Michael for Men by Michael Kors

Michael for Men, not to be confused with the 2014 release Michael Kors for Men Is a classic beauty! I just love the Tobacco, Plum and Leather. I'm grabbing a few more of these before they disappear forever.

Eau Sauvage Parfum (original) by Christian Dior

I love the 2012 version of Eau Sauvage. The Myrrh and Vetiver bind to create one of the premier scents in fragrances history. It is a travesty that Dior has chosen to discontinue this classic. If CD preferred an EDP that more closely resembled the vintage EDT they should have maintained the existing 2012 version as a woody flanker and simply added the new formula. This is a true loss to the fragrance community.

Charriol pour Homme Eau de Parfum by Charriol

Much better than 1 Million to me so I'm dubbing this one "1 Billion"! A truly masculine bottle with instant presence : square, solid, powerful. The center of the glossy black lacquered bottle is adorned by a luxurious gold plate engraved with Charriol's name. The rectangular black cap is bordered in glossy gold. On the sides, sculpted in the black glass, the famous steel motif cable, Charriol's DNA. The fragrance opens a bit sweet and spicy with the Jasmine, Cinnamon and black pepper leading the way after 30 to 45 minutes the leather and amber take charge for hours while the teak anchors the base until the end. Longevity on me is a solid 8 to 10 hours with awesome projection of a good 3 to 4 hours. Scent trails are still evident through the dry-down. The fragrance develops an irresistible seductiveness, appealing through its spicy sensuality and sensitive masculinity. Great fragrance. Highly recommended.

Faqat Lil Rijal by Rasasi

Very strong skanky Middle Eastern oud fragrance. Opens with oud and saffron giving a leather vibe. Starts very syrupy and resinous with an animalic character before it smooths out after 15 or 20 minutes. Longevity and projection are beastly. Not recommended for noses with a strictly western sensibility. Great bang for your buck. "Only For Men" is a solid offering from Rasasi a solid up and coming Middle Eastern house.

Soul by Costume National

I am extremely shocked that "Costume National Soul" is not being talked about much more within the fragrance community? I am also extremely shocked that few have mentioned the huge resemblance to the highly sought after discontinued Yves Saint Laurent fragrance M7 & it's re-edition M7 Oud Absolu.. Soul may not be an exact clone of M7 or M7 Oud Absolu but in my opinion is very similar! I definitely think that Ropion was inspired by M7 in his development of "Soul"!
This juice is ridiculously delicious... Spicy, dark, leathery, a little bit of incense, resinous Amber, and ends with with the leather, vanilla and patchouli....this juice is phenomenal....I feel like it's more on the masculine side of unisex, but I can see why women would like it, because it just smells so damn good... Mysterious, mature, sexy, confident... Not a daytime work scent... A night out scent for sure.

David Yurman Limited Edition by David Yurman

Noir de Noir meets Tuscan Leather and viola! There's a lot of talk whether a man could pull this fragrance off. I am and I will. This is exquisite. I'm getting a few more of these bad boys while the getting is good! I'm going to need surgery to have my nose excavated from my wrist after this!

Craze for Men by Armaf

No matter what you feel about ARMAF as a fragrance house I have to admit they can put out some pretty decent juice at reasonable prices. Craze is no exception. While it is no perfect clone of Parfums De Marly's Pegasus its play on Almond and Vanilla places Craze right in the same genetic. At around $30 Craze is a great purchase if you don't have an extra $170 for Pegasus. Craze is great juice for the money!

Oriental Soul Homme by Angel Schlesser

Classic Arabian/Eastern oriental fragrance. The oud blasts out from the first spritz followed by a beautiful spicy/woody masterpiece. The rose while not obvious seems to provide an element of luxury which holds the fragrance together. Longevity and projection are above average and instills an aura of mystical/exoticism about the wearer. Having traveled extensively in the Arabic world I see this as a beautiful rendition of what you would expect on anyone heading towards Mecca! Firm buy recommendation if you're fortunate enough to find a sample.

Raghba Wood Intense by Lattafa

Raghba Wood Intense is much more to my liking than the original probably because it is not quite so "gourmandish". It tends to come off a bit "synthetic" but I love the burnt wood/vanilla combination. Excellent price point for a solid Arabic style offering!

Woodhue for Men by Fabergé

After reading through the reviews I felt compelled to throw in my 2 "scents". Woodhue for men is a deep woody masculine cologne with great sillage and phenomenal longevity. The Country Store in Weston, Vermont sells a knock off of the women's version that was created 6 years after the male version and is a completely different beast. You can tell the difference between the two because the men's version has a space between the main part of the container and the wooden cap. (See picture at the top of page). The women's version does not have this space and is a much more woody/citrus affair. The men's version of Woodhue, a woody oriental, has a beautiful dry-down from amber/vanilla to a sensuous cedar/vetyver ending. A true manly affair.

Brasil Dream for Him by Estée Lauder

While this has been discontinued for some time it is still available briefly on EBay and that makes me one happy camper. The opening was a sweet and spicy affair being slowly coaxed towards cinnamon by the solid base. An hour into dry-down and most of the sweetness has dissipated leaving a spicy montage flowing slowly toward tropical wood swaddled in soft leather. After 3 hours most of the sillage had waned leaving a gorgeous skin scent reminiscent of a tropical Gucci Pour Homme. This is one fragrance that should have been left in production for the good of international relations on the beaches of Ipanema!

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