractive and on that account it turns out now to be unashamedly idiosyncratic and bold. men only need apply little boys or kitty cats.Salvador Dali PH paints is that of a confident,outspoken eccentric; think Bob Dylan in 1966, wearing his wayfares,in his black leather jacket and smoking a cigarette.

Nothing synthetic smelling to me.the strength is quite a shocker on first spray. after spraying you feel the power of strong,sharp,lemony oakmoss;the oakmoss gradually makes way for lavender,which reinforces the eighties aura of the perfume,together with anise, basil and tarragon,the latter three notes provide the composition with a slight herbaceous turbidity.the geranium and sandalwood are responsible for balancing the other notes,and the patchouli can be felt throughout the evolution of the fragrance.not only is this refreshing bygone eras quite faithfully,it's also themed around 'old man' pursuits-think pipe tobacco and dark spirits.if you enjoy wearing a well cut suit(not today's silly skinny and too small popular cut), cuff links,fedoras, and enjoy an occasional fine cigar and scotch whisky you'll love this fragrance.this classes up there with some of the greats like Aramis Classic, Oscar Pour Lui,and Aramis 900. it's aroma is so masculine,so eighties, and so captivating,that if you love classics of those memorable times,you will surely succumb to it.
Jan 17, 2022

Memoirs of a Trespasser by Imaginary Authors

Autumn surrounded by the snow covered,he/she being in a home with lots of antique oak furniture,hardwood floors,relaxing with a big paper bag novel,enjoying a vanilla powder covered dessert.there is not a whole lot to wax poetic about here-just a classically handsome,grown-up vanilla with a dark little secret.earthy yet elegant,a scent that is a woodsy luxury.

Opening with guaiac wood.then comes the oak,the standout aspect of vanilla a barrel suffusing whatever it's layering contens may be with distinct facets over time.the oakmoss makes it nostalgic if not,eventually, is not too sweet or cupcakey,really at all. cozy comfort without turning sticky. decidedly is cozy but still elegant,and appropriate for the office, casual weekends or evening so fairly versatile too.
Jan 16, 2022

Tiptoeing Through Chambers of the Moon by Pilar and Lucy

It has a 70's feel to going to see Grace Jones at Pink Floyd performance whilst doing lines of coke,this fragrance brings me to a historical and artistic place.this gives off.this is not ladylike or demure it takes a bold woman to carry it off.a tuberose powerhouse,there is no bubblegum tuberose in is a smoky and spicy tuberose which is so nice for a change.this is a tuberose ublike Fracas or Carnal Flower.It is somehow reminds me just a little bit of the first Dita Von Teese fragrance although jasmine is the main player that one.

The décolleté in opening with the clove that gives off a strong,bitter accord in the fragrance and holds it's own against the usually overpowering tuberose. above a body molded in a corset in the middle,with a indolic tuberose,still lovely, still going strong, along side with the incense.there is a smooth combination of amber,vanilla are fasciantingly bright, yet deeply resinious story that is not afraid to be told-a complex open book-with a voice that eventually soothes the soul as the story unfolds.totally it has a sweetness that is stunningly balancing.
Jan 16, 2022

Spark for Women by Liz Claiborne

Imagine a woman taking a bath in honey,roses,candles,balsamic atmosphere,sex and night. Spark reminds me of 80s and 90s when strong fragrances were still not taboo or unisex and heavy orientals were fashionable. there is just sometimes so deep about this beauty.nothing even remotely candy or little girlish in this one. she is almost like a dominatrix,like she is saying"I am here boy,watch out,because this gal is setting right to it and knows what she needs".this is a woman in a skin-tight black wrap dress with cleavage and a wild afro.

It's a real powerhouse on first spritz. spicy and in your face heavy on cinnamon is spiciness makes you feel instantly awake, alert,focused and the dry down settles on my skin like golden honey,the rose,cedar and caramel notes come alive,take their rightfully deserved place to transform this war-zone of a fume to a "cuddle me, sensual,mature and cozy fact right after spraying it smells like an old lady.but then it blooms in all the ways you wouldn't expect it's definitely a scent you either fall head over heels in love with or you hate it.
Jan 16, 2022

Light di Gioia by Giorgio Armani

A review of Terra di Gioia

This is one of those flankers that they should have just re-packaged & renamed into it's own has absolutely nothing to do with the Acqua di Gioia selection.imagine a cool misty morning in a vast,beautiful room overlooking a grand city of clear sophistication,that's what Terra di Gioia reminds me of.nothing original here,just a modern fragrance in a fashionable yet knowing way.

The opening consists of a very floral, overly fresh atmosphere.but it boils down to a nondescript citric-sweetness blend that is reminiscent of generic brand shower is a hint of sugary sweetness of pear.then it becomes slightly powdery as the sweet almond blossom and amber appears.totally a sweet playful naughty scent,youthful, contemporary and not remarkable.
Jan 15, 2022

Héritage Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

Any woman who stays really close to your body and feel Heritage on your skin for a long period of time,will never ever forget your "almost" body scent. and this scent always linger in her memories.and this is the actual purpose of a fragrance. to linger in the memories.Heritage is a strangely captivating scent.the best way to describe this fragrance is luxurious, elegant and sensual,yet comfortable and absolutely gorgeous composition of dusty patchouli and creamy woods,along with smooth has character,charisma and yet subtle.woodsy and earthy yet sophisticated.the difference between vintage and currant version is minimal.

It opend with a multi-layered presentation of rich, comforting sandalwood that envelopes a gorgeous patchouli and carnation spice combination.the shimmering sweet notes of amber and citrus lend an almost dessert-like quality,while warm and a bit bitter mood of the headline lavender makes the mood of classical and masculine.the whole style and atmosphere reminds me to Jaipur Homme,both are refined and subtle.both can easily receive the "old whatever" comments from people who only ever smelled whatever is being advertised right now.spicy enough to be edgy and seductive. classic enough to be a signature, anytime,anywhere is neither "all business" or "party at the club",it is more like "classy gentleman relaxing after work" evening scent and intimate moments with his woman.the performance is very good.
Jan 15, 2022

Blacks Club Leather by Shay & Blue

I picturec a room of a exclusive british-like club when smelling this.full of suits, cuban cigars, balloon glasses,big leather sofas,ladies with too much make up and rigid tuxedo waiters.BCL is smokey-sweet but not overpowering,it is your favorite leather jacket which has absorbed years of different aromas and fragrance and smells so good when you put it me it is slightly smoother La Yuqawam without the sharp opening.

It opens with a smooth smokey accord, dry leather and incense,but after a few minutes,it starts to boozy a bit by cognac.then the sweetness of beeswax, amber and mahogany.start to show up and play equally in the composition,and last together till the end.everything is beautifully blended and each stage of the perdume has it's shine is really warm and comforting,like sipping brandy in front of a mellow fire.sillage is really nice for the first 5 hour.a must have hidden gem for leather lovers.
Jan 15, 2022

Cuir Ottoman by Parfum d'Empire

Like a flower bouquet wrapped in leather. i have visions of dashing, James Bond-esque types rebelling in old time glamour.they are smoking cigars in leather-upholstered penthouse interiors and flirting with martini sipping ladies with meticulous absolute dream of a and powdery, beautiful labdabum is such and exquisite perfume,so good,so gorgeous.

It starts out classic and dry by the famous strange leather feels like the entire apartment has transformed so the walls are made of leather,that there are big birch trees growing up from the floor.later the dark and smoky part of the leather settles down and it gets a lot this point the iris gets a little bit more prominent together with a soft,and very smooth,warming hint of vanilla, labdanum and benzoin.but it still is the iris and especially leather that has the leading role in this incredibly beautiful creation that stays on my skin all day long.
Jan 15, 2022

Ébèné Fumé by Tom Ford

This is another disappointed of 2021 for reminds me of several others, Amber Absolute and Black Amber.less stringend than Amber Absolute and less miberal like than Black Amber. i don't know how somebody can compare it to Black Afgano,they are completely two different scent and aroma I am a fan of dark,mysterious, enigmatic scent.this is not too dark for me,is not revolting either. nothing special IMO.if you are a beginner for a thick,resnious and woody scent,i would consider this blind buy worthy.

Opening:easily identifiable amber, strong incense and alcoholic tone. these three notes jump,a fourth green note, resinious labdanum,rusty woody in the background.there is not much development on the dry down,or it is hard to notice at this point. sweetness is still there.balsamic properties are going to stay till the end with smokey wood the oud has not seemed overly medicinal or dirty.this fragrance is equally feminine and masculine and neither at the same time.totally i prefer Amber Absolute.nearly $300 for the 50ml of this fragrance?No,thanks!
Jan 13, 2022

Niki de Saint Phalle by Niki de Saint Phalle

Like a bewitching elegant female that just kbow exactly what to say you in which ensnares the mind and bends you to her will!Niki de Saint Phalle is timeless. why?because it is a classic chypre that is also somehow is warm and yet it is fresh,even soapy. it is sexy and yet it is not a sugar bomb.the fragrance scent is very intriguing since i can not pint point what it has since is very mysterious but alluring you closer and become is like a unforgettable night with a sexy milf.

First,let's talk about the oakmoss. nowhere can we find,at least in the Niki de Saint Phalle vintage version,an oakmoss this deep and real that is backed up by carnation,artemisia and leather in this manner.while it can sparkle like Chanel No .5 and come off as clean or even sharp,after the rose wafts a while esm begins morphing into an herbal powdery-spicy orris connection.the oakmoss is still there and stays throughout.definitely a night on the town fragrance.dark nights and not-innocent ladies stiletto-heeled stepping out towards the wild is a shame they discontinued this amazing fragrance.
Jan 13, 2022

Iquitos by Alain Delon

This is another power fragrance from the 80s for the Wall Street types in suits.i can imagine in 1987 some Wall Street power brokers and hot shot bankers wearing this masculine cologne in their over-sized suits,Rolex Watches,and German engineered luxury we are dealing with a masterpiece,a great masculine and classy fragrance.Iquitos is by far the best masculine celebrity reminder of the 80s - a time when was understood that men must smell is for men with hair on their chest,not old man but rather mature and caltured... made for the men who is sure of himself.

At first sniff this one does remind one of Aramis, it opens with a captivating herbal but sweet at the same time gets soapy aldehyde later with the sweetness remaining and the herbals calming down,handing their place to the woodiness and a light floral undertone.the oakmoss is very present during the scent giving it a nice slightly green and earthy roundness.the musk and woody spicy elements come in but faintly to give this fragrance a little more depth. the dry down is my favorite part,it is very is smooth and has nostalgic vibe to it.for those who enjoy Aramis & Bijan etc - i mean for the men,not for the boys.two shots - neck/ left side and chest - will easily feel a half of a day in the winter.
Jan 13, 2022

Classic Collection : Vanilla Blossom by Monotheme

A snuggle beneath a thick braided blanket in a polished home where the windows have been left open,white curtains flapping in the breeze.a classically handsome,grown up vanilla in fantastic price.nothing girly-candy about it.cozy comfort without turning sticky.the scent is relaxed buy focused, earthy yet elegant.It is a nice woodsy creamy vanilla,with some orchid and fruit.

There is something beautifully soothing about this reminds me of a vintage scent,i get the same amalgamation effect with the accompanying notes of which vanilla happens to be only slightly more prominent.I'd say woody notes gets equal billing in the composition. dollops of vaguely sweet orchid appear in the background during the final is like a cashmere pashmina gently draped over your skin.a warm,gently powdery vanilla that never suffers the problems other vanilla perfumes seem to.suitable for layering with other fragrances, especially ones that lean sweet and benefit from a touch warm spice.
Jan 12, 2022

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